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flexoffers review

FlexOffers Affiliate Network is an affiliate marketing network that provides comprehensive solutions to both advertisers and publishers via multiple marketing options, flexible data delivery, and profitable partnerships. Join as a publisher to receive access to millions of products and services through various affiliate marketing channels that can be promoted through our content feeds, text links, templates, and many more available applications. Advertisers who join will gain access to an affiliate publishing network that offers controlled online advertising growth by complying with established marketing standards while expanding market potential.

Make money from your website when you promote products and services through the affiliate marketing network. has the latests products, promotions and online-only offers from well-known brands and niche advertisers alike. affiliate marketing content can be easily integrated into any site as banner ads or text links, or as product marketing content created by our editorial staff. also offers customizable marketing templates designed to turn any website into an online store.


awigamedia review

AwigaMedia Affiliate Network is a small New York City based internet marketing network. AwigaMedia specializes in CPA marketing. We strive on both our advertisers and publishers success. Our mission is simple: to generate the best sales results possible for our Advertisers while providing our Affiliates a solution that maximizes earnings with their traffic.

As an AwigaMedia publisher, you’ll get to deal with a crew that makes things happen. We want to make all our publishers happy, and for this reason we have a highly knowledgeable team of affiliate managers making sure you are getting the best rates and service in the industry. Our Affiliate managers are veteran affiliates, this provides them with a lot of knowledge that they can share about affiliate marketing.

ESearch Media

esearchmedia review

ESearch Media Affiliate Network is an group of Full Time online marketers , Business Development Team , Marketing Strategist with over 7 years of experience in core concept of Internet Marketing, Our client includes many fortune 500 companies. With Our Flexible Payment options makes sure all our affiliates getting paid on time. Standard we payout at Net15 and Weekly Payments Request are Accepted as well. Esearch Media has Experienced Affiliate Manager that will take care of you for taking you to next Level of Marketing with Dedicated support team round the clock assures prompt Reply for your convenience.


zenoads review

ZenoAds Affiliate Network is a leading affiliate network with offers from a variety of performance based campaigns that unite the best affiliates and advertisers in the industry. Zeno Ads system is customized for every type of affiliate from Search, Banner, and Email affiliates to more non traditional affiliates conducting click to call and cost per click campaigns. We have a variety of campaign categories representing every aspect of the market, allowing you to best monetize your advertising inventory.

Here are a few of the perks working with ZenoAds: Customized Creative and Landing Pages for our campaigns. Fast payments that reliably come every month, fedex, wire, and ACH payments available also. Rapid Support available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year via email, AIM, and telephone. The best offers in the best verticals for your site, if you are seeking a particular offer we do not have, we will get it for you, and guarantee you a premium payout that beats all networks that are offering it to you.

Pulse360 CPA

pulse360 review

Pulse360 CPA Affiliate Network has launched a new solution for publishers of all sizes that let’s them benefit from our years of experience and core expertise in performance-based marketing.

Pulse360 now offers access to dozens of performance-based advertisers (“cost per acquisition”) and we’ll optimize your banner ad inventory based on our proprietary targeting methods that have been proven for years on our partners including MSNBC,, Gannett Digital,, and thousands more. We are battle tested with the web’s best.

Our unique optimization algorithms consider your site context, audience demographics, user geography and other factors to help ensure maximum yield for our publisher partners. Pulse360 currently offers 728×90, 300×250, and 160×600 banner ad units. You can get started today with our ad code that you can hard-code to your site, or drop into your ad server.

Publisher benefits for our CPA network include:

Competitive 60% revenue share based on the CPA activity on your site
Prompt monthly payment
Daily reporting
Pulse360 CPA Ads Network manages ad targeting and optimization to maximize your revenue
Dedicated customer service
Focus on you

Elite Media Exchange

elitemedia review

Elite Media Exchange Affiliate Network is a full-service provider of high quality exclusive leads. Our leads are delivered in real-time and have the highest close rates. Elite Media Exchange’s affiliate network offers superior campaigns. Whether you are an email, display search, or social marketer, you will get the top payouts.

As an Elite Media Exchange publisher, you’ll get to deal with a crew that makes things happen. We want to make all our publishers happy, and for this reason we have a highly knowledgeable team of affiliate managers making sure you are getting the best rates and service in the industry. Our Affiliate managers are veteran affiliates, this provides them with a lot of knowledge that they can share about affiliate marketing.

Ozonion Cash

ozonion review

Ozonion Cash Affiliate Network is a full service Internet Marketing and Solutions agency comprised of only highly experienced, talented and versatile staff. Ozonion is helping clients establish and implement technical solutions, business models and online strategies. Ozonion Cash blend the benefits of a large advertising agency strategic approach, compelling creative work, and a full complement of in-house online advertising services, with a strong technology expertise in creative solutions to enhance business through Internet. If you have a site and you want to increase dramatically your revenues we can monetizing your traffic with our hot offers.


fosinaoffers review

FosinaOffers Affiliate Network is brought to you by Fosina Marketing Group, the same interactive agency that delivers highly branded offers to the big networks. Fosina Marketing Group is an international firm and an industry leader in ROI-positive direct marketing strategy, consulting, and management. Our agency specializes in the design and incorporation of interactive components into existing marketing programs. We seamlessly integrate online marketing strategies for today’s leading companies and firms. FosinaOffers has used our years of client-side, agency & media experience to create a network where premier brand advertisers and top-notch publishers link together. By joining our network you’ll get direct access to some of the best performing offers on the web today! is your connection to exclusive branded campaigns & high converting offers to fill your ad inventory. We provide publishers & networks with a steady stream of campaigns that have some of the highest payouts in the industry.

Hybryd Ads

hybrydads review

Hybryd Ads Affiliate Network is the new breed of performance based online marketing companies. We specialize in direct and exclusive campaigns based on the most current and successful industry trends. We truly combine the best interests of our Advertisers with the high expectations of our Publishers.

Our Publishers appreciate the fact that Hybryd Ads listens to their needs. Hybryd Ads understands that it’s Publishers that drive the online marketing world. That’s why we personalize our customer service with responsive and attentive Affiliate Managers.

Maxi CPA Network

maxicpa review

Maxi CPA Affiliate Network is a leading performance based affiliate network founded in April by affiliate for affiliate. Our goal is simply to provide a trustworthy CPA network that has more offers, quicker payments and a dedicated team to help you succeed, Currently, we have 5 hundreds of active offers and 6 full time employees to help our affiliates and manage our daily operations.

Unlike other networks, MAXI CPA NETWORK enforces a 0 shaving policy and pays Net-30 to all our affiliates. Being affiliates ourselves, we understand how quickly the affiliate space changes and we actively update our network with new offers to keep you profitable. To sum it up, MAXI CPA NETWORK makes affiliates rich.


adjuice review

AdJuice Affiliate Network is an cost per action advertising network that combines original & exclusively-sourced campaigns, premier payouts, and unrivaled accountability. Adjuice is run by a highly experienced management team with over 12 years in Lead Generation, eCommerce and Affiliate Marketing.

Our network distributes leads to over 350 retail clients along 7 major verticals, all offering top payouts. We own & manage over 120 sites, all optimized for brand recognition and conversion performance. AdJuice‘s missions is to continue to innovate within the performance marketing & lead generation industries while delivering quantifiable results to both our upstream and downstream partners.


adjal review

ADJAL Affiliate Network is a performance-based online advertising network that delivers both amazing results for its Advertisers, and a highly profitable revenue stream for its publishers, through an easy-to-manage user interface. It operates in an extraordinarily dynamic, future-oriented market and enjoys above-average growth.

ADJAL CPA Network is one of the industry’s few truly “pay-for-performance,” full-service media agencies. With in-house experts in all media types and a proprietary publisher network, we are able to deliver consistent quality through multiple online channels. ADJAL CPA Network also knows how to find or build the right campaigns for your media. Our account managers will work tirelessly to learn your business and match you with the right offers.


ironoffers review

IronOffers Affiliate Network a division of IronTraffic Management and Holdings, Ltd., is a performance based marketing solutions provider for online advertisers and publishers.

When you’re approved as an IronOffers publisher, you get assigned a REAL Account Manager. Someone you can actually get in touch with by phone, instant messenger, and email. Your Account Manager can assist your with conversions statistics, new release products, AB testing opportunities, and access to private campaigns when they are appropriate for your traffic.

IronOffers works closely with advertisers to develop custom offers and exclusive campaigns that can only be found here. By researching emerging market trends and conversion metrics, we are able to continually release a unique set of great network offers to our publishers.

BHD Interactive

bhdinteractive review

BHD Interactive Affiliate Network is a new type of lead generation business developed to offer clients a range of services that no other company provides in a single offering. Our many years of experience allow us to be completely flexible in the way we generate leads thus ensuring the best returns possible.

We have a combined industry experience of 15 years working within Digital Media covering all aspects of Online Marketing including Paid and Natural Search, Display, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Lead Generation. We have a proven track record working with sectors such as Personal Injury, Finance, Gaming, Telecoms, Research, Health & Beauty, Fashion and Travel.

Our services are currently working wonders for many of the biggest brand names around the globe. This is in part due to us being ahead of others in the industry thanks to our exclusive databases.

Advantage CPA

advantagecpa review

Advantage CPA Affiliate Network is a premium performance based advertising network. We specialize in increasing profitability with quality leads and sales generation. Our network of qualified pre-screened publishers has one goal – Maximizing ROI.

When you join the Affiliate Network you will have access to hundreds of high converting offers that will help you take your revenues to new heights. Along with great converting offers we also provide industry high payouts and super quick payments.We also provide account managers for each one of our publishers who are reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sign Up Now.