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Mob Partner

mobpartner review

Mob Partner Affiliate Network is a CPA mobile affiliate network with more than 120,000 mobile publishers worldwide. Our advertisers work with us on a CPA price model for all campaigns. They simply define the cost-per-acquisition that they are willing to pay for each “action” (subscription, download, lead, registration etc) and will only pay when a conversion is achieved. As a result, MobPartner have established long-term relationships with advertisers like Gameloft, Buongiorno, EA, FunMobile… CPA enables advertisers to continue activity indefinitely, without needing to negotiate monthly budgets off the back of fluctuating CPC and CPM performance results. Present in over 150 countries, the platform now generates over 200,000 transactions per month.


singlesnet review

SinglesNet Affiliate Network is an online dating site ranked as the #1 most visited dating site in the US per hitwise*. We have been a leader in the online dating space since 1998. The affiliate program is the top affiliate program in the dating space offering webmasters the ability to earn top revenue through lead generation.

Engage IQ

engageiq review

Engage IQ Affiliate Network What sets EngageIQ apart from traditional agencies is the value we add through our optimization of advertiser’s landing pages, media buying expertise, niche reach, call center, and a full IT team. We are dedicated to optimizing select programs to the top of the performance stratosphere. EngageIQ buys media across the top 50 search engines. We manage over 120 million opt-in emails, run our own suite of exclusive sites, and buy media on the top social networking sites. We can help you reach the consumers that are currently outside.

EngageIQ works with niche sites, high ranking publishers, search gurus, double opt-in email lists, and natural search rankings. Each publisher we work with is screened carefully, and we monitor publisher activity continuously to ensure that their offers are not placed on sites that would compromise the advertiser’s objectives.

Cobra Leads

cobraleads review

Cobra Leads Affiliate Network The Next Generation CPA Network.

Cobra Leads works hard to supply the highest payouts possible for each and every publisher. Cobra Leads goes above and beyond by rewarding publishers that push high quality traffic. Cobra Leads supplies each and every publisher with a dedicated support person. We’re there to make sure you reach your profit goals. Cobra Leads pays you every time, on time. We understand that getting paid on time is a major factor to our affiliates.

Cobra Leads – Join the revolution!

NAM Offers

namoffers review

NAM Offers Affiliate Network We are one of the only online affiliate networks that offer full exposure to all countries in Scandinavia as well as, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. With NAMoffers, you will join an elite group of companies that are pioneering unexplored territory and helping to forge new markets each day. One thing is guaranteed: We will always put you, our affiliates and advertisers, first!

NAMoffers is one of the best solutions when it comes to product visibility in the Northern Hemisphere. Simply put, we lead the right products to the right audience in the right place at the right time. By accomplishing this feat, we can offer higher conversions with 100% transparency, lower fees and higher payouts. As a part of NAMoffers affiliate network, you will receive professional expertise and unparalleled creative advice. Services include: campaign setup and/or management, pixel implementation and tracking, banner production, or just sound creative advice – we are here to help!

Snap Vertise

svjump review

Snap Vertise Affiliate Network was formed by a team of industry veterans who grew tired of Advertising Networks that lacked a certain care for the backend performance of your campaigns. The team realized that by working very closely with Advertisers, they could help create Campaigns which increased income for both the Advertiser and Publisher. We run our own campaigns through our network, which enables us to quickly judge the quality of traffic from our publishers. Publishers that do not generate quality leads are removed from the Network – or offered lower rates.

As a publisher, it’s no secret what you need from the advertising network you choose to send your traffic to. From a huge selection of interesting and unique advertisers and corresponding offers to quick, industry-high payouts, SnapVertise has everything you need to succeed. We specialize in international leads and good quality sales.

The Useful

theuseful review

The Useful Affiliate Network is an innovative and compliant Web based marketing and technology company. Our proprietary technology, flexible and customized business solutions, and top performing offers give our publishers and advertisers the competitive edge. As one of the largest media buyers on the Internet, TheUseful hand delivers the biggest slice of the market to your corner.

Come directly to TheUseful and increase your payouts! If you’re not using us, you’re not getting the most out of your business. TheUseful creates many of the most successful offers in the marketplace.

Ad Media CPA

admedia review

Ad Media CPA Affiliate Network is here to help you earn extra revenue. As a performance-based advertising network, we’ve been providing Advertisers and Affiliates with marketing solutions since 1998. AdMedia connects advertisers to consumers across many channels. This includes industry leading email, domain, social and search networks. More than 60,000 advertisers utilize the AdMedia network to advance their offers.

AdMedia Cost Per Acquisition Campaigns are successful because we put our full effort into providing you with uniquely designed and highly targeted advertisements.Our ads are created to convert. With AdMedia Campaigns, you get Geographically Targeted Ads so you can reach consumers on a national and local scale. AdMedia Re-Targeting ensures that you never miss the opportunity to convert a good lead.

Supreme Ads

supremeadsnetwork review

Supreme Ads Affiliate Network Do you want to maximize the revenue from your website, access real-time reliable statistics and get paid on time? How about 24/7 professional support from your own dedicated affiliate manager? If your answer is “Yes”, then you’re at the right place.

Zap Blue

zapblue review

Zap Blue Affiliate Network is quickly becoming an industry leading CPA Network. ZapBlue is a dedicated affiliate marketing program delivering targeted leads to clients all over the world. With hybrid tracking we track your sales via secure/non-secure iframe pixel tracking, image pixel tracking, and API! One of the very few networks offering publishers and advertisers both a stronger tracking solution! Look no further, ZapBlue is here! We start you off at a Bi-Monthly payout and for our preferred and high volume/quality affiliates we offer weekly payouts!

Exclusive CPA

exclusivecpa review

Exclusive CPA Affiliate Network is the premier online affiliate network, catering to all types of publishers and merchants. ExclusiveCPA LLC is a WI-USA based affiliate marketing solution company formed in 2008. Our mission is to serve the highest quality, most exclusive affiliate marketing campaigns possible. Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with the EXCLUSIVE experience.

ExclusiveCPA LLC is the owner and operator of a set of in-house campaigns, all geared toward collecting quality customer data. Get the most exclusive treatment as an Affiliate with ExclusiveCPA! As stated above, our relationships with the big name advertisers allows us to get the best campaings, ensure accureate tracking by avoiding the middle man, and the highest rates in the industry.

CPA Fuel

cpafuel review

CPA Fuel Affiliate Network is a performance-based online advertising network driving high volume and quality leads/sales for our Advertisers, and providing a highly profitable revenue stream for our Publishers.

Our mission is quite simple: We strive to provide large volume publishers with the best converting and highest paying offers by partnering with ground breaking advertisers. Never adhering to the industry standards most networks replicate, CPA Fuel takes an innovative approach to online marketing and consistently surpasses industry norms. We welcome you to the next generation of online marketing.

We are affiliates and marketers and understand what makes you happy. The highest payouts, unique campaigns, exclusives, and experienced affiliate managers. We’re here to turn that $5,000 check into $50,000.

Trienta Affiliates

trienta review

Trienta Affiliates Affiliate Network is a powerful performance-based Internet marketing network dedicated to advertisers to consumers through its powerful affiliate network. For website owners (affiliates), Trienta Affiliates generates high revenues per impression promoting compelling offers from quality brands in graphical formats that complement the publishers’ sites and add value for their customers. So not only do we add value to your site, but you even make money from your website.

Joining Trienta Affiliates, its totally free. Sign up today and start promoting our 200+ hot campaigns on your website. All you have to earn is £30 to be paid. Our campaigns include freebie offers, surveys that pay just for joining, online shops and even sites that pay for searches!

Commission Bridge

commissionbridge review

Commission Bridge Affiliate Network is a revolutionary new CPA Affiliate Network. We bridge the gap between advertiser and affiliates by providing our partners the industries highest payouts, exclusive offers and outstanding resources to ensure your success. You will benefit for the 10+ years of our staffs experiences as a advertiser, network and affiliate. Working under a guideline of ethical marketing practices, your links,clicks and traffic is safe with us.

At Commission Bridge we provide you with EXCLUSIVE offers and the best performing Merchants in the industry. We provide you with all the tools necessary to promote the highest performing Merchant offers. There is absolutely NO CHARGE to sign up as a Commission Bridge Affiliate and you can be up and running making money with your own online media company in minutes!

Revenue Boost

revboost review

Revenue Boost Affiliate Network is a high volume performance-based affiliate network. We supply Advertisers with quality customer acquisition, as well as the resources for Publishers’ to maximize their advertising inventory and revenue. Our staff works to maintain excellent and unbeaten business relationships, and further assists in online marketing campaigns for our clients.

In addition, our success is built on a foundation of honesty and reputable advertising practices. RevenueBoost respects and follows all FTC rules and regulations and staying 100% CAN SPAM compliant is a prerequisite that we require for not only our staff, but also our partners.

CPA Mountain

cpamountain review

CPA Mountain Affiliate Network is a dynamic affiliate network that consistently only carries top performing offers. We are not limited with just cost-per-action campaigns, but also concentrated in providing our clients with CPS, CPM, and PPC. CPAMountain specializes in various of verticals with the mission to cater optional business models to affiliates and advertisers.

As a CPA Mountain member, you are promised to be treated as a professional business partner, and provided access to a well trained group of people who will assist and communicate with you on your own time. Your Affiliate Manger will follow up on your progress daily: campaigns expiration will be notified to you in a quick and timely manner, fast email alerts on increase or decrease offers’ payout.

Regardless of how successful your business currently is, you will receive same treatment as any other clients within CPA Mountain. Our goal is to help businesses generate money, because the fact of matter is, we will not make money unless you do.