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Go Jammer

gojammer review

Go Jammer Affiliate Network is Becomng one of the Most Powerfullest global leader’s offering an action-based Affiliate Network, quality service and superior solution for its advertisers by providing an effective and engaging way of Ggetting the HOT products in front of the customers looking for them.

Go Jammer enables Affiliates to gain from the power of of the 10 Billion Dollar Industry of saleing products online and makeing a GOOD Living by doing so, by enabling for a wider and more effective distribution of their content and provide a online Impression as a WebMaster.


profitalternative review

ProfitAlternative Affiliate Network is a fastest paying CPA network that offers publishers weekly payments via paypal. Not only can you join our team and help spread the word about your favorite products, you can get rewarded for your efforts. Our system tracks referrals and pays top dollar for every new client you send our way.

Signing up and getting your account configured couldn’t be easier. You can be referring business our way in as little as five minutes.


cornerblue review

CornerBlue Affiliate Network is a mobile affiliate network built for affiliates and merchants who wish to monetize their mobile advertising campaigns. As a team we are committed to providing transparent and honest service. The CornerBlue team takes pride in continuously optimizing our business with new and innovative ideas.

CornerBlue is a network built by affiliates to provide a smoother, safer and more profitable affiliate experience. As a network we recognize that our affiliates are the key factor to our success, and it’s with this mindset that we treat all of our affiliates.

CPA Massive

cpamassive review

CPA Massive Affiliate Network handles extremely large volumes and, as a result, takes the smallest margins and offer the highest payouts in the industry. CPA Massive offers lots of CPA programs, CPS programs and much more. If you earn over a certain amount a month you can also receive payments via Wire.

As a top affiliate marketing company, we have some of the highest trained affiliate managers in the business. By being involved on all sides of the fence, as merchants, affiliates and affiliate program managers we were exposed both to the successes of affiliate programs as well as their shortcomings. The knowledge of what merchants and affiliates require, has enabled us to develop CPA Massive.

Start earning more today with CPA Massive.

Jigsaw Media

jigsawmedia review

Jigsaw Media Affiliate Network provides publishers with top international mobile and gaming campaigns. With design teams in each of our global offices we are able to create localised quizzes and flash games for publishers, networks and agencies alike. With top converting products for all traffic sources, channels and niches

– we are the perfect fit.. everytime.


rocketcpa review

RocketCPA Affiliate Network is an Affiliate Marketing and Online Advertising Network that offers Banner Advertising, Pay Per Lead Generation, Co-Registration, Email Marketing and other Online Marketing services through its network of worldwide Advertisers and publishers.

100% committed to providing the best ROI

We are 100% committed to providing the best ROI to our merchants and we are 100% committed to maximizing the revenue of our publishing partners.

Weekly payouts option for publishers

What makes us special is our weekly payouts option for publishers. We have handpicked exclusive campaigns for your traffic and we let you choose your payment frequency – weekly, bi-monthly, NET7, NET15, NET30.

Superior hands-on customer service

Our team has the distinct ability to provide superior hands-on customer service with dedicated Affiliate support by Chat, Phone and Email.?


emperornetwork review

Emperornetwork Affiliate is a CPA, CPL, CPS affiliate network, all traffic come from subaffiliate domain.

Affiliate Network Details
Featured Campaigns: 2insure4less, FindMyDegree, Gevalia, Netflix
Commission Type: CPA(Cost Per Action), CPL(Cost Per Lead), CPS(Cost Per Sale)
Numbers of Offers: 600+
Minimum Payment: $500
Payment Frequency: Monthly
Payment Method: PayPal
Referral Commission: 5%
AIM: dyjksearch
Telephone: N/A
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gamavirtual review

GamaVirtual Affiliate Network Take part now of the first CPA firm specializing in Brazil. Make your site a great source of income. Our philosophy is to maximize revenue on a Publishers quality ad inventory through proven affiliate marketing practices, and constant experienced marketers support-all while maintaining the highest ethical standards of Online Marketing.

» Our Offers – Wide variety representing major and niche industries.
» Our Approach – Helpful support and Account Managers.
» Reliable Payments Done Right! – We guarantee payment of 100% of your approved commissions.
» User-friendly Interface – Real-time reporting and analysis tools to help you make decisions.

CPA Industry

cpaindustry review

CPA Industry Affiliate Network is a result of many years of experience within the online marketing industry. We know the best way to promote online Gaming and Forex products, while keeping your ROI as positive as it can be. CPA Industry is a leading affiliate program on the internet due to our innovative model of working and generous commission that we pay.

Our clients get a personal service, which fits their exact expectations, by our experienced marketing experts. You will surely find this website to be one of the most valuable tools you have whether you are an experienced affiliate or just getting started.

Affiliate Network Details
Featured Campaigns: All Online gaming and Forex products are represented
Commission Type: CPA(Cost Per Action), CPL(Cost Per Lead), CPS(Cost Per Sale)
Numbers of Offers: 120+
Minimum Payment: $70
Payment Frequency: Biweekly
Payment Method: Wire/ Cheque/ PayPal/ Neteller
Referral Commission: 5%-15%
Telephone: +972542884104 (Tal)
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CPA Reaper

cpareaper review

CPA Reaper Affiliate Network is a leading performance based affiliate network founded in 2010 by affiliate for affiliate. Our goal is simply to provide a trustworthy CPA network that has more offers, quicker payments and a dedicated team to help you succeed, Currently, we have hundreds of active offers and 8 full time employees to help our affiliates and manage our daily operations.

Being affiliates ourselves, we understand how quickly the affiliate space changes and we actively update our network with new offers to keep you profitable.

We are not a ‘big wig’ corporate company run by people who only care about the bottom line. We are real people who have manned the trenches as affiliates and worked our way up the ladder of success. We are here to help our affiliates and make sure they are taken care of thoroughly and completely. We have been through every crack and crevice of internet marketing so we understand your world – the affiliate world. We have one main objective at – definitive success for our affiliates!

To sum it up, CPA Reaper makes affiliates rich.


chinesean review

ChineseAN Affiliate Network is the first and only affiliate network with a strong coverage over the entire Greater China. We bring advertisers and publishers together from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Overseas. We work successfully and continuously with advertisers to bring them orders and leads, by partnering with our vast network of publishers which range from casual bloggers to high-traffic portals. With the success in the Greater China region, has expanded its market to the whole Asia Pacific Region in 2008.

Online Exchange

online-ex-change review

Online Exchange Affiliate Network is a pay-for-performance Affiliate Marketing Network that consistently delivers qualified leads and new customer acquisitions by using a combination of premier services, technology and industry expertise. We have the capability of generating the highest volume of quality conversions and brand awareness through our strategic alliances and relationships with Advertisers and Publishers. Our access to targeted Internet audiences worldwide allows us to execute the most cost effective online marketing campaigns for Advertisers across all industry verticals. For Publishers, Online Exchange provided the highest paying and the best converting offers around to maximize revenue for existing inventory.

The core management of Online Exchange has been in the online space since 1999 and it’s this experience and the considerable effort and time and the relationships born of it that account for our success. It’s experience and a true understanding of the business that propels our dynamic model today. We believe there is nothing more important than relationships. The way we go about doing what we do may change as we strive to continue to improve our best of trade business practices and procedures, but the underlying relationships remain. Become a part of our network and a become a valued friend and join today.

Media Magnetic

mediamagnetic review

Media Magnetic Affiliate Network Performance Marketing is a specialty of Media Magnetic. There is nothing we enjoy more than asking our customers how much they would like to pay for a conversion and then delivering on that metric. By utilizing our proprietary network of distribution as well as our years of conversion-driving experience, Media Magnetic is able to deliver on the marketing goals of our clients.

Media Magnetic has earned the ability to work with some of the largest players in the space by doing just that. We meet our clients conversion-cost goals while simultaneously insuring they are quality conversions and delivering the needed volume.

MailPro Network

mailpronetwork review

MailPro Affiliate Network The purpose of MailPro Network is to help you grow your business and maximize your revenue streams. We strive to convert your traffic into money. Our success is based 100% on your success! An experienced team of marketing professionals supports MailPro Network and we are always looking for great new Publishers to partner with. Please fill out a Publisher Application so that we can discuss the best way to start generating revenue together!


» Top Performing Offers – We work only with offers that we know convert so you make money and maximize your ad inventory – all network offers are fully tested internally prior to being opened to the network. We also cater to the specific needs of our affiliates if you see an offer you want, let us know! We will go directly to the source to provide you with exactly the type of offer you know works for you.

» Tracking – We use superior tracking technology to provide our Publishers with accurate, real-time tracking of leads, sales, clicks, etc. We make sure offers are tracking correctly from the very first test.

» Payments – We take the lowest margins and guarantee the highest payouts. We believe in true transparency because we value our trusted business partners. You will be paid accurately and on time.


leadsbuk review

LeadsBuk Affiliate Network is a performance-based affiliate network, driving quality results through a variety of promotional methods. LeadsBuk focuses all its efforts on the success of our clients.

LeadsBuk builds reliable, flexible and profitable partnerships with our publishers. Our experienced management team best match each Publisher with a large variety of offers and help you maximize your ad revenue. Depending on your content and audience profile, you can work with our biggest merchant sites or select more niche operators. Whatever you decide, there are over 400 retailers to choose between.

Mediaworld Ad Network

madnetworks review

Mediaworld Ad Affiliate Network is an online marketing house based in Mumbai. The company started in the year 2010 and has already started building a good reputation with many of the leading clients and advertising agencies.

Sign up now in order to monetize your entire inventory while maximizing profits. Mediaworld will sell your inventory to top advertisers. We are seeking for publishers globally who place ads in all standard IAB ad units. Our goal is to partner with publishers in order to achieve a long term relationship.

TMC Adnetwork

tmc-adnetwork review

TMC Ad Affiliate Network is specialized in Online Direct Marketing and Internet Advertising for International Clients and Publishers. Our goal is to be the efficient link between Advertisers and Website Publishers, and to optimize their respective online achievements.

Our team gathers the appropriate competences and tools to provide the best Solutions to our Clients and Partners. Our International Network of Website Publishers allows us to give an immediate International Response to all our Advertisers needs.

Mazzel Media

mazzelmedia review

Mazzel Media Affiliate Network We are affiliates ourselves and understand what you need to be successful. We have designed our program and our proprietary systems based on our knowledge and experience as affiliates. This guarantees you the best possible service you can get as an affiliate allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

This is what you can expect from Mazzel Media:

» Not 1000s of offers, but only the best US and International offers in various verticals.
» A very affiliate friendly platform where you can upload and manage your own pixels.
» Weekly payments for qualified affiliates.
» Working with enthusiastic people who know what they are talking about!


ecpamarket review

eCPAmarket Affiliate Network Not Just Another Performance Network

With more than 5 years of proven experience in lead generation performance market eCPAmarket brings to you the expert advice platform for your marketing needs.

Our sustainable relationship with our Top Tier Affiliates ensures better ROI and quality results to our Advertisers.

Get the best Affiliate Commissions for the Quality Leads you drive with Transparent Reporting and Prompt Payments. Get 24×7 Support with our experienced Affiliate Managers.

Hype Ad

hypead review

Hype Ad Affiliate Network is a fast growing affiliate / CPA network. Our main goals are high performing offers and top affiliates. We are adding new offers every day and work hard to ensure that all publishers will succeed. We understand that you can join just about any network and be successful.Thank you for reading this and considering Hype Ad!

Maximize your online profits by promoting the best converting offers available today!

Bootheel CPA

bootheelcpa review

Bootheel CPA Affiliate Network is not gonna show up on the scene pretending to be this big network that has been around for years, To be frank we are a new cpa network and are pretty small at this point that wants to earn your Trust and dedication. With that said we will offer the highest possible amount per offer with out cutting us out. We will be a no shave network as we were once Publishers as well. I am member Of the a lot of cpa networks and we plan on adding ads everyday, however with that said i am also a member of a few exclusive networks that feed all these hasoffers site’s. Now i been to several hasoffers cpa and the rate they take for there cut is down right crazy cause i know what exclusive networks that work directly from the advertiser pays. I can assure you this after being members of all these Hasoffers networks we
offer the Highest possible payout as we take the smallest possible cut.

Apply Now and Help Make Bootheel one of the Best and most trusted CPA Networks In the Industry !!!


atlix review

ATLIX Affiliate Network is a new affiliate network running a deal of a lifetime! We offer 10 percent lifetime referral earnings so now is a good time to join as an affiliate before the top earning marketers get referred by someone else! Our Featured program right now is Online Cash Pump international with a $50 dollar payout available which is the highest available for OCP-international (this particular offer does not allow incentives).

Receive affiliate payment by paypal on NET30 after the first month waiting period to prevent fraud. We also offer check and wire. If anyone can refer 10 active affiliates we will take 0 cut from the advertisers!

Synervation Partner

directtrack review

Synervation Partner Affiliate Network Welcome to Synervation Partner Network! Our goal is to bring you the highest campaign payouts, with excellent reporting. Categorization, and easy to use interface. Synervation values your partnership, and understands that you are looking for the best commission on the latest offers. If you do not find the offers that best fit your needs, please contact us at

Become a Premier Partner and make 10% for our Two Tier Program. All Webmasters/Affiliates who sign up through your site/code are tracked in real time through the Synervation‘s tracking system. If they sign up and are approved, you become a Second Tier Affiliates for their account. It’s that simple!


bountycpa review

BountyCPA Affiliate Network is highly selective advertising network providing a quality “Pay for Performance” solution to our advertisers and a reliable revenue source to our publishers. BountyCPA operates on the cost per model to ensure our advertisers get the result they demand. As a BountyCPA Partner, you can expect the best service in the industry. We pride ourselves by maintaining the high quality system and the top support staff to cater to your needs, and our systems experience constant updates to ensure that our network quality continues to exceed expectations Sign up with BountyCPA today!

Sign up as an publisher of the BountyCPA network and get paid for every qualified action you generate. BountyCPA works with the Cost Per Action model which means we will pay you for every approved action you generate which can include clicks, leads, registrations, etc… BountyCPA works hard to ensure you have the tools and the information to make as much money through us as you can. Our system allows us to provide you with a variety of linking methods including banners, buttons, skyscrapers, text ads, pop ups and more. We provide real time statistics.

Float Interactive

floatinteractive review

Float Interactive Affiliate Network is an advertising network. We continuously strive to help our publishers create and reach their goals and bring results for our advertisers. We are a CPA (cost per action) based affiliate network, and hold the highest earning and converting campaigns in the industry. If you are a publisher, you will be happy to use our fully customized easy to use interface. Float Interactive is also proud to hold one of the best unique rewards program of any affiliate network in the industry; we offer 4% commission for ever referal you bring to Float Interactive, and for each monthly threshold you reach, you can pick a gift from a list of several items.


coach review

Wotogepa Affiliate Network is run by two partners one in Canada and one in the United States. We started this because we’ve been on your side of fence for a long time and
know what affiliates are looking for. Our goal is simple. Get you earning as much money as you want. We can not only provide the offers for you to promote, but we can provide the training to show you how to do it right.

Wotogepa wants your business and will do everything in our power to make sure you’re getting the support and offers you need. If you’re a PPC Coach member, please let us know but adding “PPC Coach username: YOUR_USERNAME” in the “business description textarea on the next page. We do check to see if you’re really a member or not. You must also enter a valid phone number. If we cannot speak to you on the phone, your application is automatically denied. If you would like to find out why we denied any application, please contact us through the “contacts” page on this site. We reserve the right to refuse any application at anytime for any reason.

Wotogepa has a ZERO tolerance for anything not 100% legitimate. If you’re going to try to scam us and our merchants, do not bother applying. We have some of the best fraud detection systems in the business and have seen it all. If we get even the slightest notion that you’re doing something wrong, it is up to you to prove your not. We will ban any and all accounts we deem fraudulent. If this scares you as you plan on doing something “experimental” and not widely accepted, then do not apply here, don’t waste our time and yours. We will help all legitimate affiliates make as much money as they can, but we will never risk our merchants relationships for a quick dollar and neither should you.

Unite Network

unitenetwork review

Unite Affiliate Network We are a performance based network focused on building profitable campaigns for our publishers and advertisers. We are committed to maximizing the ROI for our advertiser’s products as well as our publisher’s online traffic. The Unite Network is committed to your success and maximizing the ROI for your online traffic. To prove our commitment to you we will be available around the clock.

While Unite Network works with top advertiser’s to bring you the most competitive payouts and sought after campaigns on the net, we also develop unique campaign opportunities for our affiliates. We understand the cookie cutter approach does not apply to affiliate marketing, each affiliate’s needs are unique, and we promise to develop customized solutions to compliment your traffic. At Unite Network we listen to our affiliates – is there a campaign you are dying to run? Tell us what it is and we’ll have our sales team bring you the deal at the CPA you need!


adzacta review

AdZacta Affiliate Network is an online advertising network that utilizes the massive reach of our Affiliate Network for the benefit of our advertisers.. We match cutting edge affiliates with top-tier advertisers on a cost-per-action, pay for performance basis, delivering results.

AdZacta places a massive premium on our affiliate relationships. When you sign on to be an AdZacta Publisher, you sign on to a long term and mutually beneficial relationship. We are dedicated to bringing on board cutting edge online advertising affiliates.

AdZacta Performance Affiliate Network plugs our affiliates in to the most unique and exclusive offers the affiliate marketing industry has to offer. We also give our publishers the proper tools to monetize their web sites, newsletters, mailing lists and other online advertising on a cost per action basis, all at the highest industry payouts.

AdZacta Performance Affiliate Network is committed to providing all of the necessary tools and support to ensure the best possible chance of success for every single affiliate. Our Affiliate Managers are professional, courteous and knowledgeable. If you have a question about a particular offer or a technical issue, we offer 24/7 dedicated support. Sign up now and start making money immediately!


adsdistributor review

AdsDistributor Affiliate Network is a team of highly qualified motivated entrepreneurs with years of experience in running the most successful, efficient and profitable advertising campaigns in the internet marketing industry.

AdsDistributor offers publishers a simple and lucrative way to support and maximize ad revenue potential through easy-to-manage better-performing campaigns. We will provide you with a large selection of quality advertisers along with campaign management and analytical tools, personalized to suit your business’ individual needs. All you have to do is decide which promotions you want to run and let us take care of the rest.


runbyaffiliates review

RunByAffiliates Affiliate Network is an affiliate network where advertisers (or ‘merchants’) are able to reward publishers (or ‘affiliates’) for sales or leads generated through that affiliates website or internet marketing campaign. Affiliate marketing is an excellent way for website publishers to monetize website traffic generated by website links, pay-per-click marketing, email marketing or contextual media. It is completely free to become an affiliate, and once approved, you will obtain access to many high-performing offers that can be run across your website(s) in return for commission.

RunByAffiliates also welcomes promotion by email and ‘Pay Per Click’ providing that affiliates adhere to the terms and conditions set out by our merchants.

Global Ad Revolution

globaladrevolution review

Global Ad Revolution Affiliate Network is a performance based CPA affiliate advertising network. Affiliates can count on high paying offers, accurate tracking and reporting, and knowledgeable account managers. Let Global Ad Revolution be your number 1 affiliate network! Global Ad Revolution is a full service, performance based CPA affiliate advertising network that offers marketing solutions that maximize a solid return on investment for our clients’ advertising budgets, while providing our affiliates with extensive, quality offers from large, successful advertisers and companies, giving them the opportunity to realize the most monetary benefit from the traffic they generate.

GlobalAdRevolution is used all over the world to offer our publishers the most and best converting offers around.


offermobi review

Offermobi Affiliate Network is the first affiliate network focused on the mobile web. Led by industry veterans and leaders, we strive to bring our partners the very best service, pricing, and overall strategy to ensure growth for everyone.

For our Affiliates, Offermobi gives our affiliates the opportunity to generate additional income from their traffic, as we offer a wide Variety of offers, as well as valuable account services and updates. From big brand names to exclusive offers, we have them here. We are a Performance Based Network Focused On The Mobile Web. Whether you have mobile traffic or simply looking for ways to increase your monthly revenue, look no further. We did all the hard-work, so you don’t have to, OfferMobi has the biggest names, top offers and best in class affiliate support teams.

Join now and ask about our latest promotions on how you can jump-start your campaigns on the mobile web.

Direct Power Media

dpowermedia review

Direct Power Media Affiliate Network When it comes to online marketing and getting results, time is not on your side. Fortunately, Direct Power Media is! We are vastly experienced at driving high volume, high quality traffic to unique offers from trusted sources. We do not believe that relationships have to be complicated. And frankly, it puzzles us to see so many companies making Affiliate Marketing so complicated. So we’ve simplified Affiliate Marketing across all levels. Bring your marketing expertise online and power up with our pre-screened suite of high converting promotions. We test all promotions for relevancy and conversion rates before allowing them to be accessible through our network.


adfinity review

Adfinity Affiliate Network is an industry leader in performance-based online direct marketing, delivers full-service, results-oriented solutions. We generate millions of new customers for advertisers every month and helps publishers monetize ad inventory through its performance-based ad publishing platform.

As an Adfinity publisher, you’ll get to deal with a crew that makes things happen. We want to make all our publishers happy, and for this reason we have a highly knowledgeable team of affiliate managers making sure you’re constantly getting the best rates and service in the industry. We know the ins-and-outs of the business, and are ready to answer any questions you may have.


leadcreations review

LeadCreations Affiliate Network During the past five years LeadCreations has grown to become a premier internet marketing and online lead generation company with a focus on technology and innovative strategy.

In today’s market results are critical. The combination of professional expertise, a seasoned network and our proprietary technology provides the assurance that you will receive unmatched attention and service. Our network and technology bring you the best solutions to maximize your ROI. Our proprietary technology delivers leads to you in real-time and can track and report your campaign’s performance.

We strongly believe in quality over quantity. LeadCreations yields a smaller, richer network to provide exclusive campaigns and quality leads. We not only bring customers to you, we bring you the right customers!

Let us partner with you to provide you with Real Opportunity, Real Solutions and Real Results.


blinkads review

BlinkAds Affiliate Network is an interactive performance-based customer acquisition media company specializing in the U.S. Hispanic, Latin American, female and family verticals, as well as the general market. We are also an affiliate network and one of the few companies capable of launching your brand into the much sought-after Latin American market. Our specialized design team can take the average US targeted campaign and translate it, so that it resonates with your intended target market.

The BlinkAds affiliate network allows you to make the best advertising connections for your niche, within both the American and Hispanic markets. We have hundreds of offers available and we work hard to match you with the best ones for your marketing capabilities in order to maximize your results. At BlinkAds we deliver quality service, personalized assistance, exclusive offers and the most competitive payouts in the industry. CPA

advertise review CPA Affiliate Network is a premier platform for search, display and performance marketing, which enables advertisers to reach a wider audience through our exclusive network of search engines and publisher properties. Founded in 2001 as privately held pay-per-click (PPC) search network, the company was re-branded in April 2009 as, Inc. We continue to lead the charge in online advertising, connecting thousands of advertisers with millions of consumers every day – now delivering over 10 billion ad impressions each month. is dedicated to building long lasting partnerships on a foundation of success, communication and trust. The CPA Affiliate Program comes fully equipped with everything you need to generate maximum revenues from our high paying, top performing offers that are built to convert.

Andes Network

andesnetwork review

Andes Network Affiliate Network is an industry leading Cost-Per-Acquisition advertising company. We specialize in bringing advertisers and web publishers together. With many years of unsurpassed experience we are able to provide our publishers and advertisers with the best opportunities. Our knowledgeable and experienced team is dedicated to providing both sides with the perfect mutually beneficial environment.

Andes Network offers publishers a simple and lucrative way to support and maximize ad revenue potential-through easy-to-manage better-performing campaigns. We will provide you with a large selection of quality advertisers along with campaign management and analytical tools, personalized to suit your business’ individual needs. All you have to do is decide which promotions you want to run and let us take care of the rest.


offersdirectads review

OffersDirectADS Affiliate Network is a leading performance based online advertising network that delivers amazing results for its Advertisers and Publishers. By joining the OffersDirectADS network, Advertisers can count on a consistent volume of Leads/Sales while Publishers can be rest assured that they are monetizing their ad inventory to the fullest extent with the highest payouts on the net. Our network offers a variety of Affiliate types ranging from website based, search marketing, and email.

Our advantage is our expertise. As the world of online marketing grows increasingly complex, our clients rely on us as a trusted partner to help them navigate a myriad of available services, solutions and technologies. When is it right to pay CPM vs. CPC vs. CPA? Where should my ad rank in Google? What is the right affiliate commission tier? Am I getting good click-through and conversion rates? Is putting META tags on my site enough for SEO? What is the difference between contextual and behavioral targeting? OffersDirectADS helps you find the answers to these questions, before you commit marketing dollars to them. We help you design a program that works best for your needs, and your budget. And we’ll spend each and every dollar as if it were our own, to make sure you get the maximum return on your investment.

Commission Monster

commissionmonster review

Commission Monster Affiliate Network As Australia’s leading affiliate network Commission Monster® meets all of your online advertising needs providing a fully developed pay-for-performance service where you determine the performance criteria. Founded in Melbourne ( Australia), the Company has been providing our own proprietary Commission Monster Technology and infrastructure tools and services to advertisers and advertising agencies since 2003.

Commission Monster® understands the online market. Our experienced staff are on hand 24/7 to identify the right marketing and performance goals for your business. At Commission Monster® we drive leads, revenues and sales though a close partnership with our clients. With our well-established client base your business will hit the ground running.

The Ignite Network

theignitenetwork review

The Ignite Network Affiliate Network was formed in 2001. Three veteran advertising and technology professionals recognized the opportunity to provide companies with high quality business leads generated through the respect for consumers. The envisioned gold standard was a clean break in a field sorely lacking in effective and ethical solutions. Permission Data wishes to continue to be the choice that Fortune 500 companies turn to when building data bases for co-registration.

The Ignite Network recognizes success. Our advertising platform rewards partnered web properties with generous revenue and reliable services. Our philosophy is simple: we keep worthy partners satisfied through exclusive campaigns, top payouts, reliable reporting, and a responsive staff.


cpahut review

CPAHut Affiliate Network we strive to develop innovative services to better serve our users. We recognize that privacy is an important issue, so we design and operate our services with the protection of your privacy in mind. This Privacy Policy outlines the types of personal information we gather when you use CPAHut’s services, as well as some of the steps we take to safeguard it.

At CPAHut Network, we drive quality traffic to our advertisers through our affiliates all over the world. Both of affiliates and advertisers can enjoy our quality service and fast customer support. We have top payouts for incentive affiliates,and we provide post-back tools in order for you to credit your members instantly.


checkmystats review

Checkmystats Affiliate Network is the next generation in Affiliate Marketing with an emphasis on geographic targeting and sending pre-qualified customers to your website. enables Affiliate Partners to send you higher qualified and targeted customers to your products and services. Our goal is to increase your bottom line and stretch your marketing budget. We believe this method of Affiliate Marketing offers a more credible solution to the consumer as well as the Advertiser or Agency, and offers a central revenue resource for Affiliate Partners. Currently our focus is on Australian Australian Flag, UK UK Flag and USA US Flag markets and we have access to inventory spanning the entire globe.

Talkin 247

talkin247 review

Talkin 247 Affiliate Network has over 12 years of experience in the industry and know exactly what you need before you need it. We believe in open communication with our publishers and advertisers to hear your ideas for making things easier and new ideas to boost your revenue. By using Talkin 24/7 affiliate network you are guaranteed great offers, great payouts and great customer service. We would say excellent but don’t want to appear we are bragging.

Become a Publisher of Talkin 247 Affiliate Network and earn revenue with great offers and simple terms: Enjoy Full Reporting, 30 Day net payout, choice of exclusive and direct offers and revenue through offers and referral links. We have TRUE EXCLUSIVE and Direct offers -No offer is re-brokered. And if an offer is from our parent company then we will let you know – which means payment every week.


gptmedia review

GptMedia Affiliate Network is a performance-based affiliate network, GptMedia are abbreviated words of Get Paid To … Media. GptMedia is a young, spear headed multi-model media company creating new revelations in the Internet advertising space.

GptMedia provides a complete solution for publishers to generate huge revenue from their websites by offering the best offers on the web and facilitates the publishers to keep track of their performance by providing online reporting. Also, GptMedia brings enormous scope for publishers to partner with hundreds of advertisers and access millions of ads. GptMedia has exclusive offers from advertisers which are not available with other publisher networks. We also provide dedicated support staff to assist you in promoting our network of advertisers. We would like to give you the best support to help you do well with our services.

EasyDate Ltd

easydate review

EasyDate Ltd Affiliate Network is one of the largest dating groups in the UK, and has a wealth of experience in both the Dating industry and the Online Marketing industry. Our strong marketing team have more than 5 years experience in the dating sector and have grown several successful dating projects currently run from the UK. EasyDate projects are in the top positions in the UK by visitor numbers and profitability. The total marketing budget managed by our team for the year 2009 exceeded £5M.

Traditional Dating, Flirty Dating and Mobile for the Social Networking Community are the three online dating markets we focus on in addition to our Singles events. Whilst we are still able to provide dating solutions to suit other online dating markets, these are our main focus. Promote our online dating sites and start making money with EasyDate or target one of these online dating markets with your own dating site powered by EasyDate WhiteLabel Engine.

EasyDate Ltd is part of IDE Group. IDE Group is a family of digital companies dedicated to optimising business performance through leading edge technologies and expertise. To find out more about IDE Group, please visit:


cpacamp review

CPACamp Affiliate Network is run by a group of experience internet marketing operators, we have tons of experience in operating the affiliate programs, but also the relationships with lots of advertisers so that we can provide to our publisher partners the highest payouts in any vertical.

Zoosk Affiliate Program

zantracker review

Zoosk Affiliate Program Network Why choose Zoosk Affiliate Program? Become a publisher for one of the top converting and top paying affiliate programs for dating. We accept traffic from more countries than any of our competitors and we offer higher payouts than the top providers.

Bullife Ads

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Bullife Ads Affiliate Network founded by affiliate for affiliate. Publishers can actually rely on to help increase their business, knowledge and ultimately their income. We care about our publishers and we understand that the publisher helps the industry grow! Bullife strives to earn your business with our competitive rates, excellent customer service, and a vast campaign selection.


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Livemercial Affiliate Network formerly the As Seen On TV Network (CPA Warehouse). It’s never been easier to put extra money in your pocket each and every month! Simply promote any of our offers and we’ll pay you a commission for every product you sell.

Livemercial Affiliate Network isn’t your ordinary CPA network. With no enrollment or membership fees, you have fast and easy access to selling only the hottest offers currently running on TV. Plus, Livemercial Network provides the highest CPA payouts in the business because of our direct client relationships. Quit going through two, three or more middlemen. Promote direct with Livemercial Network and see the difference today.