Bootheel CPA Review

bootheelcpa review

Bootheel CPA Affiliate Network is not gonna show up on the scene pretending to be this big network that has been around for years, To be frank we are a new cpa network and are pretty small at this point that wants to earn your Trust and dedication. With that said we will offer the highest possible amount per offer with out cutting us out. We will be a no shave network as we were once Publishers as well. I am member Of the a lot of cpa networks and we plan on adding ads everyday, however with that said i am also a member of a few exclusive networks that feed all these hasoffers site’s. Now i been to several hasoffers cpa and the rate they take for there cut is down right crazy cause i know what exclusive networks that work directly from the advertiser pays. I can assure you this after being members of all these Hasoffers networks we
offer the Highest possible payout as we take the smallest possible cut.

Apply Now and Help Make Bootheel one of the Best and most trusted CPA Networks In the Industry !!!

Affiliate Network Details
Featured Campaigns: Myweb Products, email submits, Dating, Zip
Commission Type: CPA(Cost Per Action)
Numbers of Offers: 80+
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Frequency: Monthly/ Biweekly
Payment Method: PayPal
Referral Commission: 5%
AIM: Brian Pennell
Telephone: 573-300-6472 (Brian)
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