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clash-media review

Clash-Media Affiliate Network is a leading performance based marketing company with enabling technology that connects marketers to consumers through its powerful lead generation and affiliate network. Clash Media launched in 2006 and now has offices in London, New York, Copenhagen and Munich, as we continue to expand Clash are able to collect and deliver leads to clients all over the world. Clash-Media’s lead generation solutions take advantage of our own advanced results-driven technology. We focus on comprehensive campaign management enabling us to continually surpass expectations.


yesadvertising review

Yes Advertising Affiliate Network is a division of YesUp Ecommerce Solutions Inc. YesUp was founded in 1999 and incorporated in 2001 under the name YesUp Ecommerce Solutions Inc. Headquartered in the city of Toronto, Canada. YesUp delivers e-commerce solutions to its clients in the areas of high quality design, programming, technical expertise and marketing innovation.

YesAdvertising Inc. aims to increase the benefits and revenue for our clients and members by empowering Internet Advertising to a new level. Our ultimate goal is to offer affordable pricing; provide quality services and traffic; enhance system features; deliver potential customers; and maximize the return on investment for our clients. We are continuing to balance the supply and demand from both of our Advertisers and Publishers by offering high-quality service, developing advanced technologies, and increasing advertising value.

Sumi Media

sumimedia review

Sumi Media Affiliate Network is a performance based affiliate network, built to meet the needs of both affiliates and advertisers. We offer a wide variety of high paying offers to our affiliates, ranging from email submits, incentive offers and pay per sale programs. Advertisers: if you need to drive traffic to your site or products, look no further. Sumi Media’s affiliates will bring you quality leads everytime! We pay our affiliates on time with a NET30 schedule.

Sumi Media brings you the top converting campaigns with high payouts. We have a wide variety of offers and advertisers so there’s no excuse for not making money with us!

Digit Revenue

digitrevenue review

Digit Revenue Affiliate Network is a leading performance-based online advertising network that delivers amazing results for its Advertisers and Publishers. A personalized relationship is cultivated and developed with our affiliates to ensure tomorrow’s success. Each affiliate has access to a dedicated account specialist who can help leverage the publisher’s traffic. Our goal is to deliver superior results to our marketing partners through the optimization and distribution of performance-based marketing offers. Digit Revenue offers a complete turn-key solution, including technology, business development, re-creation of current marketing offer (addition and fulfillment of premiums, bundling to increase revenue per acquisition, etc.), optimization of landing pages, with the creation of highly responsive banners and email creative – all on a pay-for-performance basis.


cpariver review

CPARiver Affiliate Network is leading the way in the cost per action and affiliate marketing industry. We like to take a more personal approach with our publishers and advertisers. We have been in the affiliate industry for almost 2 years with most of our staff coming from strong affiliate marketing backgrounds. We think like you. At CPARiver we strive for the highest and quickest payouts possible.

CPARiver is one of the best affiliate networks that will help you make more money online. With industry leading affiliate payouts for our network publishers and ad agency services for our advertising clients, we bring together some of the top industry talent. Our global lead generation network has one of the best reputations for being a good network. Try us today and find out why CPARiver is one of the most popular affiliate networks in the biz. It’s better affiliate marketing.


fusionwhiz review

FusionWhiz Affiliate Network is the one-stop advertising solutions for our clients. Our advertising model is based on CPA/CPL (Cost per Action/Cost per Lead). Our clients (advertisers) will only be paying for result generated leads only. We pride our self in having one of the fastest growing affiliate networks in the industry, where FusionWhiz’ affiliates and advertisers are connected through our highly secured and vast network. It gives us great satisfaction in seeing the advertising campaigns of our advertisers are taking off successfully and affiliates profiting from the models that they adopt. No one takes in the best interest of both advertisers and affiliates like we do.

FusionWhiz’ established office (or HQ) is located in HCMC. Our other branch office is situated in Washington, United States.


offerwise review

OfferWise  Affiliate Network opens the door for affiliates to partner with the leading market research and survey companies around the globe. The partnership opportunities we offer our affiliates provide high yielding results through immediate access to exclusive campaigns that we have with our market research clients. Our current position as a leader in affiliate network marketing for the market research industry enables us to offer top payout rates to members of our network. Additionally, OfferWise provides monthly bonuses to top performers in our network, in order to meet our goals and commitment to providing high quality service to our clients. We also focus on ensuring the reliability and timeliness of payments to our members in order to foster a good and lasting working relationship, which also contributes to our commitment to the excellence in the quality of services we provide to our clients.

NetFusion Media

netfusionmedia review

Net Fusion Media Affiliate Network provides top internet marketing avenues for advertisers. Everything from affiliate marketing, lead generation, development, site optimization, to custom lead solutions for unique internet advertising needs. With the internet’s constant growth and change, adapting client marketing strategies is what has made NetFusion Media one of the top internet marketing companies.


iaffiliate review

i-Affiliate Network , a subsidiary of BVBA EUReaction, is an affiliate marketing network founded in Belgium in mid-2006 by Bruno Delepierre. The team supporting the network has more than 11 years of experience in performance marketing campaigns, as well as very substantial expertise in affiliate marketing and online lead generation.

The i-affiliate network endeavors to support businesses with a cost-efficient approach for reaching prospective visitors, generating quality leads and boosting sales. We are primarily active in Belgium and the Netherlands, but it is our ambition to expand our business into other countries in the EU.


affiliatetraction review

AffiliateTraction Network has become a leader in the affiliate space by developing relationships with leaders in the industry and advancing in both technology and technique. Our affiliations include virtually all of the industries’ membership organizations; we are accredited with the Silicon Valley Better Business Bureau and have a ten year track record of integrity.

As an Affiliate Publisher, you are unique. You have specific requests and materials that will help you to optimize your site and your efforts, and to earn as much commission as possible. The industry is always growing and changing, and you find yourself growing and changing along with it.