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tracking202 review

Revolution202 Affiliate Network is an industry leading Cost-Per-Acquisition advertising company. We offer highest payout rates for completed offers. Our top brand name advertisers bring you various types of ads and offers that will suit any type of company and provide you with the most revenue possible. Our online reporting provides our publishers with real time tracking of revenue and statistics reports. Join us today and experience all we have to offer.

Some of the things that really differentiate us includes but are not limited to our proprietary technology of analytics and affiliate toolset that has helped countless number of Publishers in our space. In addition, we have lesson plans, free resources to give, and a broad range of offer type making us one of the few hybrid networks out there. Contrary to the belief, we are not just a CPA focused Publisher network. We offer CPA, CPS, CPL, and CPC offers. Your success if our goal as we best understand from a Publisher driven network what your needs are. Sign on today and see what we have to offer.

10Lead Media

10leadmedia review

10Lead Media Affiliate Network is a lead generation company with a vision of changing how business is done in the lead industry. We strive to create and maintain traditional old fashioned relationships, superior technology and marketing methods. Our unique business building techniques allow us to exceed our clients’ expectations unlike any company in the industry.

10Lead Media is run by people who are experts at what they do and who oversee carefully selected individuals to contribute to the success of our clients and partnerships. The team is comprised of members that have been selected, not based on their location, but based on their qualities and expertise levels. Everyone on the team is accountable for their department and is committed to succeeding in a driven and dynamic environment that is ready to change its approach based on demands by the clients and partners.

Ad’s to Revenue

adstorevenue review

Ad’s to Revenue Affiliate Network provides businesses, no matter their size, with a wide range online marketing solutions: lead generation, affiliate marketing, and search marketing (SEM). We can help advertisers increase their revenue through our services. Affiliate Marketing is an exciting and lucrative career. Many people have made the move from working for someone to working for themselves. Publishers also known as Affiliates or Resellers, promote our advertisers products and/or services for commissions on sales or leads. Publishers can promote the advertisers products and/or services by placing ads on their website, blog, social network or newsletter, sending our emails to their audience, placing contextual or banners ads in Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other paid per click service or even tweet it. It’s never too late to start. There are many free blog networks, website hosting companies, social networks and tweeter. If you have an idea, run with it. Joining Ad’s to Revenue is Free!

Quillion Network

quillionnetwork review

Quillion Affiliate Network is a digital performance marketing firm that builds innovative, risk-free and scalable customer acquisition and marketing programs for blue-chip and start-up companies. Quillion offers a variety of services to help achieve clients’ cost-per-action goals in a brand-safe environment.Clients hire Quillion to create marketing campaigns that are created, measured and optimized by performance. Here are some of the services that comprise the typical Quillion performance marketing campaign:

* Affiliate Marketing
* Analytics and Tracking
* Application & Web Development
* Comparison Shopping Engine Management
* Customer Value Assessment
* Display Advertising
* E-mail Marketing
* Internet Reputation Management
* Lead Generation
* Lead Management
* Online Business Strategy
* Search Engine Marketing
* Social Media Marketing

In addition, Quillion clients are able to leverage WONGDOODY’s and United Future’s world-class creative and interactive services.

HY Affiliates

hyaffiliates review

 HY Affiliates Network Unlike forex only programs, HY Affiliates provides access to all major financial markets. These exciting markets include forex, metals such as gold and silver, equities/stocks, oil and gas, and commodities, making HY Affiliates Program the most diverse financial markets affiliate program on the market.

Today online financial markets such as forex, and equity/stocks, and commodities are one of the most highly transacted products on the Internet with millions of investors and participants. They include banks, brokers, traders and private individuals from all over the world. Get into the action NOW and receive consistent cash earnings.


essociate review

Essociate Affiliate Network is the most powerful framework for profitable commercial partnerships on the Internet. Patented in 1999, the Essociate Virtual Affiliate & Affiliate Builder® software and system solves the three major problems associated with affiliate networks today: profit shaving, limited options for affiliate partners, and messy, redundant signup procedures.

Essociate converts web traffic into $$$ by linking advertisers with webmasters in a totally new way — for life. You won’t find a more accurate tracking and payout system — anywhere. Plus there’s no cost to join, and no monthly fee.


cpashine review

Cpa Shine Affiliate Network, the division of Chemz Media INC, is a performance based affiliate network. We are a dynamic and fast-growing network. We have a dedicated support team that keep updating services and do our best to increase your ROI and maximum revenue. For advertisers, we promise to offer the highest quality customer service. We will fight to earn and keep your business. For publishers, We are commited to getting the top payout for each and every campaign. We work on a flexible pay schedule, so if we see an increase in volume in some campaigns we will work with you to renegotiate the rate of pay. We look forward to having you in our community!

Benefits of being an affiliate of

Unique and Exclusive Offers
Top Converting Offers
On Time Payout.


peakprofits review

Peak Profits Affiliate Network is a division of Attachable Pty Ltd (the parent company running the CoProsper Affiliate Network), a privately owned company based in Brisbane, Australia. We pride ourselves on providing the highest paying and converting offers for our traffic partners and being able to generate large volumes of quality leads and sales for our advertisers.

The most important asset PeakProfits has, is its affiliates. We work hard on attracting new affiliates to our network and even harder to ensure they stay with us for the long term. Your dedicated affiliate manager is always available to listen to your questions, comments or suggestions and will work closely with you to ensure you are happy with the results you achieve with PeakProfits.

PeakProfits is all about quality. Due to that we are very selective when it comes to accepting affiliates into our network as well as on deciding which offers to feature.


regnow review

Reg Now Affiliate Network is the world’s leading software-specific affiliate program. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s your ticket to making money! We’ve amassed the largest selection of software titles available anywhere on the Planet. Combined with a robust set of Sales Tools and our new Affiliate Rewards Program, earning serious cash has never been so easy. The RegNow Affiliate Program pays you more. For every sale you generate through the program, we’ll pay you UP TO 2.5% in additional commissions on every sale. This is pure profit that goes right in your pocket!

As an affiliate, you know the true costs to your business when you don’t receive fair payment for the sales you have driven. Our Certification Program virtually eliminates the risk of leakage. Most of our vendor partners also accepts PayPal through the commerce engine thus eliminating any leakage associated with PayPal consumer payments.


adradian review

AdRadian Affiliate Network is a next-generation online advertising and marketing company. The future of Internet advertising is performance based advertising, which is often referred to as Affiliate Marketing or Lead Generation. This model has emerged over the past 8 years as the most effective and the most profitable model to acquire new customers. Our mission is to combine the benefits of lead generation and traditional branding for brands that want to create a long-term relationship with the target consumer.


vayanpays review

Vayan Pays Affiliate Network is the leader in the direct marketing industry. Our main focus is multichannel marketing through lead generation, email, direct mail, telemarketing, search engines, site placement and pop-up advertisements. We work with marketers and publishers to identify and analyze their needs and provide strategic, results-oriented marketing solutions. VayanPays, an affiliate network that rounds out its full-service marketing offering. We work with marketers and publishers to identify and analyze their needs and provide strategic, results-oriented marketing solutions.

MMI Media Group

mmimediagroup review

MMI Media Group Affiliate Network is private network available to publishers by invite only. We happen to own every offer in our network thus having only exclusives and the highest payouts on the market. We started as publishers and know exactly what you want from networks; Top Payouts, Actual Support, and Exclusive Offers. Again, we are a private network. We do not want 1,000,000 publishers to deal with, that is not our game. We want the best of the best and will compensate for it. Do not be discouraged if your application is denied, if you believe that you should not have been denied then please feel free to shoot us an email and we will review it again. If you have QUALITY TRAFFIC then come work with the network that works FOR YOU!


payoffers review

Pay Offers Affiliate Network is a performance-based affiliate network in the Affiliate Marketing industry was founded by a group of Affiliate Managers who had been in the ‘affiliate industry’ since the late 2003 in US. At, the goal is to offer affiliates the most on-time payments with the largest selection of offers and the type of service that cannot be found at other affiliate networks. PayOffers is working hard to become the premier choice in CPA affiliate marketing for both merchants and affiliates alike.


insideads review

Inside Ads Affiliate Network is a performance based affiliate network. This means as a publisher or advertiser you will be paid for every click, lead or sale you send us or are sent. We understand that online marketing is an ever-changing process and we will help you stay one step ahead of the game. Whether you email, do search marketing, utilize social media, promote banners on your website or own an incentive site, we have a solution that will work for you. With years of industry experience, we understand that there is a difference in quality between traffic types but we also believe that every type of traffic has value. Our priority is ultimately to help you maximize returns on your traffic.

Market Gain

marketgain review

Market Gain Affiliate Network is a division of Gain Corporation, a privately held media marketing company with offices based in Delaware, New York and Michigan. We been in the CPA business since 2003, formerly as a partnership, then a full fledge “C” corporation. Market Gain performance-based affiliate network services thousands of CPA clients through our proprietary and up-to-the-minute tracking and reporting platform. Market Gain helps publishers maximize revenue for their inventory.


adflavor review

Ad Flavor Affiliate Network is a quality destination for Publishers who are seeking a variety of high-performing offers and expect a steady stream of revenue. Our commitment to performance means that Publishers are matched with only the highest quality Advertisers. We optimize ad and offer page creative to develop successful campaigns that match your audience which result in significant ongoing revenue.

AdFlavor strives to select only high quality offers for our network, ensuring a profitable partnership for both Publishers and Advertisers alike. Since AdFlavor represents the sole point of contact, this naturally creates a highly simplified relationship; we handle all Advertiser management, online tracking/reporting and payment.

Rising Revenue

risingrevenue review

Rising Revenue Affiliate Network employs a performance-based method of achieving enduring profitability for both advertisers and affiliates. We do this through a combination of online strategy development and our extensive relationships. In short, we align the interests of the two, considerably benefiting both parties.

Rising Revenue was formed with you, the entrepreneur, at the forefront of our mission. We have managed affiliate marketing strategies at leading internet companies, worked at major brands, and have even been affiliates ourselves. Our experience allows us to identify with the various perspectives of affiliate marketing and help our affiliates succeed. We apply our expertise to develop a model that provides astonishing results for our affiliates the companies they represent.

Hype Clix Media

hypeclix review

Hype Clix Media Affiliate Network is a CPA (cost-per-action) Network that manages web publishers and advertisers. Web publishers are affiliates that have websites, blogs, email newsletters, and other traffic sources that monetize their revenue with advertising offers from advertisers. Advertisers are individuals or businesses that are looking for traffic to their website that will turn into sales or leads. We have a robust network that each web publisher and advertiser can manage everything from their ad campaign to any administrative account management task. Our network consists of only high quality web publishers and advertisers to make Hype Clix Media stand out from the rest.


c9network review

C9Network Affiliate Network, Cloud Nine Lifestyle (C9Network), leader of high demand herbal supplements and lifestyle products. The secret to our success is the fact that our products can appeal to nearly anyone and have a great profit margin. The demand for wellness products and supplements is on a steady increase and it is not too late for you to cash in on one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries. We can provide all the tools you need. We pay promptly and by multiple methods and are always available to contact. It would be difficult to find an affiliate program better than this.

We are always looking to recruit new affiliates to our program, and our sign up incentives clearly reflect our commitment and appreciation for new affiliates. We pay fixed CPA rate for FREE Trial and REVENUE SHARE (per-sale) for the pay-purchase – you work with both offers combined and get paid according to what the customer’s end action was – this is a great conversion tool to help both you and us to increase revenue.

Adult Access Now

adultaccessnow review

Adult Access Now Affiliate Network has officially launched! From the creators of we welcome you to the first Adult-based Ad Network that allows you to monetize your Premium Adult Content with a Monetization Widget. Our publishers earn on average around 30 cents a click.

Anyone from the CPAlead network that has applied to be a publisher on should have received an approval E-mail. If you do not have an adult website, now is the time to create one or refer someone who does and land them as a referral before someone else does. Thank you all for your patience as we worked out the bugs during the BETA stage. If there are any concerns or if you find any bugs, please use the contact AdultAccessNow form.


partnerbounty review

Partner Bounty Affiliate Network was founded in 2010 as a joint venture between Avidads and TymaxMedia. Combined, these partners have nearly two decades internet marketing expertise in cost-per-action (CPA) lead generation. With trusted relationships with over 50 of the most seasoned email marketers in the industry and some of the most talented up and coming search marketing gurus, can delivered unparalleled results for advertisers. In the drought brought on by an over saturation of “me too” affiliate networks, we can bring the rain! We maximize our advertiser’s ROI and our publishers’ profits with selective, high-converting offers and dedicated affiliate support. Like the pony express riders and stagecoach drivers of the wild west, we work harder and faster to deliver results on the word wide web.

We started out as publishers just like you. Once you generate a couple really big months for a couple of networks, you get every other network on the planet calling you to promote their offers. You never know if they’re pushing specific offers because they’ll truly convert for you or because it’s in THEIR best interest. We test every offer in our network. If an offer isn’t worth promoting, it doesn’t get in our network.

iDrive Interactive

idriveinteractive review

iDrive Interactive Affiliate Network is a performance-based network that helps advertisers connect with highly desirable, targeted consumers. It is a subsidiary of 4 Play Media, LLC. With over 30 years of online marketing expertise in the pay per performance sector, iDrive helps Marketers successfully and efficiently tap into the consumer who matter most.

iDrive Interactive publishers enjoy the highest payouts from the top offers in the industry, while at the same time receiving top notch customer service. Whether you’re running offers through email, search, media buying, display, etc., we have the offers for you. Our publishers are each assigned to a seasoned publisher representative who is available via email, phone, IM, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We strive to create the best Publisher experience in the pay per performance industry!


nutrapay review

Nutrapay Affiliate Network is an Online Affiliate Program specializing in health and beauty products. The products we offer are among the hottest selling niches online, including weight loss, male enhancement, and other health and beauty products.

Make Money Online with Nutrapay, the leading nutraceutical affiliate program. Promote the hottest products, including skin care and weight loss. Huge payouts, 10 websites to choose from, bonus payments, recurring commissions! Our optimized landing pages are designed to convert your traffic into instant sales and put fast cash in your pocket. Each page includes real customer testimonials and promotional videos designed to increase conversion rates.

Nutrapay pays out affiliates promptly every month via cheque, money transfer, PayPal, or even ePassPorte. Affiliates generating high volume sales are immediately eligible for premium commission payouts as high as 60% on all sales!

Kitara Media

kitara review

Kitara Media Affiliate Network The leader in performance marketing! Kitara Media builds successful relationships with affiliates who want a complete advertising solution for their web site property. We are proud to offer the following:

* Rapid and reliable payment every 30 days
* Real-time online reporting of your activity and earnings
* Maximum control of advertiser creative
* Hundreds of quality creative
* Responsive personal customer service and support.

PVI Direct

pvidirect review

PVI Direct Affiliate Network is a performance-based online marketing network. While PVI Direct is a new name to choose from among affiliate networks, we are definitely not strangers to this industry. Our parent company Paradigm Visions, Inc. has launched many profitable programs since they first began in 1997 and during that time, we’ve enjoyed building many long-lasting relationships with our affiliates. This network serves both as a vehicle to drive that much more business with our current partners as well as a means to grow relationships with new affiliates.

If you are tired spending time searching for better offers and in need of a lucrative, long-term solution to fill your inventory needs there is only one choice: Paradigm Visions, Inc. Sign Up Today with PVIDirect!

Affiliate Revenue

affiliaterevenue review

Affiliate Revenue Network As the Official Ad Agency to, Affiliate Revenue is an elite partner to both advertisers and publishers within the affiliate marketing community. Located in beautiful Orange County, CA, Affiliate Revenue works with only the highest quality advertisers to promote exclusive offers as our clients’ trusted agency of record. The campaigns we provide are exclusive, unique, and can only be found through our agency. Affiliate Revenue offers industry leading real-time reporting and extensive campaign management services.

Affiliate Revenue is dedicated to working with our affiliates to make every transaction a success. As industry experts, we recognize and understand the unique needs of our affiliates and have created an environment in which they can thrive. As a cost-per-acquisition agency, we create a motivated partnership between our agency, our affiliates and our advertisers. This powerful connection, along with the best- performing, exclusive campaigns in the interactive advertising space, has helped make us the leading agency of record in affiliate marketing.

Why Choose Affiliate Revenue?

* Work with the Industry’s Leading Agency of Record
* Top-Performing and Exclusive Campaigns
* Guaranteed Highest Payouts
* Dependable, On-Time Payments
* Experienced Leaders in Affiliate Marketing
* Customized Solutions

Partners Edge

partnersedge review

Partners Edge Affiliate Network business model is built upon a commitment to our affiliates. If you are interested in earning weekly commissions on some of the highest paying offers look no further. Our advertisers provide us with the quality products and high payouts.

As a PartnersEdge affiliate, you can expect:

* Weekly Commissions
* High Payouts
* State of the Art Real Time Tracking
* Performance Driven Creative’s
* Exclusive Offers with High Payouts and Excellent Conversions
* Personal Support Representative
* Technical Support

Dale! Network

dalenetwork review

Dale! Affiliate Network is the first U.S. based CPA Ad Network specializing in the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets. After working on both sides of the affiliate network equation, we bring a broad expertise that will help publishers expand their opportunities to reach the untapped Hispanic market’s dedicated team will help you monetize your website or email list with the highest payout offers in the market. Our state-of-the-art technology will provide you with all the tools to track, analyze, and optimize your online inventory.


levelclick review

Level Click Affiliate Network team considers customer satisfaction to be our top priority. Each affiliate is assigned an experienced affiliate manager that is ready to work for you. Your affiliate manager will assist you in optimizing campaign performance and will establish clear revenue goals. We offer a fully operational support staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our network is 100% secure and all traffic can be optionally encrypted through We use proprietary technologies for data verification and have strict privacy policies in place.

Prestige Revenue

prestigerevenue review

Prestige Revenue Affiliate Network is a division of Prestige Revenue LLC which was founded in 2010. We created Prestige Revenue on the idea that we would provide the highest quality of service to both of our publishers and advertisers. We hope to create a bond between our users that no other network can provide, this way we can both succeed in the marketing world.

Prestige Revenue strives to provide it’s publishers with the highest converting and paying campaigns. We offer you a team of dedicated staff who are ready to offer the best support in the industry.

Cypher Media

cmtrax review

Cypher Media Affiliate Network is a dedicated group of online marketers who believe transparency and sound values will lead to huge success. Our gamble is paying off: Cypher Media more than quadrupled in size over the course of one year and our revenues continue to climb. We live and breathe performance based marketing. Whether you are an advertiser looking to lower your customer acquisition costs, or a publisher looking to maximize revenue streams, we’re here to deliver results. Cypher Media delivers proven products optimized to perform on your inventory with market leading pricing. Allow us to maximize profits today.


promopath review

Promo Path Affiliate Network was founded in August 2005. With over 20 years of combined online direct marketing expertise PromoPath is finding new and innovative marketing solutions. The PromoPath Network is comprised of high-quality and high volume sites delivering valuable customers to our clients. PromoPath seeks to deliver targeted and valuable customers through the use of state-of-the-art technology and innovative “outside the box” thinking.

PromoPath brings best of class advertiser offers direct to publishers. We are focused on developing exclusive advertiser relationships with companies seeking to expand their overall presence online or establish an online presence for the first time. We offer exclusive content, industry leading payouts and generous payment terms.

Our reporting is simple, straightforward and easy to use. Optimization of campaigns is a snap on the PromoPath Network with the ability to track down to the sub-campaign level.


mediastay review

Mediastay Affiliate Network is an online direct marketing company that takes an innovative approach to performance marketing. We are the market leader in the free online prize draw sector with 22 million registered users in Europe and 12 million users in the United States. Our expertise includes display advertising, lead generation, co-registration and email marketing. Your ROI is our priority!

Since 2001, Mediastay is the sweepstakes leader owning and operating sites such as,, KingoMusic, Betsetter, and Bananalotto across Europe and in the U.S. Mediastay recently acquired Yacado, an online gaming portal. This move aligns with Mediastay’s growth strategy and positions the company well to be the market leader in casual gaming.

The Company is positioned as a Performance Marketing Agency with expertise in designing and planning advertising campaigns with our specialist knowledge of lead generation. Using a variety of methods, the Company redirects traffic from selected sites to its clients’ websites.


terabrite review

Tera BRITE Affiliate Network takes the guess work out of a marketing budget. With the company’s performance-based marketing model, clients can gauge their return-on-investment (ROI) before the campaign even starts. There is no worrying about delivery rates, open rates, click through rates, and conversion rates. We take care of that. You will pay the same price per action regardless of how much email is sent, banner impressions are served, or clicks a campaign generates. teraBRITE executes all campaigns on a cost-per-action (CPA), cost-per-lead (CPL), or cost-per-click (CPC) basis. With this pricing structure, no risk will applies to our clients.

TeraBRITE offers global reach through affiliate marketing. We’ve developed strong relationships with a select few Publishers in the online marketing community that will extend reach immensely. teraBRITE’s extensive database of email, banner, and search Publishers will increase any client’s traffic considerably. Exposure with other leading affiliate marketing firms is included in our service. This will save clients the time of dealing with multiple contracts, advertising representatives, and invoices. We’re a one-stop-shop for all performance-based marketing needs, with no (or little) risk to our clients.


leadsix review

Lead Six Affiliate Network is an online marketing company, serving both publishers and advertisers. Publishers are companies that own or manage sites and/or e-mail lists and/or generate traffic in other ways and seek additional revenue through advertising. Advertisers are clients, merchants, or marketers who want to acquire new consumers by buying registrations and leads on a CPA or other performance-based pricing model.

LeadSix‘s affiliate relationships are built upon a commitment to excellence and a mutual trust that has been earned through the years. Our staff is focused on providing the best converting and highest paying offers to fit your traffic. We pride ourselves on being able to identify and obtain the most profitable offers for our network. We understand all products and services may not be compatible with your traffic; for that reason, it’s important we help you select the right program. Rest assured when we launch a new program it has already been thoroughly tested and will be a strong converter.

Reasons why you should join LeadSix:

• Competitive payouts: it’s your traffic- keep the profits!
• Exclusive offers: we’re not a network of hundreds of offers- we identify and promote the top performers
• Easy to use and visually intuitive reporting tools
• Continuously updated creative and carefully screened content
• Outstanding and experienced affiliate managers to answer all of your questions


revenueleads review

Revenue Leads Affiliate Network Founded in early 2008, Revenueleads Affiliate Network is a full-service online marketing and advertising company focused on bringing the highest quality service to advertisers and online publishers. Our goal is make sure each and every affiliate gets the best service possible in order to help them gain their maximum ROI. We develop powerful Internet marketing campaigns that will drive high quality traffic to our advertisers, which allows Revenueleads to get unique offers at higher payout’s. We are not interested in bringing you thousands more. Instead, we promote only top performing offers. Using our extensive knowledge and experience, our team of strategic marketing consultants will provide you with high quality, cost-effective and impartial advice to ensure you get the right solution for your business.

Flycell Affiliate Program

fctracker review

Flycell Affiliate Program Network have full access to our premium ringtone content from major international record labels and all the artists that fall under their umbrellas like: Rihanna, Coldplay, Kanye West, U2, Mariah Carey and thousands more ! Customers get full access to the “Club Pack” where they can download games, wallpapers, and applications from the Flycell portal.

For all offers, customers enter their phone number and are immediately sent an SMS message carrying a PIN code. They must then enter the PIN back to the website. Pays upon PIN code submit. Monetize your online traffic with premium content and popular artists such as Rihanna on the left. Send the most volume with the highest ringtone payouts in the industry!

Lynda Affiliate Program

lynda review

Lynda Affiliate Program Network produces thousands of tutorials, invaluable training, inspiration and more to help you get the most out of your software. Don’t just gain skills—gain confidence. Our online courses help you learn critical skills. Free access & previews on hundreds of tutorials. We’re looking for strong partners to promote on their sites and blogs and earn commissions on sales made through those promotions. Ideal candidates to the Affiliate Program include those sites related to and covering technology, software, education, graphic design, photography, business, and other applicable topics.

We provide all creative for you, including links and banners that include code specific to your affiliate ID. We take care of the orders, the customer service, everything else. All you have to do is promote with the provided links and banners.
Direct potential customers to

As an affiliate of, you’ll direct customers to through the text links and banner ads that we provide for you. When a potential customer clicks on one of your affiliate links to, they receive a return cookie that lasts for 30 days. If they come back to directly within those 30 days and make a purchase, it is credited to you.

CPA Axis

cpaaxis review

CPA Axis Affiliate Network is a performance-based, online marketing agency working with premier advertisers and their offers. A subsidiary of Renaissance Ads, LLC, CPA Axis prides itself on elevating your business and providing you with what matters most ? results. Our advertisers benefit from a targeted marketing platform designed for developing and marketing their product offer across an exclusive list of elite publishers.

CPA Axis has an experienced and dedicated customer service team that will give you an in-depth focus on strategy, market development and sales. You can expect advanced ad serving and tracking software, as well as a spirit of innovation and excellence in all that we do for developing and marketing their product offer across an exclusive list of elite publishers.

It’s our goal to make it simple and easy for our account management team to make money for you. We’ll focus on what works for you.

Dependable Tracking Technology – CPA Axis tracking technology covers all the needs for publishers to keep an accurate track of their performance.

Strong offers and brands – due to our long industry experience we bring proven performers from some of the top brand offers and our AOR relations with advertisers.

CWinter Media

cwintermedia review

CWinter Media Affiliate Network is a fresh, independently owned performance driven online media company. Established in 2009 by Chris Winter, it’s one of the most rapid growing networks in the blooming field of mobile and online marketing. We focuses in the mobile entertainment industry. Cwinter media is unique in it’s type of business. AS being the first that makes it’s campaigns under request of its affiliates. This way Cwinter Media created an added value that no other network can provide.

CWinter Media works solely with the most prominent advertisers in the field and targets its offers more effectively than any other affiliate network, making us a leader in providing both the highest eCPM for Publishers and highest eCPA for Advertisers. We offer Publishers and Advertisers the best value for their money simultaneously ensuring the best eCPA’s for those Advertisers. If you’re an Advertiser who has bottom line results that must be achieved though Direct Response, then we are the Ad Network you are looking to work with. And if you’re a publisher who needs to fill their inventory, then we have a plenty of established buyers who will pay top dollar for your inventory.

Here at CWinter Media, we believe that our integrity and business go hand in hand, as a trust between affiliates and their network in priceless. Delivering this bond is crucial to us and you, our affiliate, so you can be sure you are on top of your game constantly. We know that our performance depends on you making money. We are a young group of savvy internet pros which know to direct you whether you are just beginning or in the industry yourself. Work with us and you wont be sorry.

Lead Research Group

bluehost review

Lead Research Group Affiliate Network bridges the gap between left-brain thinking and right-brain creativity. This allows Lead Research Group to tackle tough marketing challenges for our clients. But our unusual approach to marketing wasn’t an accident. It’s rooted in proven best practices that have been diligently tested and improved upon time and time again. And that’s how we know it works.

Creating and managing successful lead generation campaigns is a daunting task in today’s ever-changing landscape. At Lead Research Group, our winning strategies both online and offline enable us to drive a consistent flow of qualified leads and prospects to your business. We employ a variety of marketing tactics while maintaining a laser-like focus on quality, scalability, conversion and ROI%. We find and deliver your target audience!

We’re always looking for new publishers and affiliates that will help our customers grow. Take a look at some of the options available to you for creating a better business by partnering with Lead Research Group.

WY Media

wy-media review

WY Media Affiliate Network is a UK based performance network that prides itself on providing the highest quality offers at the best possible payouts, we are constantly adding new offers to our network and weeding out under-performers. We understand that the affiliate marketing world is not always easy so our affiliate managers are available 24/7.

WY Media bringing together choice affiliates and quality online partners though carefully monitored, custom advertising. WY Media is focused primarily on direct response advertising and CPA (Cost Per Action). We offer publishers the ability to launch prevalant and lucrative CPA campaigns through a superior self service marketing platform. Some verticals we allow on the network are contextual, PPC, web/banners, social media, email and incentivized traffic.

At WY Media all data is tracked, computed and displayed in real-time. Audit the success of your campaigns at any time with reports showing the most current information, Real-time reporting allows you to quickly asses an offer’s relevance and lets you optimize your campaign.

hexpressaffiliates review Affiliate Network is a global leader in the supply of prescription medications, with 4 established websites to promote. Unlike other fly-by-night pharmacies, we’ve got over 8 successful years experience in this industry. We make it easy for affiliates to become part of our success. is a pharmacy affiliate network that specialises in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Our affiliate team brings a wealth of experience and world class support, whilst our platform uses the latest technology to help both affiliates and merchants to drive more sales. Focusing on just one industry has helped our team to become specialists in the healthcare field, which ultimately leads to more successful campaigns for every member of the Hexpress affiliate network.


prospectiv review

Prospectiv Affiliate Network has been around for 10+ years and is a trusted provider of lead generation campaigns, featuring great branded advertisers and national deals. Eversave is a resource for printable grocery coupons & samples, as well as deep discount vouchers on local services such as restaurants, spas, and many services.

Prospectiv operates a syndicated lead generation platform for publishers. This syndicated platform gives publishers access to name-brand offers that create significant incremental revenue streams from their website traffic. Prospectiv connects online publishers with a broad selection of leading advertisers across several vertical markets to generate maximum earnings and profit. With our diverse portfolio of solutions and direct relationships with Fortune 1000 advertisers, you’ll benefit from:

* Maximum Revenue
* Top Offers from Leading Advertisers
* Advanced Technology
* Flexible, Customized Implementation
* Superior Support


affiliatefuture review

Affiliate Future Affiliate Network is part of Progressive Digital Media Group Plc. AffiliateFuture are performance-based marketing specialists, providing sales solutions and marketing services to advertisers, publishers and agencies. Affiliate Future UK has over 672 merchants in 50 categories. AffiliateFuture is based in the UK, but it works for people in most areas of the world. Merchants pay a fee to sign up with and belong to the program; affiliates join the program for free.


yottacash review

Yotta Cash Affiliate Network recognizes that affiliates are constantly monitoring their performance and how efficiently they can monetize their traffic. We therefore need to compete for your traffic on a daily basis or run the risk of losing you… With this in mind, we operate the best converting sites on the Internet and always strive to ensure that our affiliates make more money.

By becoming an affiliate of YottaCash, you have the support of dedicated program managers, industry-leading software programmers, a devoted customer service team and the advanced join processes developed and optimized by YottaCash.

YottaCash pays affiliates more $$$ than anyone else!. The YottaCash affiliate program has been specifically built with one daring aspiration in mind: offer more than anyone else. Our affiliate platform not only boasts the highest payout structure in the industry, but is also loaded with essential features, powerful tools and highest converting products.

MCF Media

mcfmedia review

MCF Media Affiliate Network is a family-owned and operated business with a truly defined focus on navigating online marketing avenues. While our team got its start in developing radio advertisements, throughout the years we have successfully transitioned into search engine optimization and pay per click campaign specialists.

At MCF Media, we know that our success is directly related to our client’s success. As a result, we firmly believe in taking the time to develop one-on-one relationships with each individual client. By investing in these relationships upfront we are able to effectively customize our solutions to meet each client’s unique needs.

MCF Media offers its affiliates an exciting opportunity to be a part of something refreshingly different within the cluttered world of affiliate marketing. Our genuine focus on providing customized solutions to help clients realize results translates into a key differentiator for our affiliate base.


affilisearch review

Affilisearch Affiliate Network is a bespoke affiliate management company designed to shine a light on affiliate marketing for everyone. Affiliate marketing remains a mystery to most despite being the fastest growing marketing medium. We’re here to show you how you can get in on the action either as a merchant or affiliate. offers unique and interesting campaigns for you to run on your website and to earn some of the best commissions in the industry. We are passionate about getting the best deals for our affiliates and thoroughly check the viability of each campaign before launching onto our network. No free phone numbers on landing pages, complicated forms to fill in or ambiguous commission structures. Clarity is key with our program and above all we LISTEN to all our affiliates!


valuednetwork review

Valued Affiliate Network is a leading provider of online marketing solutions through our performance-based affiliate network. With a variety of online programs to market and cutting-edge technology, affiliates are sure to find the programs and options to make their marketing efforts a success. At we totally focused on helping advertisers and publishers work together to create promotions that are exciting, enticing, well-managed, fair, and profitable for everyone involved. Join as a publisher and maximize your revenue opportunities by developing sustainable relationships with top-tier advertisers. Perform and get paid for every sale and lead you generate.

Vantage Media

vantageoffers review

Vantage Mediat Affiliate Network one of the largest providers of performance-based marketing leads and integrated search campaigns, is proud to provide superior technology-based affiliate marketing network services through Vantage Offers. As a publisher with Vantage Offers, you receive all the benefits of exclusive partner networking – at no cost to you. Using our superior technology, you will maximize your revenue by promoting exclusive offers from our rapidly expanding network of Fortune 1000 and 500 Advertisers.

Vantage Media provides our publishers with exclusive content from over 1,500 schools that include recognized and well-branded Fortune 1000 and 500 companies. We also provide exclusive offers from within the health insurance industry, with plans for more to come! All Landing Pages are optimized to the fullest extent through split-testing and multivariate testing to ensure our clients use only the highest converting landing pages.