HY Affiliates Review

hyaffiliates review

 HY Affiliates Network Unlike forex only programs, HY Affiliates provides access to all major financial markets. These exciting markets include forex, metals such as gold and silver, equities/stocks, oil and gas, and commodities, making HY Affiliates Program the most diverse financial markets affiliate program on the market.

Today online financial markets such as forex, and equity/stocks, and commodities are one of the most highly transacted products on the Internet with millions of investors and participants. They include banks, brokers, traders and private individuals from all over the world. Get into the action NOW and receive consistent cash earnings.

Affiliate Network Details
Featured Campaigns: Financial products include forex, metals such as gold and silver, equities/stocks, oil and gas, and commodities
Commission Type: CPA(Cost Per Action), Rev Share
Numbers of Offers: 120+
Minimum Payment: $100
Payment Frequency: Monthly
Payment Method: Wire/ ePassport/ PayPal
Referral Commission: N/A
Telephone: N/A
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HY Affiliates Reviews (12)

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Meowis Posted On April 02, 2012

Big scam. The affiliate manager Noreen is very unprofessional. Worked for one month, at the end of the month was informed that she would send over $4000+ worth of commissions. Then 1 hour later said that sorry a report just came in and my clients were only worth $1000, big scam.

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Blogger Posted On October 19, 2016

I would like to suggest that you stick with the most recommended Forex broker - AvaTrade.

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Gateps Posted On February 23, 2020

I’ve just started partnering with Hy affiliates. So far I like the approach and all the tools provided. Online analytics are very handy. Don’t know yet whether CPA or revshare is more attractive moneywise, but I guess we'll always have doubts anyway. I’ve chosen CPA for now.

Rated |
Farid Marbuna Posted On March 17, 2020

I’ve had some experience in online marketing working in the office. HY affiliates was the first personal project that I’ve started. I chose HY affiliates because I’m knowledgeable in the topic of online trading, so I decided to pick a reliable partner among finance-related programs. I find it important that HY provides tons of marketing materials, attaches personal manager to every affiliate partner. Another important thing - customers are actually satisfied with the service HY provides (access to financial markets), this is why is is possible to work on a rev share basis This is important to me as I view this partnership as the source of the passive income.

Rated |
Thang Damas Posted On March 23, 2020

No doubt the finance vertical will get more profitable now, as volatility has risen. I’ve been on a RevShare program with HY affiliates for over a year. Since February the returns have increased significantly by the end of MArch. The mote people trade, the more money the partners get.

Rated |
Vitilar Posted On April 10, 2020

can approve the company to work with. payouts on the regular basis, the min withdrawals amounts reasonable, very good to work with GB clients, they cost max and are easy to target.

Rated |
Nirmal Doshi Posted On April 17, 2020

Have started working with ahyaffiliates in February. Surprisingly the conversion rates are rather good even using the original marketing kits. Have had just one payout so far. Went well.

Rated |
Shankler Posted On April 25, 2020

Generous partner, no delays on withdrawals, professional help from perosnal affiliate manager. Recommended!

Rated |
Unknown Posted On May 09, 2020

Glad to have worked with this partner! I'm moving further into trading myself and I thing I won't be able to devote any more time to the program, but I keep getting my part of the reveunes dispite the fact I didn't do anything recently for attracting new clients.

Rated |
การสังเกต Posted On May 30, 2020

I'm not particularly excited about the ready marketing tools that they've got here. Yes, they are adjustable and provided in different langueages, yet, the convertion rates can't be that great with such an approach. You can't simply buy the traffic and enjoy the payouts. That's a zero sum game.
However, additing little creativity will definitely help. At least the broker is not a scam and that helps a lot ;)

Rated |
Tuaro Kuswoyo Posted On June 10, 2020

The program works, payouts are regular. Marketing kits supply is assured. Personal manager helps with Any further questions. Can't add much more.

Rated |
Waterer Posted On July 27, 2020

Awesome experience working with these guys! Can recommend forpartnership. Payouts are fair, no delays or any other troubles.

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