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Offer Alliance

offeralliance review

Offer Alliance Affiliate Network has flourished as an industry leader with its core values of integrity and passion for performance- based marketing. Offer Alliance proprietary tracking technology, industry leading expertise, and access to exclusive campaigns, allow publishers to more effectively monetize their online efforts with a trusted partner. We support Cost-Per-Action (CPA) campaigns through display, search, social media, and email.

As email publishers ourselves, Offer Alliance uses our internal capabilities to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of every campaign — ensuring the best results possible.


exclusivenet review

ExclusiveNet Affiliate Network a division of KGM Direct, LLC, is an Affiliate network that, as its name implies, offers only exclusive and top-performing campaigns. eliminates the need for publishers to bounce around the net looking for the highest payouts. You are GUARANTEED to find them here!

As our partner, likes to save you time and money; being pioneers in this industry we are well aware that you, the publisher, is crucial to our success. We eliminate the time it takes bouncing around from network to network searching for the highest payout. Other networks claim to have the highest payouts, we guarantee that promise! understands that relationships are everything in this industry so please let us know if there is anything we can do to better service your company.


clickxpay review

Clickxpay Affiliate Network is one of the fastest growing publisher networks. Clickxpay working with publishers to improvise their performance, suggesting that appropriate facilities and programs, based on site content. The easiest is Clickxpay fortnightly payments. Her performance is conducted on the basis of two weeks and you do not have to wait 30, 60 or 90 days for the payments.

Clickxpay helps publishers increase revenue view to a pay for performance or. Clickxpay offers enormous opportunities for publishers to partner with hundreds of millions of advertising customers and access indicators. Clickxpay has exclusive offers from advertisers, the publishers are not compatible with other networks available. Be part of the network of successful experiences and severity of cases.

Ad Canadian

adcanadian review

Ad Canadian Affiliate Network is a Performance Based Ad Network focusing on Canadian Advertisers, and Canadian traffic. With over 28 million Canadians currently online, we have a range of offers in various verticals that can cater to these users. With many years of online marketing experience working closely with various Advertisers, CPA networks, and Publishers, Ad Canadian was able to identify opportunities for improvement within the current system, and work with affiliates and advertisers to provide a better solution.

Ad Canadian’s mission is to provide a marketplace where Affiliates can leverage group volumes to get the highest possible payout, and therefore, to attain the highest ROI from their online marketing initiatives, while providing Advertisers with high quality leads.