CPA Network Ratings - Affiliates Reviews


cpabuck review

CPAbuck Affiliate Network run by Affiliates who have the experience to help you get ahead. Our goal is quality. Quality offers and quality Affiliates. We have more than 80 education offers as well as Incentivizable, email/zip submit only, Health, Dating, Ringtones, cash advanced others too.

CPAbuck is partner with other network and distribute CPA, CPL, CPS offers through our publisher network. We have over 150+ offers available, including many offers. We provide dedicated Affiliate Manager, many promotion tool & Software’s. Our team of expert’s keeps an eye on the market and site is updated with the eye-catching and high paying offers on daily basis.

Logical Media

logicalmedia review

Logical Media Affiliate Network has years of online and offline marketing experience, making it easy to help you achieve your marketing goals. Using the most innovative tracking software to date, we help you generate exactly what you need when you need it.With our very experienced staff and well-established client base, there is really only one Logical choice.

More than 4000 publishers have already signed up with Logical Media to not only gain access to name brand advertisers but because we also work hard to list new campaigns daily, making generating leads & revenue even easier for you. Real-time tracking statistics and tools that help to maximize revenue, including sister advertising display networks such as PLUS we are offering $25 credited to your account when you sign up.

Logical Media was recently named in the ‘Top 50 advertising networks’ in Website Magazine.


offerweb review

OfferWeb Affiliate Network is a top-tier CPA network in the Industry. One of the business principles that OfferWeb attributes their great success to is simply putting our publisher and merchants needs first.

While some networks claim their size as their greatest achievement, OfferWeb points to their long standing reputation and the best business practices in the industry, as theirs. Quality over quantity! You won’t find countless offers loaded in OfferWeb’s system. You will find a strong portfolio of relevant offers that are making affiliate marketers money right now. Affiliates need not be confused where to find their next great money making offer.


daoleads review

Daoleads Affiliate Network is a CPA affiliate network. What makes this company well recognized is the quality of their affiliates; becoming one is worthwhile and rewarding. has virtually everything an affiliate can look for all in one stack. is a team of young professionals that hit the CPA market not too long ago. No newcomers to the world of affiliate marketing, employing their strong background and reputation in PPC (, bidding (, and other online projects they quickly established themselves in the highly competitive world of CPA Marketing and gained a lot of respect and appreciation from the webmasters’ community really fast. special features

» Highly convertible offers from best advertisers, some of the most popular brands in the world. Currently they have over 4000 offers listed, offers for both mobile and web traffic. Large volume of products from well-known brands, many of which cannot be found from any other affiliate network.

» Their friendly and knowledgeable tech support is available 24/7 and if you have some special concern or request on your account, they’ll always get you a special guy to work on your case till you’re happy. You will get an affiliate manager that will be in contact daily if you so wish (which is a great way to increase conversions).

» Their payments are NEVER LATE. They pay the day it is due, every single month, and they do it whatever way YOU prefer, not them – they can come up with a special payment scheme that suites you and your capacities best.

» works out really effective promo tools and consults their webmasters on what promo schemes suit them best. They come up with new solutions on a regular basis, making the promos on your site look bright and shiny. This network tells you exactly what methods of advertising is acceptable for each program, including some advertisements allowing incentivized offers.

» Advanced technology, which allows for some of the industry’s best tracking software to ensure that any money due finds the proper affiliate.

» A variety of ways to earn commissions: pay per action, pay per signup, pay per sale, pay per click, and other standard options, as well as incentivized and non-incentivized offers so that you can find an offer that suits your needs. Highest commissions that you will find on a variety of products.

The motto of reads NO CHEAT Leads you to MONEY TREAT. This is exactly what most webmasters with good traffic want to hear! Internet marketing for too long has been seen as unfair and a no-trust sphere of business, making long-term partnerships difficult; Daoleads has proved to be a force with a new philosophy in the industry.


publisherrev review

PublisherRev Affiliate Network  (Incentive Friendly) is a division of Incite Network LLC. The owner does also own the forum at The PublisherRev Network prvoides publishers with access to exclusive and high convrting offers. The PublisherRev Network also provides Net 30 payments via Paypal or check.

Performance marketing is a model focused on results and is built on the foundation of strong relationships. PublisherRev brings together industry leading publishers and world renown advertisers to produce WIN-WIN partnerships to boost everyone’s bottom line. What can we do for you? Contact us and we would be glad to assist in bringing your affiliate marketing to the next level.

enCircle Media

encirclemedia review

enCircle Media Affiliate Network  is an end-to-end interactive marketing agency blending in-depth online media expertise with sophisticated technology and a personalized approach to deliver reliable results and industry-leading performance.

Our unique ability to provide clients with responsive solutions to any need that may arise sets us apart from other interactive marketing agencies. It is our emphasis on meeting client needs in a constantly evolving environment that places enCircle Media in the upper-echelon of the interactive marketing industry.


valuleads review

ValuLeads Affiliate Network  is a dynamic and fast-growing affiliate network founded in 2009. Our primary goal as a team is provide the best value possible to every organization we work with, and for us that begins by providing the best possible service.

At ValuLeads, every publisher in the network is treated as though it were our most important customer. No matter what the size of your campaign, we will always provide you the best possible support and guide you through all the ups and downs.

ValuLeads believes that our top-notch support and the results we produce for our affiliates cannot be matched by any other network. We are committed to getting the top payout for each and every campaign. We work on a flexible pay basis, so if we see an increase in volume in some campaigns we will work together to renegotiate the rate of pay.

ARM Media

arm review

ARM Media Affiliate Network is the leader in performance based online marketing, featuring CPA Advertising (Cost Per Action). We combine the highest level of online marketing ethics with the latest in optimized technology to help you create quality campaigns.

Let our team of seasoned media experts take your online marketing initiatives to the next level. From Sales to Lead Generation to Brand Development – our proven media avenues guarantee the largest reach and fastest ROI in the industry.

Tag Junction

tagjunction review

Tag Junction  is a performance-based affiliate network, focused on lead-generation and customer acquisition. TagJunction affiliates have access to the Net’s top performing offers and most competitive payouts. We work with top companies across the world. We have the most flexible, convenient and fastest payment modes (paypal, moneybooker and wire). The payments will be done on weekly basis.

TagJunction is a place where advertisers and publishers are happy to work with. If you are a Publisher and want to increase the “REVENUE”, join TagJunction. We will take care of the rest.


epicenter review

Epicenter  Affiliate Network  is a fast-growing online marketing and advertising company active in several channels including CPA, domain development and monetization, SEM and contextual advertising. Epicenter differentiates itself through unmatched affiliate tools and platforms.

In addition to providing top-notch support and affiliate management, we’ve built DM2, a Web site building and monetization service, and EpicenterAds, a contextual advertising solution, to help our affiliates generate revenues. Epicenter was founded in late 2005, and will continue to invest heavily in affiliate solutions and technologies.


dollarade review

Dollarade Affiliate Network benefits everyone. Our advertisers are able to promote their products with ease. Our publishers are able to make the most out of their Flash content with the Dollarade Overlay. And last but not least, viewers are still able to view the content for free while you, the publisher, are earning!

The best part about Dollarade is that covers ONLY the video, unlike all the other content blockers that block your entire page. Our content blocker can be placed onto your site with only one line of code which will automatically cover all object, embed, and iframe content on your site (aside from the files you bypass). This method adds more clicks to your account while keeping the look and feel of your website in tact. To keep it simple, Dollarade provides all the same features as the rest of the affiliate networks plus much more, so sign up today!


hydra group review

Hydra Affiliate Network LLC is privately held and headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA. Hydra operates the largest performance-based, multichannel digital ad platform that drives new sales, leads, and ad engagements on a pure cost-per-action (CPA) basis for many of the largest and best-known consumer product and service companies.

Hydra Group limits membership in Hydra to an exclusive group of high volume, high quality publishing partners. We do it in order to be able to bring more exclusive, high revenue generating campaigns from leading brands, as well as a higher level of personal service to our publishers — and assure quality for our advertisers. Think you’ve got what it takes?


cpastaxx review

CPAStaxx Affiliate Network  is here to help all of our publishers and advertisers gain the most ROI from their campaigns with us. From the day you partner with CPAStaxx you will immediately know why we stand out amongst the other CPA Networks on the net. We provide a 24×7 Affiliate manager team, so no more waiting to be approved for offers or waiting to have pixels placed. We will provide special access to our vault of campaign creatives to our top publishers and help you scale your campaigns up! Join with CPA Staxx today and surpass your competition and increase your profits as an affiliate or as an advertiser.

Sign up today and start making bank with CPAStaxx


sparkleads review

SparkLeads Affiliate Network providing online marketing solutions. Spark Leads is a division of Day Online Solutions LLC, an online marketing company formed in 2007.

The Spark Leads Affiliate Network has hundreds of incentivized offers. We provide publishers with all the tools they need to maximize their revenue including real-time tracking; guaranteed payment terms and historical reporting.


cpahail review

CpaHail Affiliate Network  is a leader in performance based online marketing featuring CPA advertising(Cost Per Action).Our affiliate network was created by a group of very experienced affiliate marketers. With 7 years experiences in affiliate network industry, we have built up the concrete and long-run relationship with quite some good advertisers, which enable us to pay higher commission to our publishers.

Thanks for your interest in joining the CpaHail Affiliate Network! We look forward to working with you. Ready to join our Network? It’s simple. Once you complete our affiliate application and are accepted, you are ready to start promoting offers and receiving commission checks for the products and services promoted on your site!

Lazy Profits

lazy profits review

Lazy Profits Affiliate Network In the world of internet marketing, no one is more important than the publisher. At Lazy Profits, we know and value that.

We offer a wide range of offers in auto, credit, dating, education, health & diet, mobile, promotional, survey, work at home, and even more. Lazy Profits really specializes in the field of email and ZIP submit offers and we’re happy to boast more than 60 in that area. There are no net-30 waits with us, either. We offer bimonthly (twice a month) net-7 payouts to all of our affiliates. On top of that, we offer one of the highest affiliate referral rates you’ll ever see at 10%! At Lazy Profits, your affiliate manager will do everything possible to be a helpful friend in business, and we reward our most loyal and high-performing affiliates.

Sybarite Elite

sybariteelite review

Sybarite Elite Affiliate Network offers a competitive edge for affiliates in that we are not offering campaigns that are over saturated. We form direct and exclusive relationships with products and service providers and become the only source of leads for these entities.

At times, we may only call on a few affiliates with specific marketing skills to run leads to these particular offers. This way, we are able to drive quality leads and allow affiliates higher conversions than may otherwise be expected. We invite affiliates to apply for membership to Sybarite Elite. Be aware, however, that we are an exclusive network and the approval process is rigorous. We look forward to reviewing your application.


AKMG review

AKMG Affiliate Network (Advertising Kings Media Group) will match you with the right advertising offers according to what you know works best within your core marketing competencies. Our experienced and friendly affiliate managers will work closely with you to customize and optimize your campaign.

AKMG understands how important it is for you to maximize the results of your email, organic or paid search initiatives and will work closely with you to ensure you meet and exceed your ideal conversion rates. Our team works tirelessly to provide exclusive, innovative campaigns for top tier Affiliates worldwide – Partner With AKMG Today.


gooffers review

GoOffers Affiliate Network  is a leading CPA (Cost Per action) affiliate network that specializes in running various different offers, including mobile, finance, health, free trials, email submits, etc… At GoOffers, there are many things that differentiates us from the rest. For one, we don’t only claim that we have the best converting offers, at the highest payouts, we prove it.

Unlike other networks, most of our offers are direct from the advertiser. What does that mean to you? Well, there is no middleman chipping away at your payouts, which means, more money in your pocket. GoOffers is not claiming to be the best affiliate network out there, we will leave that decision up to you.

Executive Fortunes

executive fortunes review

Executive Fortunes Affiliate Network is a high volume performance-based affiliate network.

Our mission is to provide Publishers the best support 24/7 and to provide Advertisers high volume traffic and only quality leads. Our account managers work around the clock to ensure that our publishers are always taken care of. We realize that our publishers loyalty is what makes our company successful and we work hard to make sure they are aware of our appreciation. Aside from our reputation for publisher support, our approvals team goes to extreme measures to ensure that no fraudulent activity is accepted into our network. These methods are very expensive and time consuming, however they allow us to provide our Advertisers quality leads to better develop strong relationships with both our Advertisers and Publishers.

We guarantee that all affiliates will enjoy working with Executive Fortunes. If an affiliate does not like an aspect of our network, there will be no hesitation to change it to better suit their needs

Affiliate Network Details
Featured Campaigns:, Acai Berry Plus, World Cup Players Survey, Bahamas Cruise, Twilight Eclipse,
Commission Type: CPA(Cost Per Action), CPL(Cost Per Lead), CPS(Cost Per Sale)
Numbers of Offers: 100+
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Frequency: Monthly/  Biweekly
Payment Method: Wire/ Cheque/ PayPal
Referral Commission: 5%
AIM: Tyler Hamilton
Telephone: 203-764-2929
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partnerweekly review

PartnerWeekly Affiliate Network  is a CPA Affiliate Network Specializing in Exclusive Financial Verticals. At PartnerWeekly, we provide the Internet’s most powerful strategic performance marketing solutions to find and acquire customers in numerous verticals. Thoroughly tested and highly optimized, our unique, exclusive offers yield outstanding results and revenue for advertisers and publishers. Our industry-leading offers generate consumer exposure targeted with pinpoint accuracy for exceptional response rates.

PartnerWeekly provides its publishers a relationship with a dedicated service team committed to propelling your success. These “Affiliate Managers” proactively provide you with recommendations on the best performing offers, and work with you as a true partner, understanding and trying to help you grow your business.


infinetads review

InfinetAds Affiliate Network has 5 years of experience and knowledge in the Affiliate Marketing Business. From day one our affiliate managers are close with all affiliate marketers with one on one personal time. With InfinetADs you will get the very best in campaign assistance in this industry. We offer many exclusive offers that no other Networks can provide. Our tracking interface is simple and complex with fast tracking converting offers.

InfinetADs succeeds to give our Affiliates the highest payouts possible in the industry. As long as our affiliate marketers are happy we are happy! We offer dedicated, professional service that is available 24/7 Providing you with full assistance whenever you need it.


offershot review

OfferShot Affiliate Network The Internet can be challenging. At OfferShot, we make it simple. With over 15 years of experience, we have the knowledge, experience, and capabilities to make it work for you. We will help you utilize the Internet to it’s full potential. We are primarily an e-commerce marketing firm, providing a seamless combination of resources to successfully create companies and move products online.

At our very core, are business accelerators – we will take your product and explode it online. Now you can streamline your marketing efforts with our full service capabilities. Choose the one source that can do it all! We do not have a long list of fees. We work on a performance based commission so we don’t make money until you do. Our collaborative approach will make you feel like we are an extension of your own internal team.

CPA Prosperity

cpa prosperity review

CPA Prosperity Affiliate Network is a performance-based ad network focused primarily on direct response advertising and Cost-Per-Action marketing. Founded in 2009 by a group of investors with a simple goal in mind, to facilitate and provide marketing solutions for both advertisers and publishers alike, based on the concept of being a medium of high quality publishers and advertisers alike, looking to gain a competitive edge by harnessing the power of internet marketing.

CPA Prosperity provides the highest level of customer support, on time payouts, and up to the minute, state of the art tracking for all campaigns. We have exclusive offers that you simply will not find anywhere else on the internet.

Affiliate Network Details
Featured Campaigns: Leanspa with Acai, Your Internet Profits II, Pure Cleanse, Free Apple Ipad, Dermitage Skin
Commission Type: CPA(Cost Per Action), CPL(Cost Per Lead), CPS(Cost Per Sale)
Numbers of Offers: 170+
Minimum Payment: $100
Payment Frequency: Monthly/ Weekly/  Biweekly
Payment Method: Wire/ Cheque/ PayPal
Referral Commission: 2%
AIM: CPAProsperity
Telephone: 404-941-5550
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leadflash review

LeadFlash Affiliate Network  specializes in financial lead generation, and our affiliate campaigns are designed and tested to maximize your earning potential. By dealing directly with the lenders and specialists in each vertical, we provide you with the highest returns on your web traffic.

LeadFlash owns and operates the highest quality network of payday lead generation websites, guaranteeing the best returns for our affiliates. Our Affiliates experience both the highest conversion rates and payouts. LeadFlash provides real-time stats, allowing them to make the critical choices needed to increase revenue. Our experienced staff provides around-the-clock support, ensuring their success.

If you are looking to monetize your traffic with Payday Loan Offers, LeadFlash is the answer! Run the hottest Payday Loan Offers on the net and earn up to $100 per lead or more with your quality traffic!


adfish review

AdFish Affiliate Network  is a division of Trancos, Inc., a privately held media marketing company with headquarters based in Redwood City, California. Trancos has been ranked No. 90 on Inc. Magazines Annual List of America’s 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies.

AdFish is experts in the publishing industry. We know your needs and how to most effectively meet them. Let us leverage our knowledge to make business just a little simpler for you. AdFish is dedicated to your success because we share common interests. Our focus is to deliver reliable results that meet and exceed your expectations. You can count on us, this time and every time.

The Web Gem Network

webgem review

The Web Gem Affiliate Network  ( is one of the top affiliate networks that you have never heard of. Are you are an experienced affiliate marketer? Maybe just someone looking to make some cash on the side? Either way, The Web Gem Network has everything you need in an affiliate network.

We offer the absolute highest payout to all of our affiliates. If you are big or small, The Web Gem Network will get you the highest payout. If you don’t like payout, ask me for a higher one! Affiliate Marketing Solutions has exclusive high-performing offers, optimized creatives, fastest payouts and unsurpassed affiliate-friendly service.

Amped Media

amped media review

Amped Media Affiliate Network performance based (CPA) Affiliate Network is aimed at offering a better solution to Affiliates. By working to offer the best solutions, Amped Media is here to ensure that Affiliates receive the dedicated service they deserve that helps ensure their profitability.

Enjoy a vast selection of quality, pre-tested campaigns (600+) at industry leading payouts, accelerated on-time commission payments, 5% Super Affiliate Bonus for life and much more.

Affiliate Network Details
Featured Campaigns: Health Master Premium, The Week Magazine, BioEnergiser, Lady Extenze, Gevalia, Email Submit, Zip Submit
Commission Type: CPA(Cost Per Action), CPL(Cost Per Lead), CPS(Cost Per Sale)
Numbers of Offers: 635+
Minimum Payment: $25
Payment Frequency: Weekly/  Biweekly
Payment Method: Wire/ Cheque/ PayPal
Referral Commission: 5%
AIM: Jonathan Gies, Ross Adair, Victoria Fraley,
Edward Murray, Megan Stankiewicz, Nicole Gies
Telephone: 321-549-0660
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Diablo Media

diablomedia review

Diablo Media Affiliate Network  is a high volume performance-based affiliate network. Our cutting edge, performance-based lead generation solutions are revolutionizing the online advertising industry. Diablo Media works with an exclusive list of quality Advertisers to ensure that Publishers monetize their traffic and advertising inventory. We offer the most competitive Cost-per-Action (CPA) rates to all our Publishers.

* Diablo Media takes the lowest margins and guarantee the highest payouts
* Our superior technology provides real-time tracking and statistical analysis
* Diablo Media works only with offers that we know convert so you make money and maximize your ad inventory
* Service with a smile! Our friendly and knowledgeable Account Managers are readily available to help you with all your campaign questions.

Moss Affiliate Marketing

mossaffiliatemarketing review

Moss Affiliate Marketing Network  is a company that believes in the power of the affiliate. Building on over 10 years of hands on experience driving many a multi-million dollar affiliate programs, Paul Moss created Moss Affiliate Marketing with the concept of profitability and scalability. For the affiliate, fair and profitable affiliate programs that pay well and are easy to manage.

At Moss Affiliate Marketing we know the power of the Affiliate. Your success is our success. The programs are simple and profitable. We pay on time. We listen when you give us feedback. Moss Affiliate Marketing is adding new programs every day. Contact Us and one of our Affiliate Gurus to help you understand what programs will be the best for your site.

Affiliate Venture Group

affiliate venture group review

 Affiliate Venture Group Network located in downtown Wilmington, Delaware is comprised of a team of experienced and long term, online marketing professionals. You will enjoy our unique and exclusive offers, the highest payouts on all the BEST sites.

Affiliate Venture Group‘s experienced and dedicated Affiliate Managers can help you optimize your traffic to gain the highest possible earning potential. This type of specialized attention is rare and unique in this industry. We stand by our affiliates and make sure you are paid on time! We pride ourselves in being available to meet your needs via phone, instant message or email.

CPA Bounty

cpa bounty review

CPA Bounty Affiliate Network welcomes all publishers to work with us on long terms. We have unique and high paying offers with highly inventive tools to facilitate our publishers.

CPA Bounty makes all possible effort to keep our affiliates/publishers engaged with us for a longer period of time. From Sales to Lead Generation to Brand Development – our proven media avenues guarantee the largest reach and fastest ROI in the industry.

Direct Agents

directagents review

Direct Agents Affiliate Network  is an interactive advertising agency that specializes in online performance marketing and media buying services. Whether increasing brand awareness or growing online sales, Direct Agents Performance Network delivers profitable results for our advertiser and publisher partners.

At Direct Agents, we view publishers as partners and strive to provide them with the resources, support and technology that ensure optimal performance and maximum revenue potential. Direct Agents works with many of the Internet’s largest advertisers, and helps to manage and create high converting, quality campaigns. Benefit from our highly experienced support team, continuous campaign optimization and access to thousands of top converting campaigns.

Qwik Media

qwik media review

Qwik Media Affiliate Network Is based in Victoria, BC, Qwik Media is a privately owned, integrated affiliate marketing company. The company builds successful performance-based marketing campaigns that help online advertisers and Fortune 1000 companies sell their products and generate high quality leads.

Qwik Media values their affiliates and as a leader in Performance Based Marketing we help publishers maximize revenue and profits from their traffic on a CPA and CPL basis. We offer high payouts and outstanding service. Sign up and start earning commissions today.


directroi review

DirectROI Affiliate Network  delivers to you the true impact of digital marketing aligned to your ROi. Our international affiliate network has been referred to as the trusted network amongst affiliates and advertisers space since 1998. We are the financial network of choice for publishers, affiliates, and networks. The team at DirectROi continually produces the newest, hottest and highest converting offers in the market.

DirectROi is currently generating leads and sales in the US and UK markets for: Specialty finance, Business to Business, Automotive, Home Improvement, Health, and Education. A great team of experienced marketers supports the DirectROi network. We have dedicated affiliate managers, marketing experts, technical staff and in house design team.


adspotnetwork review

AdSpotNetwork Affiliate Network  is an Perfomance based Marketing Agency and a CPA network, AdSpotNetwork is run and managed by Veterans Internet Marketer who strives to change the industry norms and take a internet marketing experience to new level with actively focusing on Both quality and quantity.

Benefits of ASN:

» Bi-weekly Payments Off the Bat
» 1500 Campaigns to choose
» Personalized Support
» Guaranteed Highest Payouts
» Precise Tracking System [110% shaveless]


endeavorads review

EndeavorAds Affiliate Network  is an invite / referral only Affiliate Ad Network with a unique offering for its trusted clients. Endeavor’s partners, advertisers, and publishers will reap the rewards of the company’s long-standing industry relationships.

Standing out in this highly competitive field, Endeavor Ads seeks to revolutionize the Performance Marketing space by building unique lead-gen offers targeted at the rapidly growing baby-boomer niche. With exclusive properties and brands, Endeavor goes beyond traditional network services to provide strategic data-monetization plans for it’s clients.

Located in sunny Santa Monica, California, Endeavor Ads is named to reflect their relentless dedication to success. With enthusiasm and without excuses, we endeavor to bring you the best of online advertising at the best value.

For partnership considerations, please visit and contact a rep today!


adcommunal review

AdCommunal Affiliate Network  is a performance based online marketing provider for advertisers, publishers and online affiliates. With many years of online marketing experience working closely with various Advertisers, CPA networks, and Publishers, Ad Communal was able to identify opportunities for improvement within the current system, and work with affiliates and advertisers to provide a better solution.

Ad Communal’s mission is to provide a marketplace where Affiliates can leverage group volumes to get the highest possible payout, and therefore, to attain the highest ROI from their online marketing initiatives, while providing Advertisers with high quality leads.


fluxads review

FluxAds Affiliate Network  is an idustry leading pay per performance affiliate network. Established in 2004, FluxAds continues to grow and evolve as the internet marking world continues to be everchanging. It’s not just a clearinghouse for a variety of interchangeable offers, but a place where carefully selected offers and proven publishers meet to help each other succeed. At Flux Advertising, we believe in customer service, quality product and careful management. Our goal is not to refine affiliate marketing, but to recreate it.

As a FluxAds Affiliate you’ll have access to the ‘Net’s top performing offers and most competitive payouts. Best of all, you will be assigned a FluxAds Account Manager that will sit down with you and learn everything about your company’s ONLINE reach, audience, and inventory so that they can guide you to the promotions and offers that will be the best fit for you.


firelead review

Firelead Affiliate Network, If you are looking for top affiliate programs, you have come to the right place. We deliver excellent service and support for our partners. We are an ad network that cares.

Join the Firelead Affiliate Network and get paid with the highest payouts and the most exclusive offers. We have experienced and highly trained industry professionals dedicated to helping you achieve. We offer performance tier payout increases for every campaign, and frequent contests for prizes! Join Now! Let’s Make money from your website traffic.


mundomedia review

MundoMedia Affiliate Network is a performance-based online advertising network that delivers amazing results for its Advertisers, is easy to manage and provides highly profitable revenue streams for its Publishers. MUNDO Media manages this marketplace of online Publishers eager to generate revenue by promoting products and Advertisers wishing to acquire new customers.

MUNDO Media‘s proprietary technology and developments allow us to lead the way in global direct marketing to bring top publishers and advertisers together in one synergistic flow and connecting partners together both internationally and regionally for optimal results.


pointclicktrack review

PointClickTrack Affiliate Network (Incentive Friendly) is a PointClick, LLC Company. PointClickTrack offers both incentive and nonincentive advertising as it is our goal to meet your needs whatever they may be. We offer real time lead tracking and a responsive support team day or night.

With PointClickTrack you will not only generate great commissions but you join a family offering incredible support to help you reach your profit goals. Ask us how we do it. We will link you with the advertisers that understand your business. It is our goal that all parties experience success in a partnership with PointClickTrack.


vancead review

VanceAd Affiliate Network business model focuses on delivering quality traffic to reputable Advertisers. Publishers advance with proven quality. We offer dedicated support that is available when you need it. Our design team has years of experience with creative design. Tell us your needs and we will design it for you. We also offer timely payments ranging from NET30 to weekly based on volume and quality. We have many campaigns that have are high converting and report well. We offer a realtime click tracking system to get instant results.

Advance with VanceAd. Be supported and guided. Our goal is to deliver quality traffic to advertisers and reward publishers with amazing revenue. Growth with us today. See what VanceAd can do for you.

Cash University

cash university revi

Cash University Affiliate Network is proud to provide our affiliates with the best support, highest paying offers and weekly pay! We are a CPA network that focuses on advertising a multitude of offers on every possible vertical. We have your mainstream offers, and we will even beat other networks payouts on any offer.


leadbolt review

LeadBolt Affiliate Network  content unlocking technologies are simple, easy to install and provide publishers with a revolutionary approach to making real money from their website traffic or website content! Once you have signed up you will have access to our publisher portal to instantly set up and run LeadBolt’s technologies on your website. It takes just 3 steps with our publisher setup wizard.

Tired of the minimal payouts your site is receiving from text ads or banner campaigns when your website has high visitor ratios? You can do better! LeadBolt’s content unlocking technologies are transforming the internet for publishers by delivering real payouts for their real and original content. Most importantly, we understand the business of web marketing and our unique user matching technologies and exclusive programs will provide you one of the highest paying pay-per-conversion publisher programs. Free $25 Promo Code: WSO25

Affiliate Network Details
Featured Campaigns: High converting exclusive surveys
Commission Type: CPA(Cost Per Action), CPL(Cost Per Lead), CPS(Cost Per Sale)
Numbers of Offers: 120+
Minimum Payment: $100
Payment Frequency: Monthly/ Weekly/  Biweekly
Payment Method: Wire/ PayPal
Referral Commission: 10% PROFIT FOR LIFE
AIM: Skype: “LeadboltMIKE” & “LeadboltMatt”
AIM: LeadboltMike
Telephone: +1 310-993-0906
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Market Leverage

market leverage review

Market Leverage Affiliate Network is one of the web’s largest CPA networks. We enable web Advertisers and web Publishers to harness the power of performance marketing.

Market Leverage Publishers enjoy higher payouts on hundreds of different advertisements while getting the best customer service in the performance marketing industry. Our experienced team of Publisher managers are trained to help our Publishers earn more money from their website, search engine and email marketing efforts. We have the best offer payouts, rapid payments to Publishers, and have the highest paying rewards program in the industry.


DankCash review

DankCash Affiliate Network is a fresh and committed global performance-based CPA (Cost-Per-Action) Network that never stops growing. We are a dedicated group of individuals with a common goal; to help you reach your maximum potential as a publisher or advertiser in the online marketing industry. We know that there are many choices when it comes to finding the right network, but we’re confident that by choosing us you will not only meet your expectations be it increasing your profits as an affiliate or making sure your next advertising campaign is a hit, we will surpass them.

Sign up today and start making money with DankCash.


Cpatrend review

CpaTrend Affiliate Network is a top notch performance-based Internet Marketing company that thrives upon the success of our advertisers and affiliates. CPATrend is extremely proud of our industry best support team, our extremely high paying offers and campaigns, as well as our prompt Net-15 payments.

Working alongside CPATrend will not only be a very profitable experience for both advertisers and affiliates, but it will also be a pleasant experience dealing with our friendly, and eager to help staff.

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getads review

GetAds Affiliate Network offers top payouts, exclusive offers and the highest customer service in the industry. Here at GetAds, we take our combined years of experience in the Affiliate Marketing industry and leverage those relationships. In doing so we are able to offer direct offers, competitive payouts, custom payout structure and a dedicated management team.

GetAds is committed to helping our publishers generate revenue and take their business to the next level. Here at GetAds, WE GET IT! Everyone on staff has been in this industry for several years and will be able to provide top level service to each and every publisher which will include industry knowledge, great customer service, top offers and the best payouts.


MaxBounty Review

MaxBounty Affiliate Network is your doorway to hundreds of high converting, top paying advertising campaigns, all easily found in seconds with our proprietary network interface.

Whether your marketing efforts are through websites, search, contextual or email, partnering with MaxBounty is like having an experienced ad salesman on your staff. Let us help you maximize your ad revenue. We earn when you earn. Because of this, we’re on constant watch for new trends and sign the best new ad campaigns. We target campaigns with generous competitive payouts and high conversions.