CyberBounty Review

cyberbounty review

Cyber Bounty Affiliate Network is a privately owned company operated by Aspire Communication Services, LLC headquartered in Orlando, Florida. We have provided affiliate network services for almost 10 years. Specializing in high paying revenue share and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) campaigns. is a next generation affiliate network giving you the opportunity to earn money from your website/content by utilizing the latest in video based advertising technology! Our technology has evolved over the last 9+ years to offer our affiliates an incredibly powerful and yet extremely simply to use control panel. Keeping in constant communication with our affiliates has helped us develop tools and features that you the affiliate want and need to make your advertising efforts a monitory success.

Affiliate Network Details
Featured Campaigns: N/A
Commission Type: CPA(Cost Per Action), CPL(Cost Per Lead)
Numbers of Offers: 75+
Minimum Payment: $25
Payment Frequency: Monthly
Payment Method: Cheque
Referral Commission: N/A
Telephone: N/A
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CyberBounty Reviews (4)

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Unknown Posted On October 18, 2012

I applied to the affiliate network and at the end of application, they give me an image which is called "veritag" to place somewhere at the bottom of the page. They stated that this is a required step and my site will be reviewed in 48 hours. But nothing happened during this period. According to the information provided, they are doing this to examine site's traffic. Ok, I can understand that. But why they don't put a tag or a spacer type image which can not be seen? The image they require to be placed is nearly as big as a 125x125 banner. Anyone has any experience with this network and their veritag? Am I just doing free advertising for them? I contacted them but didn't receive any reply. If I remove the image they will claim that I removed the image and my application declined. If I let the image there, I am simply making their advertising.

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Unknown Posted On November 05, 2012

Well well well... seems like is being discussed here. this organization is a fraud dude. not to be dealt with. the owner is a criminal who has been convicted once for publicizing child porn.

But apart from the owner, Mr. Mark Kassar, the company known as Aspire Communication Services, LLC, is itself has been in news and review sites. The reason it the scams they have done with their numerous affiliates.

If you have not been their victim yet, it is great. If you are a current affiliate of them, try to get your payment en-cashed with them asap (this is going to be a problem, I'll you.... but still try) and get over with them.

Find better and more affiliate networking companies with cleaner reputation.

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Unknown Posted On December 22, 2012

Never have worked with a company that un-prfessional, cyber bounty guys are fraud and total thieves. i neglected the reviews against cyberbounty on the web and and this is the result. i owe $3000 with them which i don't think they would be giving me anymore. hence i'm writing this review, to tell others about cyberbounty, so that others don't get into their trap.

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Smith Martin Posted On February 01, 2013

I availed their services few months back and they charged me almost a “heap of gold” for their affiliate services... and what have I got in return?? Nothing!!! They are born cheaters... Doing it for years now.

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