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T3 Leads

t3leads review

T3 Leads Affiliate Network is a premier and unique concept marketer that produces bigger profits for you. Whether you are experienced or new to affiliate marketing, T3Leads unique program delivers cutting-edge efficiency to you.

For Affiliates our program rewards you for your traffic, paying you for each customer sent to us when they respond to your offers of qualified products and services. Are you looking to expand or add other streams of income? We help you win with high per lead payouts and repeat customer orders that give you residual income. T3Leads lifetime customer order tracking technology pays you for the life of your account. We pay based on each valid entry form submitted. That means you, the Affiliate, will receive the highest earnings in the industry.

The T3Leads Pay Per Lead affiliate program is exciting and profitable with the best performing offers. We help you in 2 focal points of the lead generation process. First by looking at the leads generated, we suggest website and banner development so you can raise the effectiveness of your affiliate pay per lead campaign. Second, we give you what you need to optimize your landing page. Earnings are credited to your account through our lifetime tracking system.

MG Cash

mgcash review

MG Cash Affiliate Network delivers online content and monetization solutions for small to mid-sized web publishers, and keyword-based online advertising solutions for direct-response and ecommerce marketers. We offer a variety of products and solutions that consistently produce high ROI for our advertisers and partners.

MGCash has a new content locker with a few features that you may have not seen before. MGCash continually invests in technology innovation to keep pace with the rapidly changing online marketplace.

Web Sponsors

websponsors review

Web Sponsors Affiliate Network ValueClick Media (Websponsors) is one of the largest and most comprehensive online advertising networks, reaching over 74% of the U.S. Internet audience across more than 13,500 quality sites whose web-based and registration path inventory is represented on both an exclusive and non-exclusive basis.

For publishers, ValueClick Media serves as a strategic partner, offering a national sales force and a comprehensive set of tools and services to earn the highest possible revenue from every type of online advertising inventory.

Websponsors (ValueClick Media Lead Generation Affiliate Network) is proud to announce the re-launch of the best-in-breed lead generation platform. The network is the pre-eminent marketplace for direct marketing advertisers and publishers – offering the highest quality results, superior account services and innovative technologies in the market today.

Dating Gold

datinggold review

Dating Gold Affiliate Network is an Online Dating and Webcam Affiliate Program. DatingGold will work great with almost any traffic source you have such as Exit Traffic, 404, Search Engine traffic or GEOIP Banners and Text Links. We have the best and newest promotional tools around to make you the most money possible.

This program will not interfere with your adult programs, nor will it bring unnecessary attention to your mainstream sites. You can send clicks, exit traffic, 404′s or whatever you like. If you haven’t tried a Dating sponsor or our programs to date, then you are missing out on a huge earning potential!

JOIN today and you can be live and making cash within minutes with our industry-leading promotional tools and free content. The rest is up to you!

Superior Revenue

superiorrmn review

Superior Revenue Affiliate Network is a fast growing, performance based Affiliate Marketing Network. We have highly trained & experienced Affiliate Managers that will be able to assist you excede all of your online advertising goals. We strive to bring you excellent service, quality results, and are constantly creating new ways to generate a greater revenue as both an Advertiser & Publisher.

Our network focuses on CPA (cost-per action) advertising. This specific form of online advertising takes out all risk from any form of fraudulent activity. Along with targeting the most appropriate consumers for their desired product or service. Our tracking platform is well known, and respected in the affiliate marketing industry. It is also one of the most efficient ways of managing, and optimizing advertising campaigns to date.

We appreciate all of our relationships with our affiliates more than anything else. Our goal is supplying our innovative, hard-working publishers with the most competitive payouts, to go with the most exclusive advertising campaigns. Along with around the clock technical support to assist with any comments, questions, concerns, etc. We also make it a priority to supply our highly respected, genuine advertisers with 100% CAN SPAM free, high volume, quality traffic , & zero risk guaranteed.

If you feel as if you would be able to benefit from our high performance based affiliate marking network then we encourage you to sign up today to begin increasing your revenue with us!

Syndik8ed Media

syndik8ed review

Syndik8ed Media Affiliate Network is an revolutionary, private social media network based on a business model that puts ethics, transparency, and relationships ahead of the bottom line. Entering the market as a private network allows us to offer quality publishers and advertisers the exclusivity they deserve. Being designed on a custom proprietary tracking system affords us the ability to provide an adaptable, customized tracking solution for our client base and makes it easy to adapt to this ever-changing industry based on our clients feedback. Our content gateway’s technology is the most advanced, fastest gateway in the marketplace and was designed for high volume traffic from the ground up. The entire network rests on Google App Engine allowing us the same speed, security and scalability that Google has. Couple all of this with having a support staff with global reach and 7 day a week availability means you get the best of all worlds.

Smart E offers

smarteoffers review

Smart E offers Affiliate Network Welcome to Smart-E-Offers Networks, don’t be shy! Here at Smart-E-Offers we love the idea of connecting with like-minded business partners and welcoming them to join us in our mission of achieving larger-than-life results. Advertisers enjoy Smart-E-Offers because we produce results. It’s that simple. If you have a product or an idea, give us a shout and we’ll guide you through doorways of proven success and ramp up your ad campaigns.

Whether here for monetizing their websites, newsletters, or paid search efforts Smart E offers‘s Publishers can be 100% positive they are getting the highest payouts and every tool needed to reach a maximum ROI.

Fusion ROI

fusionroi review

Fusion ROI Affiliate Network specialize in helping out each and every publisher and helping them grow their business. We are easy to get a hold of, have hundreds of great offers in multiple niches and will always get our publishers backs for whatever it is.

Payment Terms:
A lot of people ask when they signup to our network. What are our payment terms. Well, basically we pay each and every publisher WEEKLY. Unless, we feel uncomfortable with your traffic – Then we will be getting a little suspicious and holding off payment. We pay VIA PayPal, Check, Wire.

Reach us:
We are easy to be reached. Email us, call us, chat with us – You got it. Go to our Contact Page for more information.


atrinsic review

Atrinsic Affiliate Network Welcome to Atrinsic Affiliate Network (Formerly RocketProfit), one of the fastest growing affiliate marketing programs on the Internet! Atrinsic is publicly traded on NASDAQ (ATRN). So you can be confident in the accuracy of your stats and your commission payments. Atrinsic Affiliate Network includes all of the hottest offers on the web, as well as a wide array of exclusive, proprietary deals such as, GatorArcade, PrizeAmerica, MassiveMp3, GroupLotto, Paid Marketing Panel, LoveFreeGames, Deposit Slip Sweeps, Imatchup and Paid Surveys Unlimited.

The Atrinsic Affiliate Network offers the tools you need to promote our Advertisers and optimize your campaigns based on network performance. Experience the difference with a feature set allowing you to measure yourself against your peers, customize your dashboards and view live site statistics!


cpaboss review

CPA BOSS Affiliate Network a CashVille Media LLC company, is a revolutionary affiliate network with the drive to succeed. We cater to advertisers using state of the art approaches for acquiring a high quantity of customers without relinquishing the quality. We maintain a tight-knit relationship with our publishers and afford them the opportunity for online marketing campaigns which are paramount for optimal success. We nurture long term relationships with our business partners using a second to none support staff.

CPABOSS provides publishers with opportunities to partner with leading advertisers while having access to numerous links and offers. If you desire to become an affiliate with CPABOSS, you may use this form below to submit an application to us. All applications are reviewed, and please make sure all information is accurate before submitting. Please note that we do contact each applicant in order to validate promotional methods and identity.

Health Converter

healthconverter review

Health Converter Affiliate Network is the premier Health & Beauty Affiliate Program on the internet with the largest selection of exclusive and top paying offers. We offer the highest affiliate payouts in the health and beauty vertical along with the best tracking software in our industry, hasoffers. If you have a web site and are interested in making money off the explosive sales in the health and beauty industry, then is perfect for you.

The Health Converter affiliate network offers include products in the health, beauty, supplement, and weight loss industries. We also have a wide selection of Free Trial, Skin Care, and Colon Health offers that can be accessed once you’re an affiliate.

Dh2Bux Network

dh2bux review

Dh2Bux Affiliate Network is a leading performance based affiliate network founded in April by affiliate for affiliate. Our goal is simply to provide a trustworthy CPA network that has more offers, quicker payments and a dedicated team to help you succeed, Currently, we have 5 hundreds of active offers and 6 full time employees to help our affiliates and manage our daily operations.

Unlike other networks, DH2BUX NETWORK enforces a 0 shaving policy and pays Net-30 to all our affiliates. Being affiliates ourselves, we understand how quickly the affiliate space changes and we actively update our network with new offers to keep you profitable. To sum it up, DH2BUX NETWORK makes affiliates rich.


ecomleads review

eComLeads Affiliate Network works extremely hard to provide the best affiliate program to our partners. Our program offers the highest payout and easiest conversions. Not only that, but we have the highest quality of professional affiliate program management behind our program at For publishers those options include how much you get paid and how to further monetize your mailings via eComLeads‘s secondary revenue stream program, ResponseOffers.

Delux Networks

deluxnetworks review

Delux Networks Affiliate Network is a fast growing next generation online advertising Network allowing publishers to earn extra money from their online campaigns. Delux Networks affiliate Network allows publishers to choose different types campaigns from 100s of advertisers.

DeluxNetworks is dedicated to get the highest converting ad campaigns & advertisers on the web. This helps our publishers to earn extra profits they deserve and keep our advertisers happy knowing they will receive continued quality traffic.

Net Partner

netpartner review

Net Partner Affiliate Network is a global leading performance based affiliate network company. We provide excellent service, bring quality results and develop sustainable relationships with our advertisers and publishers. The result is a sleepless market place. We have the best publisher network and elite affiliate marketing professionals ready for your online advertising business. Choosing NetPartner is responding to simple, quick and quality results in online advertising.

NetPartner provides a vast network for Publishers to find the best offers, from the top domestic and international advertisers, for their (web, email and search listing) advertising space with performance based revenue. Our goal at NetPartner is to provide good traffic performance for our advertisers and at the same time generating high profits for our publishers.

CPA Nation

cpanation review

CPA Nation Affiliate Network is a performance-based ad network focused direct response advertising. As a premier affiliate network we believe in quality first and realize we have three customers that must at all times be top priority. Our Publishers get high converting offers with impeccably enticing creative to earn the maximum eCPMs, as well as, fast payments. Consumers need clear messages and reputable products so they become lifetime customers who become advertiser’s best form of marketing.

Rather than creating a network of 100’s of thousands of affiliates we pride ourselves by being selective with which publishers are allowed into our program. We work daily with each publisher to reduce fraud and increase advertiser results. Advertisers, Publishers and Consumers all deserve flawless service and a strong value proposition. Through relationships, superior technology and hard work CPA Nation’s dedicated team creates long lasting highly profitable relationships.

AsSeenOnPC Network

AsSeenOnPC Network Review

AsSeenOnPC Affiliate Network provides platforms ranging from exclusive inventories to proprietary technologies in order to fully maximize a publisher’s success as a top performer. Working with the industry’s largest advertisers, including many Fortune 500 companies, AsSeenOnPC gives publishers access to quality and exclusive offers that guarantee the highest returns.

AsSeenOnPC Network will work with its publishers to find the best payment plan for each individual. Publishers can apply for weekly payouts and select from several payment methods. And, payouts will always be paid in a timely manner. Differentiating itself from other networks, AsSeenOnPC takes it upon themselves to ensure each campaign is optimized to its full potential before it’s given to publishers – guaranteeing higher returns.

CPA Promotion

cpapromotion review

CPA Promotion Affiliate Network is an expert of performing-based online marketing network. We realized your need so we can satisfy all of your marketing goals. Whether you are a publisher or an advertiser, we are here to help you with a solution for your marketing plan. Since the online advertising network has becoming more competitive, we strive ourselves to excel in customer service and support.

CPApromotion is one of the best affiliate networks. We support you enthusiastically from 10 am to 5 pm Nevada/California time by phone/email/chat. Your problems/question will be answer shortly. We understand that payment is the most important things so we try our best to make you happy. We guarantee to pay on time for weekly or monthly even your commission is $50. Also, competitive payout from our network is the best way to attract our affiliates.


AechMedia review

AechMedia Affiliate Network is a full service affiliate network specializing in providing targeted verticals for both CPA and CPL based offers. AechMedia stands for “Offering Just Quality” as such they predicate all offers placed on the network with industry expertise and testing to cut down on your prospecting time.

Publishers work with AechMedia because they love the accessibility of their affiliate manager and their ability to acquire the offers that they want to promote. AechMedia is well known for offering a wide variety of high paying offers to help publishers increased ROI whether it be through a website, search engine optimization, email marketing, media buys, or social media.

High Profit Media

highprofitmedia review

High Profit Media Affiliate Network is a cpa network consisting of top converting offers which are guaranteed to provide you highest conversion rates and great ROI. At High Profit Media you will find offers in all verticals ranging from dating to free trials. We accept publishers from all countries and will pay bi-weekly to all our affiliates without any threshold.

High Profit Media welcomes all webmasters,media buyers, to join our network and start making money. We guarantee to provide top-notch affiliate support along with great payouts.

» Higher payouts.
» 3% referral commission.
» Real time and accurate tracking.
» Top converting offers.
» Forget net30, send traffic to our offers and get paid twice a month!

Ad Max Offers

admaxoffers review

Ad Max Offers Affiliate Network is a Private Affiliate Network & subsidiary of Ideas Marketing, based in Metro Atlanta Georgia. AdMaxOffers is built for affiliates, by affiliates, so we are dedicated to accuracy, reliability, security and stability.

As a premier lead generation network, AdMaxOffers values strong affiliates, because they’re what make us better! AdMaxOffers provides Affiliates and Publishers 24 hour Customer Service 7 days a week and state of the art security features for true real time accuracy. Join AdMaxOffers and experience a sophisticated, globally connected affiliate network that helps you focus on earning the max!

Market Health

markethealth review

Market Health Affiliate Network Established in 1998 and formerly known as , Market Health is now the world’s largest integrated online marketing company in the health and beauty industry. The Market Health Affiliate Network allows you to market and promote the world’s leading health and beauty offers on the net. The Market Health Network is a global leader in the health and beauty industry offering a wide variety of business opportunities for our affiliates and merchants. Our goal is simple…To help merchants and affiliates work together in growing both of their businesses in the health and beauty industry.

CPA Earn

cpa earn review

CPA Earn Affiliate Network is one of the leading performance-based advertising networks that joins together strong affiliates and superb online advertisers through strategicly monitored advertising.

Why work with CPA Earn over other networks? It’s simple, CPA Earn delivers… We deliver optimal customer service and has the skill to prove it. We work with you to build your marketing campaign, manage and recruit affiliates and track the results all from one simple platform. Our clients appriciate our oath to client relationships, quality leads, and superior technology.


dmediapower review

Dmediapower Affiliate Network is a online advertising marketing company, providing full-service, results-focused solutions. Its division is a performance-based affiliate network that aims to provide all affiliates and merchants best service. We are experienced affiliate managers, we have exclusive offers, and we are always hunting for high payout good offers.

Revenue Loop

revenueloop review

Revenue Loop Affiliate Network is an online advertising network for publishers and advertisers. RevenueLoop’s quality campaigns are your ticket to increasing revenue from your website and its content. Our campaigns are tested and researched, ensuring maximum conversion rates and long-term growth on all ends. We work closely with our advertisers to ensure quality ad content for exposure to diverse audiences, while providing a 100% real-time, accurate tracking system.

RevenueLoop is the 1st and Only Transparent Affiliate Network. All of our Advertiser Payouts are visible to our Publishers. We hold nothing back. Now all Publishers receive 100% of RevenueLoop’s Advertiser Payout on every offer less a Flat service fee based on the Monthly Volume you, the Publisher, produce.

Our highly knowledgeable affiliate managers are available to give you personalized service, with along-term success in mind. At Revenueloop, our partnerships become your partnerships!

ROI Rocket

roirocket review

ROI Rocket Affiliate Network is on the cutting edge with its new distribution channel for marketing offers on the web. We are a ground-breaking leader in the affiliate marketing world where we connect the Large Advertiser with the Innovative Publisher. With the latest technology in place, we track the deals, ensuring that publishers are paid on time and advertisers are sent the appropriate traffic for their product or service.

Publishers run the gamut of small to large web property owners that are willing to promote the advertiser’s offers, realizing the dollars that can be earned can be substantial due to the amount of traffic that see the ads on their website. Become a publisher with ROI Rocket and start earning $$$!


ymultimedia review

Ymultimedia Affiliate Network was founded by Amish Shah and Jose Rivera and is a division of Digispace Solutions. Both of these guys are super affiliates themselves. They understand the offers, the market, and the business better than anyone I know. yMultimedia focuses on value throughout our networks. They work with only the best advertisers, and give them the resources to get even better. That means they always have a full pipeline of exclusive and high-quality offers to match your needs, and it means that the relationships they help create are both long-lasting and mutually beneficial.

yMultimedia gives all our publishers access to a long list of proprietary technologies, like Hexatrack, to give you every opportunity to optimize your content, and increase your profits. As marketers themselves, experts in the latest strategies and tactics, they’re also available to offer any guidance you may needs.

Direct Leads

directleads review

Direct Leads Affiliate Network As one of the first CPA Networks, we understand how to run a high performance affiliate network focused on building profitable long-term relationships—and have been doing it successfully for well over a decade. DirectLeads is built on DirectTrack. With cutting edge capabilities like hybrid “cookie–less” tracking and mobile stats, to our impressive inventory of exclusive high payout premium offers, you’d be hard pressed to find a more progressive affiliate network to partner with.

As one of the “Top 25 Affiliate Networks on the Internet” according to Website Magazine, we take pride in delivering among the highest payouts in the industry across multiple verticals, along with the freshest, most exclusive offers. At DirectLeads, you are never just a number or some anonymous affiliate, but a valued member of our growing team. We want to get to know you, and will work tirelessly to earn your trust, respect and loyalty.

CPA Future

cpa future review

CPA Future Affiliate Network offers you only the top performing campaigns in the industry. We do the research and find the top converting offers to make your job easier. At CPA Future we are more than a network, we are your single and complete marketing resource.

CPA Future gives our affiliates the ability to generate additional income from their website, subscriber lists, search engine marketing programs, and other marketing assets and activities. We also offer a wide variety of benefits and value added services and you won’t find at any other network. To learn more about the benefits of becoming an Affiliate. CPA Future was built with the goal of helping you grow your business and drive revenue. We are truly only successful when you are successful.

Affiliate Network Details
Featured Campaigns: Lots of EDU offers, Gofreecredit, Gevalia, Instyler, Degree Online, Culinary Schools,, Free Score 360, GameFly, and many more.
Commission Type: CPA(Cost Per Action)
Numbers of Offers: 50+
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Frequency: Monthly/ Biweekly
Payment Method: PayPal
Referral Commission: N/A
AIM: Jerry Davis, Kevan Desai, Curtis Smith,
Chris Gayle
Telephone: 647-987-1199
Click Here To Join This Network

Tatto Media

tattomedia review

Tatto Media Affiliate Network was founded in 2005 in Boston, Massachusetts. Since 2005, motivated online marketers have been able to depend on the Tatto Media Performance affiliate network. The affiliate network connects performance-based publishers – affiliates – with exclusive advertisements.

Tatto Media Performance Network uses proprietary optimizing technology to provide publishers with highly optimized offers that generate maximum profit. A user friendly application makes using Tatto Media Performance even better. Depending on your application, it may be automatically approved and you can immediately start earning profit from Tatto Media. If you account is pending after submitting your application, a dedicated account manager will contact you shortly to finalize it and get you live.


adsimilis review

Adsimilis Affiliate Network is a young, highly dynamic company with a passion for online marketing and the tremendous opportunities it presents for advertisers, publishers, agencies and web users in general. With hundreds of advertising and affiliate networks all promising to be the best out there we realize the task of choosing and integrating new parties to work with can be a challenge. Ad networks are not created equal. Let us show you what we do differently and how we’re changing the industry.

Adsimilis creates personal bonds with all affiliates and publishers, both large and small. You form the backbone of our operation. We feel the least we can do is keep you updated at all times and create a forge a strong relationship. We want to help you prosper and will do whatever lies in our power to help you. We will share our success stories and give you unique insight in the industry.

Experience how we’re different. Experience superior payouts, superior communication and superior tracking using three different tracking methods to ensure not a single commission gets lost.


cpa lead review

CPALead Affiliate Network didn’t just revolutionize the CPA industry, we created a new one. With trust and transparency as our mantra, we constantly invent tools to help you make money from your website’s content. You can always expect the best payment options, the highest standard of business and the only CPA community on the Web. With more than 20,000 publishers and counting, the possibilities are endless.

People all over the world choose CPALead. Our trusted CPA network offers the largest selection of incentive based surveys to leverage your content and make money on the Web.

Unique Leads

unique leads review

Unique Leads Affiliate Network is a 9 year old online affiliate marketing network started BY affiliates FOR affiliates. As our founders started out as affiliate marketers and successful MLM marketers over 22 years ago themselves, Unique Leads values partnerships with our select publishing base more than any other company in the business today!

Unique Leads is selective, only 30% of the affiliate applicants get accepted, but to those who are serious about the commitment to affiliate marketing here’s what we do for YOU. After more than a decade in the industry we have a track record of which we are very proud. When you ask around, you’ll find out that we really are unique.

Lead Gains

leadgains review

Lead Gains Affiliate Network LLC is focused on bringing affiliates great offers and to help advertisers increase sales for their product and service. With over 11 years of combined experience we have what it takes to bring your company to the next level. If you are new to affiliate marketing we are here to help you as well, with a dedicated staff trained to help you succeed.

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing industries today! Be sure to join LeadGains to take full advantage of our offers and services.

NDustry Clix

ndemandaffiliates review

NDustry Clix Affiliate Network is a performance-based affiliate network aimed at offering a better solution to internet Affiliates. NDustry Clix strives to earn your business with our competitive rates, excellent customer service, and a vast campaign selection.

With years of experience, you dedicated of representatives will work diligently with you to ensure the best return possible, no matter your traffic type. Our representatives will maintain a positive relationship aimed at remaining your best solution.

Ndemand Affiliates and Ndustry Clix has officially merged as a company.

Pepperjam Network

pepperjam network review

Pepperjam Network Affiliate Network is an industry leading full-service Internet marketing company founded in 1999 by Internet marketing expert Kristopher B. Jones. Unlike other Internet marketing companies that provide management service in only one particular area, Pepperjam Network provides a broad service offering of professional account management and enterprise-level technology across the key online marketing channels of search-engine marketing, affiliate marketing, and online media planning and buying.

Pepperjam Network offers advertisers enterprise level tracking, reporting, and affiliate payment solutions. In addition, Pepperjam Network offers revolutionary monetization tools to advertisers and affiliates, including Pepperjam Ads™, which is a first ever affiliate marketing widget that enables affiliates to deliver contextual advertisements that include marketing messages that you not only create, but can manipulate in real-time to test and refine messages changes.

CPA Underground

cpaunderground review

CPA Underground Affiliate Network At CPA UnderGround, our main focus is to help everyone succeed at their goals. We supply our exclusive advertisers with plenty of High Volume traffic, and for our publishers they get catered with exclusive resources to get the most out of their advertising and revenue. All these are factors that are bound to make everyone successful and Reach Deeper in the Adverting Industry.

At CPA UnderGround we are dedicated to maximizing the revenue of our publisher’s advertising needs. Publishers will gain access to our in house selection and well known, exclusive, high-converting offers, along with top of the line payouts.

High Profits

highprofits review

High Profits Affiliate Network welcomes you to the future of affiliate marketing – and invites you to share in our success! By becoming a member of HighProfits, you will get access to some of the biggest and best converting products of the internet, along with a whole bunch of other great features – we look forward to having you on board!

Inside the HighProfits affiliate area, you will find a rich source of information on all the different internet marketing tools you can use to drive sales and earn commissions. You will find in depth guides on SEO, PPC, e-mail marketing, setting up e-mail squeeze pages and a whole lot more! And if you still need help, then we have a team of experts to help you get the most out of your traffic.

All of our products are owned and maintained by HighProfits, so we know how to get the most out of all the traffic you send. It won’t cost you anything, and we will even give you your own website templates, and show you how you can get them online for free!


ead network review

Ead Affiliate Network is the perfect solution for online publishers whether you are an Email marketer or an Social media marketer we have the perfect solution. We work with the industry’s top advertisers and pulling up the Top offers with Highest Payout possible. If you are tired of running offers that just don’t convert? and we understand you need more. Instead, we promote only top performing offers, and because the majority of the offers we promote are exclusive, and we also assure you the top possible payouts.

Our Marketing Analysts keep constantly evaluating the eCPM and eCPC of the offers in our system, and keep you sending the best source to multiply your revenues. eAdnetwork will never assign you any Manager. Instead you will assign with your personal coach to help you scale your campaign and divert you on the correct path of line of making more revenues.

Profit Kings Media

profit kings media review

Profit Kings Media Affiliate Network treats each and every one of their publishers as a family. Our goal is very simple and direct. Our primary aim is to help you make as much money as possible. ProfitKingsMedia wants to continue being a well-respected, efficient, and exceptional network, and will compete to earn your business by serving you the highest payouts possible, ensuring quality support, and bringing you offers that convert like hotcakes!

No more dealing with tracking software that goes down. Check your stats in real time with powerful analytical reporting. Sign up with Profit Kings Media today and let’s make money together. Your application will be reviewed and approved within 1 business day upon acceptance.


adsdirect review

AdsDirect Affiliate Network At, we understand that online marketing is a balance between art and science. Not only do we aim to be the best, we have a deep understanding of what we are best at. Our obsessive drive and focus ensure that we develop the best CPA offers in the industry.

At Ads Direct Media, we treat our affiliates and publishers as partners. Our mission is to provide our partners with industry leading offers to help them maximize their earnings on their traffic campaigns.

As an invite only Agency, AdsDirect is committed to growing our partners not taking from them. Our dedicated Partner Managers are highly experienced and are available to assist in all manners to guarantee successful campaigns.


jointal review

Jointal Affiliate Network is a Cost Per Acquisition Network based in Los Angeles, California. We are committed to pairing up advertisers to the best possible publisher in order to maximize capital.

Our Advertisers are just as important as any employee working for Jointal so we will look out for your investment as if were ours. We have the experience and ambition of a big company, yet we treat our Advertisers and Affiliate alike, as if we were a family business.

We strive to be more than just an intermediate company between Advertisers and Publishers. We want to be involved in helping create your success. With years of experience in online/offline marketing we have the capability to take you there.

Eflow Media

eflow media review

Eflow Media Affiliate Network: Whether you are looking to expand your exisitng client base or Top offers to promote on your affiliate channel, Eflow Ads is here! We have multiple years of experience to help you achieve the highest ROI possible. We Offer: Top Advertisers in the industry, Competitive Payouts, Full transparency of offer performance and Most accurate tracking industry wide. Are you looking for high level branded offers for your publisher channel? eFlow Media is here to help!

* Top Advertisers in the industry
* Competitive Payouts
* Full transparency of offer performance
* Most accurate tracking industry wide

CPA Ocean

cpa ocean review

CPA Ocean Affiliate Network is a fastest growing affiliate network. Our network has best top performing offers, best advertising platform and best support. We have high payouts. We currently run 133+ offers and many of them are incentive offers, and we are adding new offers each day. We work on different bases.

Our advertising platform provides Real-Time tracking, giving Affiliates and Advertisers the ability to see conversions in real time, resulting in high volume advertising distribution. Join CPAOcean today

GMB Direct

gmb Direct review

GMBDirect Affiliate Network has become the epitome of leadership, quality and excellence. As a leader in our field, we take pride in delivering the highest quality of service every time. We have been working with some of the biggest names in the business for years, and now we have become one of the biggest names in the entire industry!

GMBDirect is currently generating over half a million leads per month for our affiliates and our lists are growing everyday! Working with GMBDirect, you are guaranteed to find superior service in every aspect of our business with you! We work hard to bring our affiliates the highest caliber of service they have come to expect.

If you are looking to grab your share of the growing conglomerate of New Media via Direct Marketing, GMBDirect is the best way to guide you to success.


coprosper review

CoProsper Affiliate Network was founded by a group of marketing executives who had been in the ‘affiliate game’ since the late 1990s. By being involved on all sides of the fence, as merchants, affiliates and affiliate program managers we were exposed both to the successes of affiliate programs as well as their shortcomings. The knowledge of what merchants and affiliates require, has enabled us to develop CoProsper.

CoProsper knows you’re here to drive traffic to merchants and generate maximum revenue for yourself. You don’t want to spend money on any set up costs or ongoing fees. That’s why joining our program, 24/7 support and your dedicated affiliate manager are all free.

JAR Media

jarmedia review

JAR Media Affiliate Network is a San Francisco based interactive performance based online marketing company focused on generating qualified leads and new customers for direct response advertisers in the most cost efficient approach. Not in the US? We have the tools to pave the way for international advertisers to break into the US market with full force.

Join JAR Media and you will have the luxury of knowing you will get reliable, responsive support from your personal Affiliate Manger, have the offers you want with the payouts you deserve and your check on time. Please do no hesitate to request specific landing pages, custom payment scheduling, assistance with traffic, etc. – we are willing to do whatever it takes to make you a wildly successful affiliate.

Triad Media

triad media

Triad Media Affiliate Network is a full-service online marketing and advertising company. Triad Media Affiliate Network was built to monetize advertisement impressions for its affiliates and publishers.

We have effectively turned this goal into a reality by providing leading edge, exclusive performance based offers with top industry payouts. Partnering with TriadMedia provides instant access to a robust suite of ads, custom selected to yield the variety and flexibility needed to effectively maximize your ad inventory.


adjoozey review

Adjoozey Affiliate Network is a premier global performance and affiliate network that brings together choice affiliates and quality online advertisers as partners. Our affiliates use a combination of different marketing tactics, including search engine marketing, email marketing, contextual advertising and banner ads.

Adjoozey combine the highest level of online marketing ethics with the latest in optimized proprietary technology to help you create quality campaigns. Our teams of experts help build your marketing campaign, drive sales and leads using our affiliates and proven media avenues guaranteeing the largest reach and fastest ROI in the industry.


cpaway review

CPAWat Affiliate Network is a performance marketing affilate network, built on a rock solid foundation of integrity and honesty. If you are looking for campaigns to promote on your website, help fill existing ad inventory, or need help driving traffic to one of your websites, CPAway is for you!

CPAWay delivers the highest converting campaigns with the industries best payouts. CPAWay has over 200 exclusive offers where we are the agency of record with the advertisers. Regardless if you are new to affiliate marketing or a veteran, you will receive the same high quality treatment from us. We are here for you to succeed. After all, we only make money if you’re making money.