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Responsive Data

responsivedata review

Responsive Data Affiliate Network offers a unique opportunity for both our Advertisers and our Publishers, delivering not only the highest quality freshest leads in the industry, but also delivering the highest payouts in the industry as well. As one of the only full-service lead generation companies, Responsive Data manages the entire campaign cycle, from creative to fulfillment. Our simplified solution provides a premium service advantage to our advertisers, offers a more direct connection to our publishers, and benefits our publishing affiliates with payouts significantly higher than other networks.


cyberbounty review

Cyber Bounty Affiliate Network is a privately owned company operated by Aspire Communication Services, LLC headquartered in Orlando, Florida. We have provided affiliate network services for almost 10 years. Specializing in high paying revenue share and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) campaigns. is a next generation affiliate network giving you the opportunity to earn money from your website/content by utilizing the latest in video based advertising technology! Our technology has evolved over the last 9+ years to offer our affiliates an incredibly powerful and yet extremely simply to use control panel. Keeping in constant communication with our affiliates has helped us develop tools and features that you the affiliate want and need to make your advertising efforts a monitory success.

ATM Interactive

atminteractive review

ATM Interactive Affiliate Network is a leading affiliate network specializing in custom programs for web publishers. Located in Louisville, KY, ATM Interactive is a wholly owned subsidiary of ALL THE MEDIA LLC. ATM Interactive works with thousands of website and email newsletter publishers to maximize revenues generated from their advertising inventory. ATM Interactive Publishers can select high performing offers from over 200 top tier ATM Interactive clients. ATM Interactive works closely with publishers to determine the best offers for each publisher’s unique audience and content.


cpajunction review

CPAJunction Affiliate Network is an industry leading Cost Per Acquisition advertising company. We specialize in bringing advertisers and web publishers together. With many years of unsurpassed experience we are able to provide our publishers and advertisers with the best opportunities. Our knowledgeable and experienced team is dedicated to providing both sides with the perfect mutually beneficial environment.

CPA Junction is a junction of advertisers and web publishers. We bring the two sides together to form a great team, that is why we are able to offer our publishers highest commissions and our advertisers competitive prices. With our experienced staff leading the way, our advertisers see immediate results and our publishers receive timely payments for each acquisition.

Big Top Networks

bigtopnetworks review

Big Top Affiliate Network we place a high value on Publisher relationships. Publishers make the network. We realize that in today’s market Publishers have many choices when it comes to affiliate partners. That’s why we’re committed to earning their business each and every day by providing exclusive campaigns at industry leading payouts, through superior partner service including timely payment, and by earning their trust through open and honest communication.

GSA Interactive

gsainteractive review

GSA Interactive Affiliate Network helps monetize the value of affiliate’s traffic by placing advertiser promotions on your websites, newsletters, and in search engine placements. Access to GSA’s advertisers helps you build profitable relationships with leading brands, increasing credibility to your website and boosting the appeal of your content to consumers. Affiliates can chose from many different advertisers to compliment their needs. GSA’s experienced account managers will help you meet your objectives while increasing your potential.

GSA Interactive is a pioneer in online marketing strategy solutions and market development practices. Combining the latest technological advances with groundbreaking application and design capabilities, GSA Interactive offers solutions beyond the web 2.0 atmosphere for serious global retailers/marketers and local market leaders. GSA Interactive relies on performance-based marketing to take traditional channels and display advertising to a new level. We provide you with the opportunity to achieve brand marketing and direct response results on a global scale.


gwmtracker review

CPABuilder Affiliate Network is a leading performance based online advertising network that delivers amazing results for its Advertisers and Publishers. By joining the CPABuilder network, Advertisers can count on a consistent volume of Leads/Sales while Publishers can be rest assured that they are monetizing their ad inventory to the fullest extent with the highest payouts on the net. Our network offers a variety of Affiliate types ranging from website based, search marketing, and email.


profittraqnetwork review

ProfitCenter Affiliate Network is a product of Endai Worldwide, a marketing services company with world headquarters in New York City. We offer marketers a range of customizable services and turnkey technologies designed to increase sales while containing or reducing marketing costs.

ProfitCenterNetwork offers you the best performance-based offers at the highest payouts. Whether it’s email, banners, search, or any kind of effective online media, we’ll help you maximize your profits. We know you have a choice of networks – let ProfitCenter show you how we can make you money. Sign up today!

cleverat review Affiliate Network produces results like no other UK network. By combining the talents of a world class team of business and media experts we offer your business our full service solution to bring you quality new media solutions. We believe we provide out partners with a refreshing approach to doing business. Time and time again our team will strive to meet and exceed all of your requirements.

Work with the best. Work with the Cleverat affiliate team to generate the income you deserve. Contact the team today and talk to a dedicated Affiliate Manager now. Whether you undertake SEO, PPC, lead generation, email marketing, list management, social networking or banner advertising, Cleverat is the network for you. Once you have signed up with Cleverat you will be able to access hundreds campaigns from across the globe, all from one affiliate account.


abcleads review

ABC Leads Affiliate Network is dedicated to connecting actively searching buyers with reputable professionals nationwide through on-line affiliate marketing programs and providing our clients with the best possible service.

As an affiliate marketer of, you’ll be providing valuable resources to your visitors. We provide quotes for insurance products, financial planning, and home improvement. With such a wide range of products, your visitors may return again and again as their needs change throughout their lives thus increasing your marketing opportunity earning potential. As a member of our pay per lead software affiliate program, you are always paid for a completed quote form regardless of whether a policy is sold. Our affiliate program is dedicated to working with talented on-line marketing affiliates who have the drive to succeed. Affiliate marketing is very much the now, not just the future.


atomicleads review

Atomic Leads Affiliate Network begins by ripping apart each aspect of the lead process into the Atomic elements, refining those individual elements, then piecing them back together to arrive at the most efficient lead generation method possible, providing benefit to the buyer, seller and consumer.

At the end of the day, AtomicLeads is a matchmaker; connecting inquiries to a provider who can provide needed solutions. Regardless of your role in the process, know that our company is driven by industry veterans and a strict set of ethical principles that are the backbone of our business. Want to learn more? Be in touch and we’ll connect you with a Customer Account Manager (CAM) to learn more about your unique needs and determine if we can provide a solution.

As valued and vital partners in our ever changing industry, we promise to deliver cutting edge offers that maximize your inventory- time is of the essence. Our door is always open to new partners who share our code of ethics and drive for success. We are primed to listen and ready to learn from our new partners.

Progressive Leap

progressiveleap review

Progressive Leap Affiliate Network is the name of our network ( we have always been private and we always plan on being a private network. We focus on helping our affiliates earn a steady income online and we don’t open our network up to more affiliates until those in our network are covered. Another advantage of being a private network is very high payouts. Since we monitor our affiliates and make sure we are generating HIGH quality conversions we are able to offer HIGH payouts. Quality conversions are your KEY to success in affiliate marketing. Progressive Leap was formed with the intent to blow away competing networks while offering extremely high quality leads to their advertisers. They pledge to maintain personal relationships with all of their affiliates, offer the highest payouts, and to always send out payments on time.


revresponse review

RevResponse Affiliate Network is a premiere business focused ad network that goes beyond banner-styled advertisements. High-payouts and more! RevResponse is a pay-per-lead ad network. Guaranteed payouts – every qualified lead generated earns you a minimum of $1.50.

RevResponse is a pay per lead company that gives you money for offering free trade magazines on your website. The nice thing is that the free trade magazines actually have information that is very useful in learning how to earn a living online. The trade magazines vary in nature but most of them are focused on B2B activities, internet marketing and other business related topics.

Click Kingdom

clickkingdom review

Click Kingdom Affiliate Network welcomes you to the royal court where reputable products, proven success and a history of exponential sales growth come together for the benefit of our Affiliates. Competition is alive and well on the internet and in order to be successful as an affiliate you must employ the most cutting edge technology and design. At Click Kingdom, we work tirelessly for our affiliate subjects, after all, your profit is our profit!

As one of the greatest affiliate programs on the internet, Click Kingdom can help you with banners, ads, and other applications. This is what makes Click Kingdom different: our ability to help you, the affiliate. We have great products that convert extremely well to sales and high commissions for you.


perfecttracking review

Perfect Tracking Affiliate Network has defined the standards for the next level of affiliate marketing. We focus on developing and pioneering new tools that help our affiliates to achieve the best leads and sales results possible for their advertisers. provides our affiliates with the ability, tools and methods to generate additional revenue from their existing websites, online games, and search engine operations, as well as other assets and marketing activities. We have a dedicated support team that understands how to help with any question you may have, be it a technical issue involving our tools, how to customize the look and feel of the site using the tools, or to assist in setting up an adwords campaign. not only strives to be the most technologically advanced affiliate network. We are the most advanced network available and our proprietary tools have exceeded all of our competitor’s available services by great lengths. We simply do everything we can to be better than the best. So come check out what your traffic is really worth.


adoptim review

AdOptim Affiliate Network provides a full suite of Internet marketing tools, creating a dynamic synergy between advertisers and publishers resulting in mutual revenue enhancement. The breadth of AdOptim’s technology allows us to provide you with a customizable, integrated, full-service solution. Thus, creating a patchwork system with multiple vendors is a thing of the past.

AdOptim’s web advertising solutions let you generate significant revenue from your site traffic. Earn up to $0.50 of each click by enhancing your site’s advertising opportunities. Choose and integrate the ad formats that best fit each page, register your payment preferences, and watch your bottom line grow.

Want to earn more? Every publisher who adds AdOptim’s solution set to their sites via your referral earns 5% of their advertising revenue. You, your colleague, and your site visitors all benefit from AdOptim’s win-win-win philosophy. (CPS) review (CPS) Affiliate Network , where one referral earns you as much as 100% of the revenue we receive. You choose the brands that suit your audience Midphase, UK2.NET, Westhost, VPS.NET and more. Whether you’re a full-time blogger, a Webmaster looking to generate a second revenue stream, or someone wanting to translate your sales acumen into real cash flow, arms you with surefire resources to maximize your earning potential. Unlike many affiliate programs out there, we understand it’s crucial to hold up our end of the bargain. Translation: a dedicated full-time Affiliate Manager, Design Team and Accountant who deliver the elements for you to be successful. These include over a dozen marketing campaigns, new creative tools, the latest tracking systems, plus sales consulting and support via email, forum, and phone. And that’s just the start.


fxcash review

FXCASH Affiliate Network Forex Affiliate Program is made up of a very talented, highly trained and dedicated team of professional online marketers and media buyers. Our team has adapted unique marketing techniques designed to generate the most revenue for our partners making FXCASH Affiliate program a strategic partner to the Forex market.

Our affiliates will enjoy the best marketing tools to help them achieve the highest traffic optimization possible. FXCASH Forex Affiliate Program is happy to put our multi-market experience to work for you, helping to formulate a marketing strategy appropriate for any target. FXCASH Forex Affiliate Program is fresh on the Forex scene with a completely new innovative concept designed to carve out the most revenue possible for our affiliates! FXCASH Forex Affiliate Program utilizes Forex revenue sources such as trading, signals, education and E-Books.


nextadnetwork review

Next Ad Affiliate Network Since 2006 NextAdNetwork has been focused on bridging relationships between advertisers with high value consumer offers and publishers who have the means to drive highly qualified traffic. Our focused approach enables high quality publishers to get the superior consumer offers and pricing they deserve. When it comes to growing our network, we choose quality over quantity.

NextAdNetwork is focused on building out a select group of publishers that will drive the highest quality traffic to the advertisers in our select industry verticals. We use proprietary methods to determine precisely which publishers we work with, but they most often fall under one of the broad categories of SEO, SEM, content driven sites, or comparison sites. When you’re part of the NextAdNetwork you can be confident that you are not being bundled in with other types of marketers that can negatively affect traffic quality and ultimately hinder your pricing.


fivelead review

Five Lead Affiliate Network is one of the growing Lead Generation and Online Marketing Network. It’s a leader in online Digital marketing which makes it easy to turn every online communication into a powerful business generation tool. Our company has been working very closely with major UK base Merchants and Publishers (affiliates) and provide them best conversions in the market.

FiveLead also provides various miscellaneous services which includes but not limited to Market research, Site Reviews, Logo and banner reviews, blogging, effective advertising, newsletters designing and broadcasting, website designing and development for affiliate marketing which includes, CPA, CPS, CPM, CPC, CPL and PPC advertising. We also provides comprehensive web solutions and services as per your business requirements to grow your business to next level which includes customized web based user friendly software, multimedia presentations, website promotion methods, brand building and strategically email marketing.

Modern Vision Media

modernvisionmedia review

Modern Vision Media Affiliate Network Our vision of affiliate marketing sets a new standard in service and support, combined with unique offers in all verticals. No matter what your looking for, Modern Vision Media will not only meet, but will exceed your expectations for offers that fit into every marketplace.

Exclusive offers are our specialty and we strive to ensure that we find new and exciting offers that have not been circulated from network to network. Our Advertising Specialists are on the constant lookout for companies that have something new and fresh to offer to our affiliates, along with great payouts to ensure success for both advertisers and affiliates of Modern Vision Media.


adleverage review

Ad Leverage Affiliate Network is fanatical about serving its partners and members. Besides hiring top notch staff with real experience in dozens of industries, AdLeverage uses unique technology and processes to help both Advertiser and Publishers make more money for their businesses.

AdLeverage has been in your shoes. We’ve been up late writing content, placing backlinks and building websites. We know what a hassle it is to find advertiser offers that convert, that don’t charge back and that stay online. We feel your pain and because we know what you go through, we have structured our programs and our team to help you. We’ll help you find just the right offers for your traffic to earn the highest EPC’s, we’ll make reporting and implement a breeze—and we’ll even pay you on time. Our relationships with top-tier Advertisers and other Marketing Networks allows us to leverage your traffic to get you the best converting creative and payouts.

Acclaim Network

acclaimnetworks review

Acclaim Affiliate Network is the fastest growing Pay for Performance Network online. We support Pay per Lead, Pay per Sale, and Percent of Sale Commission models, all with comprehensive real-time reporting. And there’s no costly software to Install–our 100% web-based system gives publishers excellent visibility into their sites’ success. The Acclaim Network is focused on the execution of integrated, performance-based campaigns that yield excellent return-on-investment (ROI) for both publishing and advertising affiliates of our network.

Earn Great Revenue as an Acclaim Network Affiliate Publisher. Our Top Advertisers Pay Industry-Leading Commissions for Quality Traffic Like Yours! You’ve created a great site, filled its pages with compelling content–and you’ve got the visitation numbers to prove it. Now convert a solid percentage of that traffic to cash! It’s easier than you think when you join the Acclaim Network, one of the web’s fastest growing affiliate networks.

Offers International

intoffers review

Offers International Affiliate Network Welcome to Offers International, the monetization arm of Gloshare Data Management Services!

Since 2002, we have been pioneers in advanced email marketing, using ever more sophisticated technology to segment and deliver targeted emails on behalf of our own, inhouse lists and more-recently those of our data management clients through Gloshare. We are successful because we understand that a list is made up of people, not email addresses. We engage each user as an individual, incubating him/her through relevant messages, acquiring additional information when necessary, using data appends and, ultimately, transforming a high percentage of these people into customers. The result for the list owner is an extraordinary eCPM rate.

Offers International, our sister company, provides our Gloshare clients with access to a large number of advertisers in diverse vertical markets, all of whom have been tested – and vetted – on our own data. The network tracks royalty earnings in real-time and makes the information available to each client through a secure account.

Affiliate Network Details
Featured Campaigns: N/A
Commission Type: CPA(Cost Per Action), CPL(Cost Per Lead), CPS(Cost Per Sale)
Numbers of Offers: 75+
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Frequency: Monthly
Payment Method: Cheque
Referral Commission: N/A
Telephone: N/A
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neutronads review

NeutronAds Affiliate Network , a division of Corporate Identity Marketing Inc. was developed by industry professionals to produce direct results. Our Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) network takes a progressive approach for both Affiliates and Advertisers that want to increase their global reach and revenue potential.

At Neutron Ads™, our focus is to provide lucrative opportunities to seasoned affiliates and brand makers. We offer exceptional customer service, complete customized tracking and reporting. Our team will work with you in providing tailor made campaigns and target solutions that produce the results you want. Our platform is prepared to achieve these results by supporting all traffic methods which include: search, email, social media, blogs, forum posters, mobile and incentivized traffic.

The Neutron Ads team is working hard to provide you with the highest-earning products and services for you to promote. Our focus is to help you produce with all the necessary tools and traffic methods at your disposal. We’re here to assist you in driving sales and increasing your profits.


profitpal review

ProfitPal Affiliate Network is certified as a top ClickBank vendor. With, you will earn 75% on all sales generated from our sites, and make up to $45 per sign-up. These are the highest payouts in the industry. All you have to do is link up to one of our over 300 premium, high converting websites, and we will take care of all the other work. In other words, we handle EVERYTHING – we host the products, handle downloads and customer questions, and in return you get paid 75% of the sale for simply referring a visitor to us.

Your goal is to make money, plain and simple. We offer the highest payouts in the industry (75%) and the highest conversion ratios on the Internet. ProfitPal has been dedicated to our affiliates for over 5 years running, and will continue to be the leader in Affiliate Programs in the years to come.


affiliateadshare review

Affiliate Adshare Network provides affiliates and merchants with real time tracking reports to help monitor your campaigns success by the minute without delayed statistic reports. We offer bonuses for publishers who run consistent high quality high volume traffic to our offers, consisting of weekly or bi-weekly payments and paid bonuses. Please contact your account manager for details on bonuses and any other future traffic incentives.

AffiliateAdshare starts with its dedicated Affiliate Management Team. We understand and believe in establishing lasting relationships with our affiliates by maintaining constant communication with our affiliates via phone, email, and instant messaging. As an affiliate with AffiliateAdshare, you will experience ongoing support and communication with an account manager will personally take the time to assist and guide you through our network with selecting the best campaigns suited for you. We are continuously optimizing and evaluating our advertisers campaigns to ensure successful conversion rates so that affiliates can maximize their earnings through top converting offers!


canadiansponsors review

Canadian Sponsors Affiliate Network is an innovative advertising network bringing Pay For Performance marketing into the Canadian marketplace. Canadian Sponsors specializes in Cost Per Action (CPA) advertising, which includes Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) and Cost-Per-Sale (CPS) models, as well as Cost-Per-Click (CPC) advertising. Once you join the affiliate network, you’ll receive an account where you can login, view detailed stats of your offers’ performance, and find great affiliate programs to promote on your website. You will also be assigned to an affiliate manager who will help you with any questions that you may have. has and continues to develop their own in-house exclusive offers. Other than being an asset to our affiliates, we also encourage partnerships with other affiliate networks wishing to run our unique offers.


uptickads review

Uptick Ads Affiliate Network is an industry leading CPA advertising company. We specialize in bringing advertisers and web publishers together. With many years of unsurpassed experience we are able to provide our publishers and advertisers with the best opportunities. Our knowledgeable and experienced team is dedicated to providing both sides with the perfect mutually beneficial environment.

UptickAds provides publishers with links and creative for banners, text link pop ups, email newsletters and search engines. Publishers are paid for each completed offer on a performance basis. Publishers are in complete control of which offers they display on their website and are not required to commit to any exclusivity agreements. UptickAds serves as a full service outsourced sales force for managing hundreds of advertising relationships for our publishers.


blitzads review

Blitz Ads Affiliate Network , you will make more money with us than the competition, plain and simple. But don’t all the other ad networks say this? Yeah they do, but we don’t take a 30-50% cut on your traffic. Instead we provide you with a revenue guarantee with consistently higher payouts from our top advertisers. We provide our publishers with state-of-the-art ad serving technology that is guaranteed to make you more money. So if you serious about making money, then join us!

Why Choose BlitzAds?

Get Paid Quickly – Regular payments to you made every week by wire, check, or Paypal.

Multiple Ad formats – Allowing you more customization options your application.

Proprietary eCPM Auction Based Ad Serving – this means our in house technology will serve the ads that have the highest eCPM values, therefore maximizing your revenue. We won’t make commitments with advertisers that would force a large amount of low eCPM ads to your app.


aptnetwork review

Apt Affiliate Network is a performance and result-oriented Online-based advertising network that is currently raging the virtual world. Our objective is to present unique and effective marketing strategy to our clients that will ensure them visibility, reach, successful conversion, and in turn, profit. We, at AptNetwork formulate advanced and optimized campaign strategies of an enduring nature.

AptNetwork presents top quality, performance-based exclusive advertising offers for the publishers. We understand the uniqueness of your business and develop strategies for both traditional as well as direct response publishers. Our customized and end-to-end services are aimed to develop a strong brand image and corporate identity for your organization. Our services are backed by flexible terms of payment, updated campaign follow ups, great disbursements, and exclusive collaborations with pre-screened publishers.


hugetraffic review

Huge Traffic Affiliate Network is the premiere affiliate site for online dating. Webmaster’s can earn cash using our sophisticated promo tools. It’s fast, simple, easy to use and you can start earning. HugeTraffic is the premiere affiliate site for online dating. Webmaster’s can earn cash using our sophisticated gallery builder, custom banners, flash geo banners and more. It’s fast, simple, easy to use and you can start earning $35 – $55 per sign up today. All free signups that you send are tracked with your webmaster id for the lifetime of that user’s membership. If a free member upgrades to a paid membership years later, you will still get credit. This is an excellent way to build long-term revenue.