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Epic Direct / Azoogle

epic direct azoogle review

Epic Direct Azoogle Affiliate Network is a division of the Epic Media Group and is the company’s flagship performance-based ad network focused primarily on customer acquisition and pay-for-performance online advertising campaigns. With over 45,000 publishers, Epic Direct is the largest network of its kind worldwide resulting in an ability to drive the best performance for advertisers and publishers/affiliates.

Epic Direct supports campaigns across all channels through search engine marketing, web/display, social media, email and more.The division has recently launched the Epic Advisor team (formerly AZN Advisor) to help new publishers get up to speed with running profitable campaigns.


clickbooth reviews

Clickbooth Affiliate Network is Managed by IntegraClick, LLC, based in Sarasota, Fla. Our mission is to achieve and maintain a position of unparalleled excellence within the interactive marketing industry.

ClickBooth provides platforms ranging from exclusive inventories to proprietary technologies in order to fully maximize a publisher’s success as a top performer. Working with the industry’s largest advertisers, including many Fortune 500 companies, ClickBooth gives publishers access to quality and exclusive offers that guarantee the highest returns.

Valuing each partnership, ClickBooth strives to surpass publisher expectations and fully monetize his or her traffic. An expert team will go above and beyond and utilize all the necessary resources in order to do so.

Axon Media Group

axon media group review

Axon Media  Affiliate Network is comprised of experienced social media buyers, email marketers and search engine marketers. We’ve generated millions of customers for our Advertisers and millions of dollars for our Publishers. We’ll show you what campaigns and traffic sources are working for us internally and help you optimize. We’ll also consistently recommend new traffic sources and introduce you to new methodologies and strategies. We’re currently looking to add high volume, high quality Publishers to our network.

Axon Media Group has exclusive or direct offers in every major vertical. We’re adding new offers everyday. We guarantee the highest payouts in the industry. If you can find a higher payout at another network, we’ll match it. We also offer prepayments and weekly payments for select high volume partners. We have the strongest referral program in the industry at 6.0% life time and offer the most lucrative cash based incentive programs and contests.



Affillion Affiliate Network is a private network founded by affiliates for affiliates based out of Miami, Florida. We keep the network private and exclusive as to give our existing publishers as much attention and support as humanly possible. We are online almost 24/7 to help all our publishers and available by phone 7 days a week!

Affillion has a huge array of offers from zip submits, email submits, insurance, edu, health and beauty, lead gen, dating, gaming and much more. We offer fast weekly payments in any method affiliates want!

We provide fanatical support and take our affiliates to the next level by helping them with their campaigns and scaling as large as they need to go!

Wolf Storm Media

wolf storm media

Wolf Storm Media Affiliate Network is an interactive advertising agency that knows both sides of the game. We are here to help our publishers increase their volume through proprietary training, forums and one-on-one assistance. We’ve been on the publisher side of the game for years now – and we know what it takes to grow your business. As advertisers, you are looking for someone that can deliver high-quality traffic and that’s what we are here to do. By training our publishers we can offer the highest quality in the industry.