Dollarade Review

dollarade review

Dollarade Affiliate Network benefits everyone. Our advertisers are able to promote their products with ease. Our publishers are able to make the most out of their Flash content with the Dollarade Overlay. And last but not least, viewers are still able to view the content for free while you, the publisher, are earning!

The best part about Dollarade is that covers ONLY the video, unlike all the other content blockers that block your entire page. Our content blocker can be placed onto your site with only one line of code which will automatically cover all object, embed, and iframe content on your site (aside from the files you bypass). This method adds more clicks to your account while keeping the look and feel of your website in tact. To keep it simple, Dollarade provides all the same features as the rest of the affiliate networks plus much more, so sign up today!

Affiliate Network Details
Featured Campaigns: Quizzes, Mobiles
Commission Type: CPA(Cost Per Action), CPL(Cost Per Lead), CPS(Cost Per Sale)
Numbers of Offers: 100+
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Frequency: Monthly
Payment Method: Wire/ Cheque/ PayPal/ ACH
Referral Commission: 5%
AIM: Jake Schweihs
Telephone: 630-484-4146 (Jake)
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Dollarade Reviews (4)

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Posted On May 16, 2011

My account is going to be paid first time, today i can not login into my account, i have received a email notify my account has been disabled.
I am chat with dollaradejack (AIM), he said that he will send me proof lead frault. But that is a ip list only. It' ridiculous to say that is proof. I warn to all this is a scam network. Please note my case.

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DKSkater Posted On July 06, 2011

By far the best CPA network I've been in so far. Quite a number of offers that got me overall EPCs up to $0.24 in some months. made a bit over $5k with them in the past 6 months.

Jake may be hard to get to from time to time (partly due to difference in timezone), but he's always prompt and helpful. By far friendlier than I could've ever imagined a strictly business relationship. 2 thumbs up for DLD.

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Lokino Posted On June 15, 2012

Remember to use ExException to circumvent Dollarade.

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Blogger Posted On October 14, 2016

Did you know that that you can make dollars by locking special pages of your blog / site?
All you need to do is open an account on AdscendMedia and embed their content locking tool.

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