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ContactFly Affiliate Network is focused on creating innovative online direct response campaigns to promote compelling products and services. Every offer is tested and optimized internally, assuring our affiliates of the most successful and unique campaigns in the industry.

ContactFly is a leader in performance based online marketing featuring Cost Per Action advertising. We provides the highest level of online marketing ethics coupled with aggressive execution. Our team of seasoned media veterans will take your online marketing initiatives to the next level. Whether you are looking for Sales,Lead Generation or Brand Development, through our various properties and media avenues we guarantee the largest reach and fastest ROI in the industry.

LoudMo (PPI)

loudmo review

LoudMo (PPI) Affiliate Network With all of the internet marketing options available, you may be asking: Why should I choose LoudMo as my pay-per-install program? We look forward to these questions, because it allows us to explain why we are undeniably the best pay-per-install affiliate program on the net.

First, LoudMo’s management team has experience that is rich in affiliate marketing knowledge. With a combined background of over 15 years of toolbar and product download involvement, you can be rest assured that we are the best choice for your pay-per-install programs. Our strong background is coupled with an honest reputation for prompt, generous payouts. In addition, we have developed specific affiliate account managers and group managers to adequately meet any specific promotional or support needs.

Second, we always keep a close eye on the competition and maintain highly competitive payout structures. Our promotional tools are always current and we strive to be the most innovative install program setting the stage for modern marketing products. Our most recent developments include the FLV Direct player and ChameleonTom Facebook layouts.

LoudMo is built on a long-term foundation with a core that is strengthened by a dedication to provide affiliates with trust, honesty and reliability.

Habitat Agency

habitatagency review

Habitat Agency Affiliate Network is a Division of Lead Research Group; an INC-500 organization 2 years in a row, which has had an exceptional 8,000% growth from its inception. Habitat Agency is a high performance ad network with exclusive and unique offers that perform.

Publishers prepare to get really High! High Payouts, High Conversions, High Earnings, High Performance! With a Top Notch analytically driven creative team, proprietary tracking technology, the use of innovative techniques for conversion and optimization, high performing exclusive offers and a personalized dedicated affiliate manager devoted to your success, you can rest assure that you are in the right hands.


nutraoffers review

NutraOffers Affiliate Network was created by its founders because we saw a need for bringing high quality nutraceutical and cosmeceutcial products into the market place. With health and beauty products selling billions of dollars annually within thousand of competitive categories, we know how important it is to remove the guessing game for our affiliates.

Here at NutraOffers, it is our pledge to bring you only the best-performing offers in the market. You will never have to waste your time, money and effort figuring out which offers are right for you. NutraOffers has many high paying offers and we provide access to world-class tracking. If you are a list owner or webmaster and are interested in making money in the lucrative health and beauty industry, then is perfect for you. Offers include virtually every marketable area of the product spectrum, including Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, Sports Nutrition, Skin Care, Omega-3, Teeth Whitening and more.


infopay review

InfoPay Affiliate Network is the ONLY affiliate network specializing in Public Information Database Records. Public Records is a 2 billion dollar a year industry. With Exclusive Merchants offering a wide variety of products such as background checks, divorce records, reverse phone lookups, credit reporting, reverse email, ID verification and tenant screening to name a few, there are great high converting and money making opportunities for virtually any affiliate in any experience level.

All Affiliates enjoy industry leading commission rates as high as 80% + bonuses, tons of high converting readymade tools, and fast payouts. Additionally, Affiliates benefit from the support of experienced account managers who are happy to assist with SEO efforts, custom design work, conversion code implementation, unique custom private label creation, development consultation, & more.

Being an Affiliate is free and Infopay charges ZERO fees on any sale or payment withdrawal. Unlike some mainstream networks that change up to 7.5% +$1 on each sale. Visit

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Revenue Universe

revenueuniverse review

Revenue Universe Affiliate Network is one of the fastest-growing and most respected incentive affiliate networks on the web! With over five years of experience in incentives, we know what we’re doing.

Revenue Universe offers some of the most exclusive campaigns to our publishers at the highest rates anywhere. Whether you are a first time website owner or a web veteran, Revenue Universe has a solution for you!

Register today and find out why we have thousands of active publishers and hundreds of unique offers, and both of those numbers are growing every day. Regardless of what type of publisher you are, we have campaigns for you! Join today and see what makes us different from the rest of the affiliate networks out there, you’ll be glad you did!

Epic Edge Media

epicedgemedia review

Epic Edge Media Affiliate Network takes a unique approach in helping you reach your clients. We work diligently to ensure you get the best leads. Our success as a business is driven from the years of success our clients have found through working with us.

Epic Edge Media Affiliate Network offers top payouts, exclusive offers and the highest customer service in the industry. Also offers incentivized offers. We offer nearly 24/7 Support from our trained support staff.


cpaentry review

CpaEntry Affiliate Network We partner with other networks and distribute CPA, CPL offers through our affiliates network. We have over 100+ offers available. Real time pixel tracking, fast and on-time payments. We are Net30 payment. (Check, Direct Deposit. Wire Transfer). Refer other webmasters and earn 5% commission. SignUp and start making money today.

When you join CpaEntry Network, your account manager takes the time to understand your business model and the specific needs of your site. Then, because we understand your business, we can recommend campaigns that will work – and we’ll never waste time trying to promote you campaigns that aren’t appropriate for your type of site.Get Started! Create an account to start making money with CpaEntry.


clixgalore review

clixGalore Affiliate Network turn your valuable web site traffic into money now by joining Affiliate programs and driving customers to the many thousands of Merchants using the clixGalore Affiliate Marketing network to advertise their business. Start earning commission now for the sales you generate for our Merchants. You may promote our Merchants using both text or graphic advertisements, including the many professional marketing tools we provide to you.

Alternatively using the ‘Instant web site Builder’ tool, located in your clixGalore Member Home area, you can easily and instantly generate promotional web pages containing our Merchant’s products. You may use these professional styled pages to promote our Merchant’s products and earn commission for the sales generated. Signup free now and join the many other tens of thousands of Affiliates who earn commission from their valuable web site traffic.

If you are new to Affiliate Marketing and what to learn how to join and make money with affiliate programs you may wish to visit our affiliate marketing tutorial web site.

Adex Media

adexmedia review

Adex Media Affiliate Network is a premier, pay-for-performance online media company. is a publicly traded firm (OTCBB: ADXM) with world-wide media buying capabilities across channels as diverse as search, display, email, contextual and social networks. This global reach, combined with our direct response marketing system puts us at the intersection of the fastest growing areas of online media.

The Adex Media Publisher Platform is designed to generate the highest possible payouts for our publisher and affiliate partners. We are able to handle extremely large volumes of traffic, and our extensive list of top-tier advertisers gives publishers access to quality and exclusive offers that guarantee the highest returns.


onenetworkdirect review

OneNetworkDirect Affiliate Network is the affiliate marketing network for industry leading software products. Digital River’s oneNetworkDirect affiliate network, developed with the goal of being a top affiliate network, specializes in the software and digital marketplace. It features the largest selection of digital products offered online today, including some of the world’s most recognized titles. oneNetworkDirect is part of the Digital River family of companies – a group of e-commerce and e-marketing experts committed to providing companies big and small with everything they need to successfully build, manage and grow profitable online businesses on a worldwide basis.

Software is inherently one of the highest margin products sold on the Internet today because unlike hard goods, software does not have additional margins for each copy that is sold. As a result, the profits can be shared with affiliates in the form of higher commissions. Digital River’s clients include some of the biggest names in the software industry. These powerful relationships provide affiliates more opportunities to make money than any other network.

oneNetworkDirect can leverages our commerce relationships and our complete managed marketing campaigns to offer affiliates a responsive affiliate development team dedicated to helping them make more money. We also pass on a portion of our profits to affiliates through generous commission rates, bonus programs and exclusive coupons, deals and preferred pricing.


globaldirectmedia review

Unanimis Affiliate Network Founded in 2001 Unanimis (formerly is the largest exclusive digital advertising network specializing in branded and performance display advertising, across internet and mobile. Acquired by the Orange France Telecom Group in Aug 2009, Unanimis now incorporates and Orange Mobile Portals into their ad network offering.

As an affiliate of Unanimis, you have access to all our programs in the network, once you are approved onto the network you can choose which campaigns you wish to run. With experienced staff across all online mediums, we can help you with your day to day challenges and optimization of your campaigns, whether you are a search specialist or email marketer. You have dedicated affiliate managers available to assist you in achieving your goals.


affilifetch review

AffiliFetch Affiliate Network is a part of WOW Media US, LLC. is a brand new international affiliate network, which offers great converting campaigns, top payouts, exclusive deals and more. AffiliFetch have campaigns from all over including US, UK, CA, AU and much more! Join up to today, it’s free, all you have to earn is just $30 to receive your first payout. Also if you earn over $2,000 in a month we will pay you NET-20 instead of NET-30! understands the meaning of a strong business partnership. We offer our affiliates:

* A global network with top converting US, UK, AU & CA campaigns
* Platforms ranging from exclusives inventories to proprietary technologies
* Great insight into every campaign available using our internal testing metrics
* Access to leading advertisers around the globe
* Highest payouts available with flexible payout options
* Dedicated experts and quality service available 5 days a week.

Lucky Pacific

luckypacific review

Lucky Pacific Affiliate Network specializes in international performance marketing. If you have traffic in any country in the world sign up and let us know what you need monetized. If we don’t have offers in the countries you need, give us a month and we will find them.

Lucky Pacific makes money when you make money, you’re not a client, you’re our partner. We help companies conduct international business markets in a very cost-effective, smart fashion. Our focus is making the marketing managers who use us look good. We stop you from making the big mistakes and help you build campaigns that adhere to ROI.


convertingoffers review

ConvertingOffers Affiliate Network has the top, highest performing offers on the net, at all times. Every single offer and creative published on the network has been tested, pre-qualified, and put thru intense subject line, creative and sales process optimization before we put the offer live on the Network. You can rest assured that all the creatives and offers you choose to run are pre-qualified tested and approved.If you want to make more money from your existing traffic, then you are going to definitely run these high converting offers!

Not only does ConvertingOffers save you time and make you more money by pre-screening and only publishing offer that convert for you, it is also a community. A community that empowers Publishers to make allot more money. We know that by having publishers interact with each other and share what’s working it makes a big difference to everyone’s earnings.


zoomrevenue review

ZoomRevenue Affiliate Network is an advertising network founded on the basis of “higher ROI and more business for everyone involved”. We are specialized in performance-based online customer acquisition and lead generation services. We offer our publishers premium payout rates and high-performance campaigns that best monetize their inventory. We know there are many ad campaigns out there and our goal is to save publisher time and effort by identifying the most appropriate campaigns for each inventory type.

ZoomRevenue is a new affiliate network that was created by a group of very experienced affiliate marketers. We have more than 100 quality offers which are tracked in real time and pay Net-15. Unlike other affiliate networks, our system is custom built totally so we don’t depend on unreliable hosted, better than other networks in many ways, and we pay high attention to the quality of our advertiser, as we all know that we won’t get paid unless you get paid.

Come and give us a try. We only require you to provide a little personal information to sign up.


sponsormob review

Sponsormob is a global advertising provider for the mobile internet. Founded in 2006, the company works with advertisers, agencies, and affiliates to gain reach on mobile using data-driven technology. Sponsormob's mission is to deliver optimal conversions through superior technology with Mobile Advertising. Affiliates benefit from appealing offers on mobile and our unique, in-house tracking technology. Sponsormob also offers affiliates a referral program and helpful affiliate managers who committed to the success of their partners. .

Use the potential of thousands of mobile websites available and let Sponsormob make you a global player in the mobile market. We offer affiliates attractive programs and campaigns on a lead and sale basis.

Pinball Publisher Network

pinballpublishernetwork review

Pinball Publisher Affiliate Network is acknowledged around the world as one of the best-performing pay-per-install Web publisher programs. We offer Web publishers an alternative revenue opportunity to traditional contextual marketing and paid search programs. With leading-edge technology, the Pinball Publisher Network is continuously developing and improving a variety of per-install programs that enable publishers to make the most money possible from their websites. The Pinball Publisher Network is committed to helping each of our Web publishers achieve their objectives, which is why every publisher in our Network has direct access to a dedicated account manager.


revenueopen review

RevenueOpen Affiliate Network is a performance-based affiliate network in the advertising industry was founded by a group of marketing executives who had been in the ‘affiliate industry’ since the late 2009 in US. We are one of the true pioneers of affiliate marketing having started out as an affiliate and then successfully building one of the largest, most respected and recognizable full-service internet marketing agencies in the United States.

RevenueOpen provide quality traffic to our advertisers through our vast affiliate base. We specialize in lead generation on a CPA (Cost Per Action) basis. Affiliates and Advertisers can both enjoy quality service and customer support with dedicated affiliate managers.


moreniche review

MoreNiche Affiliate Network is a premium affiliate network, which allows you to earn large commisions for promoting highly desirable products and services online. For every conversion (sale, lead, phone call) you make, we will pay you up to $300.00. To make it even easier, we provide you with everything you need including marketing tools, free websites and 1on1 support.

You will be paid on the 10th and 26th of every month by a payment method of your choice. As a further incentive to get started, MoreNiche will automatically enters you in to our Cash Activation Bonus system. This program rewards you with great affiliate prizes and signup bundle just for joining and getting started.

MoreNiche™ provides you with:

The tracking technology which generates you a unique Affiliate ID (AF10002 for example) and URL that you use to refer online surfers. This ensures you get credited for a conversion.

100′s of free websites for you to use. MoreNiche will also show you how to edit your website and add copy. Most importantly we will show you techniques on how to attract online surfers and then how to convert them into commisions.

Access to high converting product/service offerings. You will have access to highly profitable niches, with unique offerings. This will make it easier for you to earn large commisions on a regular basis.


marketnetwork review

MarketNetwork Affiliate Network is an international affiliate network promoting the industry’s name brand clients, specializing in the software, mobile content entertainment, financial and online games verticals. Backed by an affluent and capable private investment group, lead by a team of experienced industry veterans, MarketNetwork is penetrating its way into becoming a major competitor to leading international affiliate networks. We increase our advertisers’ revenue and allow them to manage their expenses. We offer our Affiliates lucrative payment options, exclusive products, industry competitive rates and revenue based incentive programs.

Together with its affiliated companies, MarketNetwork is your one stop shop for ecommerce, payment processing, online media, and affiliate marketing solutions.