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Intela (CrispAds)

intela review

Intela (CrispAds) Affiliate Network is a global performance-based marketing firm, specializing in lead generation and customer acquisition. We blend proprietary technology with experience in email marketing, data management, affiliate marketing, and our direct-to-client relationships. We have offices in the United States and United Kingdom to service your needs.

CrispAds, a division of Intela, is the leading US and international CPA network, connecting you to hundreds of international publishers boosting your performance-based campaigns. CrispAds works with leading advertisers around the globe, providing our publishers with a vast selection of top performing campaigns across all verticals. CrispAds publishers have access to scores of leading, exclusive offers available only with the CrispAds network.


netmargin review

NetMargin Affiliate Network is powered by Datran Media, a leading performance based marketing company with enabling technology that connects marketers directly to consumers through a comprehensive set of email marketing and digital media services.

NetMargin is a quality destination for Publishers who need a variety of high-performing offers and want a steady stream of revenue. Our commitment to performance means Publishers are connected with only the top-tier Advertisers. We optimize ad and offer page creative to create winning campaigns that complement your audience and generate significant ongoing revenue.


b-linerevenue review

B-LineRevenue Affiliate Network is a division of B-Line Media, LLC, a leader in Internet Affiliate Marketing. Our performance based model, also known as Cost Per Action (CPA), is THE most cost effective way of generating targeted customers. Our affiliates know that we consistently offer maximum payouts, and have the highest conversion rates. Our constant support assures your successful experience with B-Line Revenue.

B-Line Revenue has all of the ad campaigns and exclusives that your site will ever need. Our one-stop concept is designed to yield you incomparable revenue. B-Line only selects to partner with the highest quality advertisers. We cover every vertical niche and have a user friendly interface that allows you to navigate around the offers and creatives with ease.

We love to share the wealth! Commission payouts and payments are flexible – all based on your volume. Your success is our success. Click Join Now to start earning your share Revenue & Rewards.


plimus review

Plimus Affiliate Network is headquartered in San Jose, CA. The company has close to a decade’s worth of proven experience in the E-commerce and payment fields and has consistently demonstrated high growth. Plimus is regarded as one of the most innovative and effective business platforms in the world for online sales of digital products and services.

We are totally committed to helping E-businesses grow and develop by using Plimus’ total service platform with its built-in marketing, networking and community features to generate new revenues and higher profitability. With just a few clicks, businesses of all sizes can create effective online sales and affiliate partnerships through Plimus’ E-commerce system and affiliate network.

Affiliates are the lifeblood of E-Commerce, creating markets and audiences through their skills. Plimus is proud to offer a platform to help affiliates grow their E-Business revenues.


lidango review

Lidango Affiliate Network Powered by a group of experienced online marketers, Lidango affiliate program brings to you cutting edge tracking technology, profit maximizing offers, and industry relationships that connect your business to the right people.

Lidango is a small high quality publisher/advertiser network, specializing in connecting publishers who want to maximize their profits with advertisers who want to maximize their incoming traffic. With over 6 years of industry experience, we at Lidango have worked with every possible market online. From CPA leads to CPC and CPM bidding we generate thousands of leads on a daily basis.

CPA Spot

thecpaspot review

The CPA Spot Affiliate Network we believe in providing excellent service to our affiliates while providing quality traffic to our advertisers. We only work with offers that a consumer wants or needs thus limiting our inventory of offers to relevance. We will get the offers at the highest rate so our affiliates can make the most amount of money. At the CPA Spot, we can help affiliates optimize their traffic, as well increase their conversions thus their payout.

As part of our committment to service, we offer payments on a Net 30 basis for the first three months and provide you with plenty of payment options to help you get the payment as fast as possible.

In addition to prompt payments, we offer dedicated service 24/7. As an affiliate or an advertiser you can reach us at any time of day via email, phone call, or instant messenger and we will respond to you promptly.


strongerads review

StrongerAds Affiliate Network is an affiliate CPA network offering a wide range of CPA offers. Since 2009 StrongerAds has driven quality traffic to our advertisers by networking with affiliate marketing’s most effective group of publishers. It is our company mission to provide high quality, personalized, internet marketing services.

In harmony with our relentless drive to deliver high quality, high value leads and product sales, StrongerAds places an emphasis on 1 on 1 advertiser and publisher support. We are intent upon creating strategic partnerships that support both our advertiser’s and publisher’s goals and objectives. StrongerAds promotes products with many online media types, such as banners, popup unders, contextual, and email. We actively host a number of very niche offers and we always welcome requests to add any specific offer do not currently host.

MorningFalls Network

morningfalls review

MorningFalls Affiliate Network has been providing advertisers quantifiable results through affiliate marketing since 2004. Our affiliate network is performance based, meaning you only pay for leads and sales generated on your web site. By integrating industry-leading technologies with dedicated management, support, and creative teams – we are proud to deliver qualitative results to each of our clients.

We cut the fat! Instead of lowering payouts to help pay for vacations and bonuses, MorningFalls Affiliate Network decided to throw the whole concept out the window. You will not be receiving a free watch from us, but you will get higher payouts. We don’t believe in loading up as many offers as possible. Instead, we hand-pick every offer on our network and continually clean out the low performers. We always pay our affiliates on time (NET 30) for compliant traffic. Super affiliates are eligble for more frequent payouts (weekly, bi-weekly).

As affiliates ourselves for over six years, we understand what you need. Check out our network and see the difference for yourself!

Mobiklix Mobile

mobiklix review

Mobiklix Mobile Affiliate Network that is dedicated to creating innovative opportunities for both our affiliates and advertisers.

The management team at Mobiklix has a very strong background in the online media and affiliate marketing. We know what it takes and what affiliates are looking for. We know the required rates, the right business models, the needed CTRs and media buy tactics that will work best with our products.

With our professional, pro-active team and expanding inventory of offers, we have gathered the knowledge and experience accumulated since 2005 to create a fast growing, results driven network.

The mix of those 2 elements provides you, our media partner, some of the best converting mobile products that you have ever experienced before.

LinkShare Network

linkshare review

LinkShare Affiliate Network provides e commerce businesses with a wide range of online marketing services including Search Marketing, Lead Generation and Affiliate Marketing. Advertisers can increase their online sales by leveraging LinkShare’s massive performance marketing network, along with expert consultative services and patented technology. Superior service combined with technology innovation allows advertisers and publishers to acquire and retain new customers, increase revenue and drive results.

LinkShare clients include Fortune 500 and other prominent and emerging companies doing business online, including J.C. Penney,, American Express, and Avon Products. LinkShare was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in New York City, with offices in San Francisco, Chicago, Tampa, London and Tokyo.

eBay Partner Network

ebaypartnernetwork review

eBay Partner Affiliate Network has some of the most generous affiliate commissions on the web and currently, how much you earn depends on the volume of traffic you drive every month — the more you drive, the more you earn. When Quality Click Pricing is launched, the amount paid for each click will vary depending on the quality of the traffic sent to eBay. Each program will continue to have a different payment structure.

Getting paid is very straight forward on the eBay Partner Network. You will be paid monthly on around the 18th of each month, in one of the 5 currencies we support: US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Australian Dollar or Canadian Dollars. We offer two methods of payment — you can choose either Direct Deposit (available in 11 countries) or Paypal. Both options are free and please note that for Paypal no premier / business account or cross border fee will apply.


clickbank review

ClickBank Affiliate Network Founded in 1998, ClickBank is a secure online retail outlet for more than 12,000 digital product vendors and 100,000 active affiliate marketers.

ClickBank makes a sale somewhere in the world every three seconds, safely processing more than 26,000 digital transactions a day. We serve more than 200 countries, and are consistently ranked as one of the most highly-trafficked sites on the web.

ClickBank is privately held with offices in Broomfield, Colorado and Boise, Idaho. Click Sales Inc. is a subsidiary of Keynetics Inc. All products and services offered by Keynetics or its subsidiaries are subject to the ClickBank Legal Notice.


offeratti review

Offeratti Affiliate Network holds itself to the highest standards for industry professionalism. Founded by industry veterans, Offeratti Network seeks to set the example for successful online network marketing campaigns. Inspired by the lack of truth and transparency in this growing segment of online marketing, Offeratti Network strives to look for new and innovative ways to add value to the Merchant – Publisher relationship.

At The Offeratti Network you will find our constant obsession with conversion split testing, from landing pages to email copy, give Publishers who gain access a decided advantage over their peers. We have built out the split testing technology in-house that uses live, real time traffic as well as our own media buying to constantly beat the controls. A small portion (6 to 12%) of live traffic from every publisher is sent to our testing sites every day. This way our Publishers are always getting the highest conversions from their existing traffic.

Click Fusion

clickfusion review

Click Fusion Affiliate Network Our mission at Clickfusion is to inject integrity, innovation, and profit-driven strategy into your campaign. We are marketers first—which means we know how we want to be treated when partnering with agencies and networks to expand our own campaigns’ reach and performance. That same attitude is reflected in how we have set about to shape ClickFusion’s unique services and ultimately our corporate culture and brand identity so we can provide the best service for you.

You see, the CPA Network space is extremely competitive. But when you take a look at who’s really making money online, it boils down to a small number of “insider” players who can be the difference between mediocrity and resounding success. ClickFusion is on the inner circle of the industry and is constantly working behind the scenes to raise the bar for the entire community.

ClickFusion goes the extra mile to ensure our exclusive Agency of Record campaigns convert at a superior rate, payout higher commissions and work better with the unique traffic you drive to them. Our philosophy is simple: Campaigns MUST be tested and optimized BEFORE a publisher is going to take it seriously. We are Publishers too, so we treat you the way we would want to be treated; with respect.

Gratis Network

gratisnetwork review

Gratis Affiliate Network – a new International Affiliate Network! We are proud to have a selection of high performing international offers that work very well for performance-based online marketers. GratisNetwork knows this because we have tested them on our own promotional sites ( Take advantage of our expertise in this industry and global exposure. Partner with the best!

Maximize revenue from your traffic globally by promoting offers from Gratis’ International Affiliate Network. Working with the Gratis Network gives you access to an unparalleled breadth of international advertising offers from some of the leading advertisers in the world.


adreporting review

Adreporting Affiliate Network is the complete solution for publishers to monetize their content and merchants to sell their products. is a results based advertising network that benefits both the advertiser and the affiliate. We have broken the barriers by providing real time, third party reporting, timely payments and instant access to results.

Us publishers need to stick together. High payouts. Solid net 15 payments, “tweaked” offers that convert. That is what Adreporting is about. Becoming an Adreporting Publisher is an easy decision to make.

eSynergy Media

esynergymedia review

eSynergy Media Affiliate Network is an online affiliate marketing firm specializing in the monetization of traffic through an affiliate-centric approach. For those of you who are avid affiliate marketers and would consider yourself to be an online advertising veteran, you undoubtedly know that there exists a plethora of affiliate networks hoping to monetize your traffic. And for those of you who are new to this industry and have decided to visit eSynergy Media at the outset of your online affiliate careers, we definitely value your interest, but are also here to tell you that there exists a plethora of online affiliate marketing networks.

Now, each of these networks have some unique pledge or catchy moniker that they believe highlights what sets them apart from the competition. eSynergy Media has simply decided to focus on the basics, and sticks to the foundational elements that make up any successful business relationship. We believe that we have a vested interest in all of our affiliates, and act accordingly upon this belief. eSynergy Media doesn’t just host advertisements and hope results magically appear, but instead find out what our publishers need, go out and actively search for the products know we will convert, and assist you during the promotional process.

In short, you won’t find some trendy slogan or eye-catching flash diagram here, but rather we let our actions to speak louder than our graphical user interface. See what we’re all about, and sign up with eSynergy Media today.


clickxchange review

clickXchange Affiliate Network provides affiliates with a home base for all affiliate activity. Detailed reports, protection from non-paying advertisers, up front advertiser performance ratings and powerful ad managing tools make the #1 choice in affiliate marketing.

Manage all your ads under one clickXchange account: Custom ad management tools allow you to create ad rotations of cilckXchange and non-clickXchange ads together. Optimize your commission stream: The clickXchange custom rotator automatically drops non-paying inactive Ads and replaces them with revenue generating active Ads.


weeklydirect review

WeeklyDirect Affiliate Network is committed to helping out every single publisher and advertiser out on the web. Whether you are making $50 a month or half a million a month, we are always here to help see your business grow more. When you apply to the WeeklyDirect network, you will be assigned to a highly trained affiliate manager there on your side to help you grow your business.

Stop wasting time, and let’s make money already. Find out how your dedicated affiliate manager will always be there with you whenever you need help with offers, recommendations, or anything. We at WeeklyDirect, strive to help each and every individual with any questions or concerns they may encounter. Feel free to contact us if you ever have any questions.

Express Revenue

expressrevenue review

Express Revenue Affiliate Network was founded in early 2008 as an affiliate marketing network based on the ideals of dedication, integrity, security, diversification, and customer support. Together, these values allow us to display, pledge, and ultimately practice a true vested interest in the individuals and businesses that we serve, while undoubtedly still being able to provide the quickest crediting offers at the highest available rates. To us, this represents the complete affiliate marketing network.


linkvalu review

LinkValu Affiliate Network is an Affiliate network which harnesses the power of Internet Marketing for the benefit of Advertisers and Publishers alike. Matching high-quality Publishers with top-tier Advertisers on a cost-per-action performance basis, we deliver powerful, cost-effective results. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology in Website marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Email Marketing and other tried and true online methods, LinkValu represents the future of Internet Marketing. Ride OUR wave!

LinkValu offers publishers a wide array of unique and profitable offers with high payouts and industry-leading conversion rates. We’ve been paying out Millions of Dollars in Affiliate payments dating back to 1999! We understand the importance of rewarding you the Publisher with a competitive payout and making sure you get your payments promptly.

EWA Private Network

EWA Private Network

EWA Private Network was founded by Ryan Eagle and Harrison Gervitz and is a division of Eagle Web Assets Inc. EWA is a referral-only approval basis network consisting of media buyers, email marketers, social marketers, ppv/cpv marketers and ppc marketers. They formed EWA with 3 goals in mind: to get more, to pay more, and to help more.

EWA Private Network maintain personal connections with all our affiliates, pledge to beat any payout, and pay on time to all affiliates. EWA supports you with weekly payouts regardless of volume. It’s powerful!


Neverblue review

Neverblue Affiliate Network is a premier global performance-based affiliate network that brings together choice affiliates and quality online advertisers as partners through carefully monitored, custom advertising. Our affiliates use a combination of different marketing tactics, including search engine marketing, email marketing, contextual advertising, incentive marketing and banner ads.
As a premier lead generation network, Neverblue values strong affiliates, because they’re what make us better! Join Neverblue and experience a sophisticated, globally connected affiliate network that helps you focus on results!

Blam Ads

blam ads review

Blam Ads Affiliate Network is a private incentive affiliate network with superior content gateway technology and has over 400 incentivize offers spanning 65 countries. BLAM has one mission: to sand ahead as the leading incentive affiliate network while developing unrivaled advertising technology that drives higher profits. BLAM sets itself apart from the competition by paying more, helping more, and providing it’s affiliates with innovative technologies to drive higher profits. BLAM Ads is a division of Eagle Web Assets, Inc. and a sister company of EWA Private Network.

BLAM has a superior content locking gateway that is completely customizable. In addition to our gateway technology, we make it our business to be transparent and honest with our affiliates therefore we never scrub clicks to inflate epc’s. When compared to our competitors in a recent study our affiliates on average experienced 20% more clicks with BLAM Ads vs. our competitors. When you compare apples to apples, you will make more money with our widget.

Niva Network

nivanetwork review

Niva Affiliate Network is a performance based affiliate network that brings together online advertisers or merchants with qualified affiliates or publishers as partners through a carefully monitored tracking network. A cost per action solution (CPA) is the best way to promote your company by only paying for a specified action linked to the advertisement.

Niva Network welcomes affiliates or publishers to join our cpa network. We will work hard to make sure you are receiving the best service in the industry. Our cpa network offers quality advertisements to maximize your profits. Niva Network offers an industry leading cash rewards program for all of our affiliates. You can earn some extra income with our super referral program to promote our network. Every affiliate will have a personal account representative to contact. We offer leading edge tracking software with realtime statistic reporting to help you increase your profits. Click below to learn more of how Niva Network is your cpa affiliate network solution offering the best affiliate experience in the industry.


performline review

Perform Line Affiliate Network is an online performance marketing company focused on providing advertisers with the highest quality leads through lead generation and cost per acquisition (CPA) marketing. Our refined lead management processes, combined with our proprietary technologies, enable us to deliver the highest quality leads with scalable volume.

Our ability to attract top tier advertisers and exclusive offers at a premium CPA means that our publishers will earn a higher yield on their inventory. If you are an affiliate who is running offers in a compliant manner, both compliant with the advertiser’s terms and conditions and with FTC and AG best practices, your CPCs and CPAs are being dragged down by the non-compliant affiliates in the same blind network that are running the same offers. Not only are non-compliant affiliates benefiting from your hard work to be an ethical and compliant partner, but they are also actually dragging down your payouts and commissions!

PerformLine offers experienced affiliate managers and dedicates appropriate resources to ensure our publishers are running at full steam. From setting up third party pixels correctly to making sure you have both offers and creative that convert,PerformLine is dedicated to supporting our publishers.

Share Results

shareresults review

Share Results Affiliate Network A relationship-focused affiliate network, Share Results is made-up of a team of passionate affiliate marketers who believe that success is rooted in long-term, proactive relationships. Our three types of service deliver comprehensive affiliate marketing solutions that meet the unique needs of each of our partners. Through our affiliate network, merchants can access a full range of affiliate marketing services. Our affiliate managers focus on aligning affiliate programs with the right affiliates and our software provides unparalleled tracking of program performance.

With tens of thousands of affiliates from the online retail community, our relationship-based affiliate network can help you reach your marketing objectives. Share Results works with merchants in a variety of online retail industry sectors, including education, entertainment, women, family, dating, health and apparel. Our dedicated affiliate team works to align merchants with the right affiliates, and then works with both parties to achieve their desired outcomes: brand exposure, increased traffic, maximized conversions and profitability.


vhmnetwork review

VHMnetwork Affiliate Network is dedicated to providing solid, cost-effective online advertising opportunities for clients all over the globe. Through an extensive affiliate network and via its own proprietary web sites, VHMnetwork delivers what many others fail to provide – results.

VHMnetwork also offers a lucrative affiliate program for web site publishers. This program enables VHMnetwork to ensure its clients’ advertisements are placed on the best, most relevant sites possible, while making sure site owners can earn a generous income in the process. The delicate balance makes CPL and CPS advertising a win-win for advertisers and the right publishers.

VHMnetwork LLC is always seeking to sign on new, top-tier publishing sites with proven traffic and a desire to earn money for their efforts. The company’s Cost-per-lead affiliate advertising solutions are a little different than some publishers might find themselves accustomed to, but they produce results for affiliates, as well.

CPA Dynamics

cpadynamics review

CPA Dynamics Affiliate Network is powered by DirectTrack and Trade. Our tracking interface provides real time statistics. With over 100 offers to choose from, it’s easy finding offers to fit your style. Turn your website into a profit center that you can depend on! We welcome anyone large or small to apply to our network. Complete a short application form and we will register and approve your new affiliate account. Choose offers that complement the content of your website. In your affiliate management center, access your personalized HTML links and banners and paste them into your website. Choose from 120 x 60, 125 x 125, 468 x 60, and many other standard banner sizes.


paydotcom review

PayDotCom Affiliate Network is a fast growing online marketplace that catalogs thousands of products and services, both physical products and digital products. We have over 400,000 affiliates and we get over 1000 new affiliates every day. was developed by Internet marketers with the needs of marketers in mind. It is here to benefit both vendors and affiliates by providing solutions to problems and issues that have plagued our industry for so long. We are extremely sensitive to the needs of marketers and we pledge to always make sure is on the cutting edge of the needs of our members.

Promote Over 75,000 Products and Services From Our Marketplace of Quality Vendors. Join over 600,000 affiliates already making money with PayDotCom And We Are Always Free To Join!


vintacore review

Vintacore Affiliate Network the parent company of Vintacore (Incentive Friendly), brings a tradition of excellence and integrity to the online marketplace. Our advertisers and affiliates enjoy unparalleled support, industry-leading rates, and a commitment to success.

Vintacore puts the success of our affiliates at the forefront of our agenda. A personalized relationship is cultivated and developed with our affiliates to ensure tomorrow’s success. Each affiliate has access to a personal account specialist who can help leverage the publisher’s traffic.

Viral Partnership

viralpartnership review

Viral Partnership Affiliate Network Here at ViralPartnership, our professional sales team is committed to identifying unique campaigns. Not only do we seek out the top offers in the industry, we also ensure our publishers are successful by properly optimizing each opportunity we generate. We provide the best converting advertisements – and at the highest payouts in the industry. Our philosophy is to treat your company like it’s our own. We want you to reach your full potential and we’re devoted to your success.

We understand having flexibility in the marketplace is essential for diversification – that’s why we offer a variety of pricing models – CPM, CPC, CPL and CPA. Our goal is to mesh with whatever model works best for you. Not only do we possess quality inventory and refined partnerships, we’re also willing to go the extra mile to earn your trust. Let ViralPartnership help your company achieve the kind of financial reward you deserve – we’re committed to your future.


adhitsnow review

AdHitsNow Affiliate Network is powered by Direct Track. Our tracking interface provides real time statistics. With over 100 offers to choose from, it’s easy finding offers to fit your style. Turn your website into a profit center that you can depend on! We welcome anyone large or small to apply to our network. Complete a short application form and we will register and approve your new affiliate account. Choose offers that complement the content of your website. In your affiliate management center, access your personalized HTML links and banners and paste them into your website. Choose from 120 x 60, 125 x 125, 468 x 60, and many other standard banner sizes. New affiliates that generate 25 approved leads or sales within 30 days will receive a $25.00 bonus.


webjamads review

WebJamAds Affiliate Network is an online advertising network that is comprised of today’s top media properties. WebJamAds offers unique campaigns, high payouts, timely payments and publisher bonuses along with available training and support for improved e-mail marketing, data solutions, list management, SMS marketing and Search traffic.

At WebJamAds we make it almost impossible to fail. We treat each of our affiliates as if they were our only affiliate. Having extensive backgrounds as publishers, the founders of WebJamAds know what publishers need to be successful; top-converting offers, at the highest possible payouts. WebJamAds strives to be the last network that you will ever need. Your search for reliable tracking, timely payments, top offers, and a network you can trust ends with WebJamAds.

Google Affiliate Network

goo review

Google Affiliate Network connects advertisers and publishers who want to increase sales and drive leads through affiliate marketing. As an advertiser using Google Affiliate Network, you’ll discover pre-screened publishers who can refer consumer traffic to you. As a publisher, you can market your site to advertisers in the network; if selected to participate in an advertiser’s program, you’ll earn a percent of sales or a referral bounty. Google Affiliate Network can help you discover new advertiser referral programs and generate more revenue.

Monix Affiliate Network

monix review

Monix Affiliate Network is an online marketing company focused on affiliate and performance based marketing for publishers and affiliate networks. Our exclusive products are all geared towards the booming Health & Beauty market as well as other Seasonal type products where we accept some of the largest traffic and sales available to the industry!

Our vision is to assist affiliates to reach high volume sales by joining the best and most trusted affiliate program available online. As one of the fastest-growing companies in the Health & Beauty industry, we are constantly developing new, top quality products and striving for customer satisfaction in every aspect. Your success is our success!

Start Making Money Today! If you have a website, run an affiliate network, focus on SEO, own email data or do any online advertising and are interested in making money off the explosive sales in the Health & Beauty industry or Seasonal type products, then Monix Affiliate Network is the perfect program for you. We have the highest converting products with innovative marketing materials to maximize your online traffic and revenues!


sprintrade review

Sprintrade Affiliate Network is a group of professional affiliates who have decided to create an affiliation network which is more suitable to the needs of its affiliates. We firmly believe that our affiliates are the heart of a system that can generate hundreds of sales and leads every day. Affiliates are not simply subjects who fill their websites with the banners of merchants. They are more – they are subjects to interact with, essential partners who should be supplied with all the sales support tools that can help improve performance.

To offer the best we could not but use DirectTrack® *, the best software for the management of Affiliation Marketing. DirectTrack® software is the result of more than 13 years’ research to create a complete, rapid and reliable system to monitor transactions

Become a Sprintrade affiliate and start earning with our advertising campaigns. Our advertising campaigns are the easiest way to make money using your website. Anyone – beginners or professional webmasters – can become a Sprintrade affiliate and start making lots of money online working comfortably from home.

Spot200 Affiliate Network

spot200 review

Spot200 Affiliate Network combines years of experience in Online Marketing with the industry’s top technology to provide you with the most effective way to achieve your ROI. We work with sites and advertisers from around the globe across 30 verticals to offer you the ability to find your own niche and derive maximum benefit.

Need to monetize your site? Search through our offers to find exactly the kinds of clients your visitors will respond to best.

Need to promote your product? We’ll work with you to get your campaigns live and published so your product can be seen by millions of eyeballs visiting thousands of sites.

Whether you’re trying to find the right audience or find the right ads, we have the tools needed for your success!

College Bound Network

collegebound review

College Bound Affiliate Network has worked with America’s leading colleges, universities, and career schools in connecting learners with educational opportunities. CBN specializes in recruitment lead generation solutions for 900+ educational institutions and 3,500 campuses, using its content-rich portals, affiliated sites within its Education Online Network, Television/Radio, and over-the-phone Student Services.

What CollegeBound Network is Looking For

Search Marketing Affiliates who can take the highest payouts in the industry and generate quality lead volume for our partner schools. Through our 20 years of recruitment advertising and a long history of quality lead flow for partner schools, CollegeBound Network offers the highest payouts for search educational partners in the marketplace.


affiliateply review

AffiliatePLY Affiliate Network is a unique affiliate network combining the worlds of action-based advertisement and video. AffiliatePLY is a global leader offering an action-based video affiliate network, quality service and superior solution for both advertisers and publishers by providing an effective and engaging way for viewers to interact with video and creating new performance-based value chains.

Affiliates can choose from a selection of videos provided by our participating advertisers, which is simply embedded at their site. The embedded videos include an interactive, clickable and trackable action-based layer which enables viewers to be directed to the advertiser’s landing page.

Traffic Venue Direct

trafficvenuedirect review

Traffic Venue Direct Affiliate Network , we’ve flipped the advertising model on it’s head… and this time, you’re in control. No more chasing advertisers for business. No more arguing for the value of your web traffic. You meet advertisers in a “marketplace” where they take a backseat and you choose the offers best suited to your web property. You have the option to accept or decline any advertiser… and the flexibility to choose between a huge library of banner sizes and styles.

There’s no push to choose one advertiser over another. You browse the offers online and download the ads you like best. If you have questions about an offer, you can always call our media department where experts can help you choose the right ad.


profitistic review

Profitistic Affiliate Network is an affiliate marketing network created in 2006 as a means of providing online merchants with a cost-effective affiliate marketing service whilst maximising affiliate revenue through contact, advice and service. Based in Derby, United Kingdom, we have extensive experience within the interactive advertising industry and have learned to understand the exact requirements of our marketing partners.

Profitistic is able to offer all of the main marketing metrics including Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost Per Sale (CPS), Cost Per Click (CPC), and Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM). Our experienced affiliate campaign managers are able to offer analysis and advice as a means of maximising the return on our partners online marketing investment.


affiliace review

Affiliace Affiliate Network is a global affiliate network specializing in cost-per-lead, cost-per-sale, cost-per-click, and other traffic source metrics. We currently have hundreds of campaigns available on a truly global basis. If you are a merchant seeking an increase in revenue or a website publisher looking to further monetize your online inventory, we have the solutions for you. Our transparent interactive marketplace places you in control of all aspects of your online marketing.

It is completely free to become an affiliate, and once approved, you will obtain access to many high-performing offers that can be run across your website(s) in return for commission.

Affiliace has extensive experience dealing with affiliate partners and fully understand the need for fast, rock-solid commission payments.

All affiliates are paid either weekly or approximately 30 days following the commission month, providing they have exceeded the minimum threshold of $50 in commission due. If your commission does not reach $50 in any given month, we allow you to build-up commission until the threshold is exceeded.

In addition, Affiliace is constantly monitoring our available offers to ensure that they are performing at a level that provides a satisfactory return on your traffic.


leadermarkets review

Leader Markets Affiliate Network benefit from a powerful list of quality offers, including in-house exclusives, to offer users a rewarding online experience. Real-time stats allow affiliates to effectively monitor and analyze their progress. LeaderMarkets maintains the highest quality program with a diverse slate of offers. We carefully select each advertiser in our network to bring our affiliates the very best offers available.

LeaderMarkets cares about our affiliates and provide personal support. We are available to offer insight and suggestions based on our extensive experience in the industry. We enjoy helping our affiliates succeed.


infinitetraffic review

InfiniteTraffic Affiliate Network A Network Infinitely Different than the rest! InfiniteTraffic is an “Invite Only” network where Publishers are treated with unparalleled levels of appreciation that far exceed even the most publisher-centric affiliate networks within the industry today. Steeped in the practical lessons learned from long-term, high volume, Internet marketing veterans; InfiniteTraffic is dynamic, flexible, exclusive, and comprised solely of top tier publishers. We strive to bring you only the most exclusive, direct, top converting offers found anywhere on the market.

InfiniteTraffic believes in the old saying “quality over quantity” which has proven to serve us well over the years. InfiniteTraffic is a smaller network in overall publishers, but the quality of this publisher base helps us stand out in the crowd of other networks. By maintaining a smaller affiliate base we are able to have a more personal touch with our publishers while offering maximum payouts and ensuring our offers are not over saturated.

Our limited number of internally controlled exclusive offers helps maintain the highest results while keeping things simple and efficient. Our efforts as a network are kept focused on offering the best converting campaigns while making certain that we help you optimize your efforts to see the maximum monetization for our publishers!


leadpile review

Lead Pile Affiliate Network is the World’s Largest Online Exclusive Lead Marketplace / Lead Exchange. Leadpile offers the LeadGen “Space” the first ever, secure, online centralized location for Buyers and Sellers of leads to engage in an efficient exclusive Lead Marketplace / Lead Exchange. The Leadpile Marketplace allows the actual Originators of Leads, and the Lead Buyers themselves to decide what price they are each willing to sell, and buy, their leads at, and the way in which the lead delivery will take place.

Leadpile provides the most powerful engine for Lead Sellers ever made available. Today, with ever increasing marketing costs, Lead Sellers must seek the most efficient marketplace in order to reach the highest number of potential buyers. Leadpile’s Centralized Online Exclusive Lead Marketplace will place your organization in total control of your Lead selling Program.

Leadpile lead Sellers receives the following advantages:

An efficient marketplace lets multiple buyers bid on your leads.

The Revolutionary MicroClick Form:
* simply “copy and paste” into your website
* the LeadPile proprietary
* proven to give you incredible conversions
* easy to use form
* fully customizable with hundreds of graphics available

You instantly reach hundreds of Lead Buyers seeking your leads – MicroClick Form

Lead Buyers want your leads, and they want them now.

You establish the minimum bid that you are willing to sell a lead.

You simply place our revolutionary Lead form on your website, and let the dollars roll in!

No programming knowledge required: copy and paste is all you need to know.


cpauniverse review

CpaUniverse Affiliate Network an industry leader in performance based online direct marketing, allows Affiliates and Advertisers the opportunity to benefit from expert service and advice from our experienced staff by dedicating focus and personal attention to campaigns, supplemental proprietary traffic and state-of-the-art technology for all of our clients.

CpaUniverse prides itself in securing the best CPA deals to offer its publishers, giving them competitive payouts and real-time tracking, resulting in high volume distribution for our advertisers. Whether you’re looking become an Advertiser or an Affiliate, sign up today and let “the universe” work for you.

White Fire Media

whitefiremedia review

White Fire Media Affiliate Network Welcome to WhiteFire! Whether you’re a publisher who’s looking for the highest paying payouts in the industry (from top-tier advertisers) or an advertiser that’s looking for a loyal army of affiliates that’ll be up for working with you to increase your sales, than boy oh boy is WhiteFire for you! Defining success in the context that we’re only successful when you are, we are downright determined to not help you attain your goals, but instead far surpass them in ways you could have never imagined. Whether those goals lie in the direct response market, the performance based advertising industry, or even if you’re just an upstart newbie affiliate looking to learn the ropes, we’re here for you. Seriously!

Publish with WhiteFire Media!

When you become a publisher with White Fire Media, you will be allowed an unprecedented amount of access to offers from only the top-tier advertisers in the industry. Here at White Fire Media, we work on cost per action – or the CPA model. Basically, this means that you’ll be getting paid every time you send traffic that “completes a certain action”.

Affiliates have a tough go at things these days. But no matter if you’re a new, green affiliate or a seasoned old veteran looking for the right network to run with, White Fire Media is for you. We’ll teach you what you need to know or we’ll give you the best converting offers and let you run with them. Whatever it is that you need, we’re here to provide you with the best customer service and assistance in the industry. Hands down. All of our affiliates are placed on Net30 payments terms until the quality of traffic is verified, and then we have no problem bumping you up to quicker payment terms.

Healthy Payout

healthypayout review

Healthy Payout Affiliate Network the leading affiliate network for the best offers you will find. Anywhere! We simultaneously provide an increase in sales for advertisers and the highest affiliate payouts. We know that building and maintaining relationships through good service and consistent results are what ultimately drives our business, so YOU are always our number one priority. Whether an you are an affiliate looking to run the top exclusives in the industry, or an advertiser wanting to increase sales, is the vehicle to reach your goals. Contact our “Crew” right now! Don’t wait any more.

Top 10 Reasons to Partner With HealthyPayout

Complimentary Campaign Optimization Consulting
24 Hour Offer Monitoring
Entertainment By Doctor Peterson
Comprehensive Post Transaction Data Monetization
Healthy Mix of Search, Email, and Site Traffic
You Are All Our Brothers and Sisters
Pay Only for Performance
Access to Fraud Prevention Tools
Integrated Upsell Solutions
Only the Highest Quality Traffic.


ncsreporting review

NCS Reporting Affiliate Network has recently been acquired by Bankrate, Inc.. is a trusted source of objective editorial content, rate comparisons and tools for many consumers as they make important financial decisions. With an average of almost 6 million monthly unique visitors, is one of the top personal finance destinations on the Web. Bankrate provides financial applications and information to a network of more than 75 online partners, including America Online, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Bankrate’s information is also distributed through more than 400 national and state publications.

The acquisition of NCSReporting adds breadth to Bankrate’s growing credit card channel. We believe that NCSReporting’s loyal affiliate network and strong platform, combined with Bankrate’s organic traffic, will make a significant positive impact on our issuers and affiliates, as well as Bankrate’s consumer and advertiser base.

Affiliate Marketing is defined as online marketing where third parties promote an advertiser’s product or service and receive compensation only when results are delivered. If you are looking for an affiliate company to help you earn the most money from some of the best financial offers, you have come to the right place. NCSReporting has the greatest variety of financial offers to choose from and adds more each month. Several of our offers are exclusive and have top payouts for affiliates.

Why Choose

High monthly earned revenue with Net 30 payments
Content maintenance and updates
100% free to join the Affiliate network
Get Marketing Advice from Seasoned Marketing Managers.
Easy to Use online reporting system.